Ming Dynasty: Reborn as Zhu Yunwen
Ming Dynasty: Reborn as Zhu Yunwen Chapter 46

Chapter 46: National Day, None of the Three Major Symbols of the Founding of the Nation?

On the second day of the first lunar month,

Zhu Yunwen summoned Xie Jin, Xu Huizu, and Chen Di in the Wuying Hall.

After the three of them were seated, Zhu Yunwen went straight to the point and said, “In the twenty-eighth year of the Yuan Dynasty Zhizheng era, on the fourth day of the first lunar month, the founding emperor established the Great Ming dynasty. In two days’ time, it will be the thirty-second year since the establishment of the Great Ming. I intend to establish a national celebration, a festival of national unity, to be celebrated with the people, and make it a long-standing tradition. What do my three dear courtiers think?”

“A national celebration?” Xu Huizu was somewhat lost in thought.

He imagined his father, Xu Da, and how glorious he was in those turbulent times, laying the foundation of the Great Ming and achieving supreme merits. If a festival were to be established on the day of the country’s founding, commemorating the hardships of the nation’s establishment and showcasing the achievements of the founding generation, it would undoubtedly win the hearts of the people.


Xie Jin marveled at Zhu Yunwen’s idea. Throughout history, although there have been national celebrations, they were merely “celebrations with the nation,” without a fixed date. It could be the day of the emperor’s ascension or a grand event that triggered a celebration. A festival commemorating the birth of the nation had never existed before.

But without much thought, he understood its benefits.

“Your Majesty, this plan is feasible! It should be vigorously implemented! Whether in the capital region or in all provinces, prefectures, and counties where our Great Ming citizens reside, let us celebrate and rejoice together on the same day!” Xie Jin solemnly replied.

Xie Jin was well aware that once the National Celebration Festival was deeply ingrained in the hearts of the people of the Great Ming, unprecedented unity would emerge. A united nation and empire would generate an unparalleled cohesion.

Chen Di, the Minister of Rites, applauded and praised, saying, “I second the proposal of Secretary Xie. The establishment of a National Celebration Festival should be implemented throughout the country. Although it may be somewhat hasty this year, it can still be accomplished in the capital. Seizing the momentum of the new era, it is better to issue the imperial decree to announce it to the world today.”

Xu Huizu stood up, his expression turning serious, and said, “Your Majesty, I support this plan, but there are some things that need to be said.”

Zhu Yunwen nodded in a gentle manner and raised his hand, saying, “Please sit down and speak freely. Between monarch and minister, we should be frank. Whatever you have to say, say it.”

Xu Huizu sat down and spoke earnestly, “National Day, the birth anniversary of the Great Ming, is not an insignificant event. I believe we can follow the example of the Twenty-Four Meritorious Officials of the Tang Dynasty and proclaim the names of Emperor Taizu and other prominent civil and military officials who contributed to the founding of our nation, spreading their fame throughout the land.”

Xie Jin furrowed his brows slightly and said, “Isn’t this matter a bit inappropriate?”

Xu Huizu looked at Zhu Yunwen with a struggling expression.

Indeed, as Xie Jin said, widely publicizing and following the example of the Twenty-Four Meritorious Officials of the Lingyan Pavilion would pose no problem if it were implemented by Zhu Yuanzhang himself at the beginning of the country’s founding.

But now it is the Jianwen era, not the Hongwu era! How should we promote it?

Shall we tell the world that these meritorious officials, who contributed greatly to the Great Ming, were ultimately betrayed by Zhu Yuanzhang?

How will the common people discuss Zhu Yuanzhang then?

Does the dignity of the founding emperor of the Great Ming Empire still hold any significance?

Moreover, are some of these meritorious officials truly guilty, or were they victims of wrongful accusations? Zhu Yuanzhang labeled them as traitors, and now Zhu Yunwen, immediately after inheriting Zhu Yuanzhang’s imperial seal, calls them meritorious officials?

At that time, will the people trust Zhu Yuanzhang or Zhu Yunwen?

Some matters cannot be openly discussed!

Xiejing understands this principle, and he also understands Xu Huizu’s desire to rectify the reputation of his ancestors through National Day.

Although Xu Da had a peaceful end,

what about Feng Sheng, Fu Youde, and Wang Bi who were implicated in the Lan Yu Case?  And Those like Liao Yongzhong who died due to the “improper use of dragon and phoenix” all had contributions.

Weren’t they also deserving of recognition? Weren’t they also victims of injustice?!

