Ming Dynasty: Reborn as Zhu Yunwen
Ming Dynasty: Reborn as Zhu Yunwen Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The Need for a National Flag, National Emblem, and National Anthem

Without a national flag, how can we proclaim to all directions that this is the territory of Great Ming and we are the citizens of Great Ming?

Without a national emblem, how can we dignify and solemnize the spirit of Great Ming, displaying the grandeur and majesty of Great Ming?

Without a national anthem, how can we unite and forge a common bond, gathering the hearts of millions, inspiring a sense of pride, and expressing our patriotic aspirations?

Zhu Yunwen introduced the national flag, national emblem, and national anthem to Xie Jin and others. In short, they represent the common flag, emblem, and song of the citizens of Great Ming.

As long as one is a citizen of Great Ming, regardless of their location, when they see the national flag, observe the national emblem, or hear the national anthem, they will instinctively resonate and feel a sense of belonging, loudly proclaiming:

“I am a citizen of Great Ming!”

“The national flag, national emblem, and national anthem must be implemented this year. I entrust this matter to the Ministry of Rites. Is there any problem?” Zhu Yunwen said earnestly.

Chen Di’s face flushed with excitement as he replied confidently, “Your Majesty, this is a crucial matter for the foundation of Great Ming. The individuals involved in this task will be renowned throughout history. I suggest involving personnel from the Six Ministries, the Five Military Commanderies, and the Grand Secretariat.”

Xie Jin and Xu Huizu looked at Chen Di, filled with excitement.

This is a national affair that must not be missed. If their names were associated with the national flag, national emblem, and national anthem, even if Great Ming were to disappear in the distant future, their names would never be erased!

However, they would owe Chen Di an enormous favor for making this possible!

Zhu Yunwen smiled and agreed, saying, “Very well then. Let the Six Ministries, the Five Military Commanderies, and the Grand Secretariat each provide several sets of proposals for the national flag, national emblem, and national anthem. We will revise and discuss them together during the court meetings. How does that sound?”

“Excellent!” Xie Jin, Xu Huizu, and Chen Di exclaimed with enthusiasm.

Zhu Yunwen picked up his teacup, lightly tapped the teacup saucer, and continued, “In that case, I hereby order Minister Xie to draft an edict. From now on, the 4th day of the first lunar month shall be designated as the annual Great Ming National Day, an everlasting tradition. All official business and affairs can be suspended for seven consecutive days to celebrate together with the nation. Considering that New Year’s Day Holiday falls in the first lunar month, we will reschedule the court assembly to the 16th day of the first lunar month, right after the Lantern Festival. Additionally, during New Year’