As the foremost military official, Xu Huizu’s sentiments are justified, but they are also unrealistic. Xu Huizu lowered his head in despair, understanding that his thoughts were nothing but delusions. The royal family cannot be held accountable, nor can the monarch be blamed. No matter how they died, those individuals can never be posthumously vindicated.

Their grievances can only remain buried in their graves, subject to the cycles of nature. Their descendants will inevitably bear this heavy burden, living in a state of meekness and enduring the contempt of others.

Zhu Yunwen looked at Xu Huizu, knowing that this matter had far-reaching implications.

In other words, rectifying their names is a minor issue compared to the broader task of promoting and publicizing the National Day.

It should be noted that although Zhu Yunwen is the grandson of Zhu Yuanzhang, there are still plenty of Zhu Yuanzhang’s sons around. If these grandsons go around the world speaking ill of their grandfather, can those uncles just sit idly by and do nothing? They might even take up arms and march straight to the capital.

In such a scenario, the whole country would descend into chaos, and how could we focus on economic development and construction?

After all, the New Military Policy have not yet been widely implemented. The control of the King of Ning, King of Gu, King of Su, King of Qing, and others over the Imperial Guards cannot be underestimated. Until the strategic objective of consolidating power and weakening the feudal forces is achieved, this matter cannot be carried out.

“Duke of Wei, I promise you that it will be resolved within ten years. This matter requires patience and careful planning. Acting hastily could lead to disastrous consequences. We need to proceed gradually,” Zhu Yunwen said solemnly.

Xu Huizu was instantly moved to tears. If this matter could be resolved while he was still alive, even if he died, he could go to the afterlife with a smile, gloriously meeting his ancestors. Xu Huizu stood up, solemnly knelt down, and shouted, “I express gratitude on behalf of all the honored officials to Your Majesty for this heavenly favor.”

There was some concern in Xie Jin’s brows and eyes. Ten years might seem long, but accomplishing this task wouldn’t be easy.

Zhu Yunwen personally helped Xu Huizu to his feet, sighed, and said, “Have the Five Military Commandery prepare a list, submit it to the Grand Secretariat for approval, and have the Ministry of Revenue allocate funds and provisions to bring back those who have been banished and properly settle them in the capital.”

“Your Majesty!”

Xu Huizu was deeply moved.

Take Fu Youde, the Duke of Yingguo, for example, not only did Zhu Yuanzhang force him to kill his two sons, he even witnessed Fu Youde’s suicide. Zhu Yuanzhang didn’t spare Fu Youde’s family either, banishing them to places like Liaodong and Yunnan.

Although Zhu Yunwen had previously issued an edict to rectify wrongful convictions when it came to important figures involved in certain “major cases” and “ironclad cases,” no one dared to touch them. Only some peripheral grievances were addressed, with lighter implications.

Now that Zhu Yunwen personally spoke on the matter, although the grievances of the deceased loyal ministers involved in major cases like the “Lan Yu Case” were yet to be rectified, at least their families could return to normal life and no longer suffer in the wilderness.

Zhu Yunwen sat back down and said, “Minister Xu is right. National Day cannot be an intangible concept where people rejoice without knowing the reason or for whom they are celebrating. This is inappropriate. Minister Chen, you shall order the Imperial Academy to compile a biography of Emperor Taizu, starting from his birth and ending with the establishment of the Great Ming. Chronicle the heroes of our Great Ming and spread their stories throughout the land.”

“In compiling this book, I have only two requirements: it must be truthful and accessible. It should be written in a way that literate people can understand and illiterate people can comprehend.”

“I shall comply with your orders!”

Chen Di gladly accepted the command.

Xu Huizu was filled with gratitude. With this, their ancestors who shed blood on the battlefield would not be in vain, and their heroic legacy would be remembered.

Emperor Zhu Yunjun picked up a tea bowl, looked at the mark on it, and suddenly asked, “What is our Great Ming’s national flag?”

“National flag?”

Xie Jin, Xu Huizu, and Chen Di were taken aback.

“Your Majesty, the military flags in the army, we are aware of them. But what is a national flag?”

Xu Huizu cautiously asked.

“And what about the national emblem and national anthem?”

“Um, may I ask, Your Majesty, what is a national emblem and what is a national anthem?”

Even the knowledgeable Xie Jin was perplexed.

Zhu Yunwen felt quite frustrated. The Great Ming Empire, and yet there were no three essential elements of a nation: a national flag, a national emblem, and a national anthem. It was as if they just set up a tent, shouted “Long live,” and called it the establishment of the Great Ming Empire.

Wasn’t it too hasty!

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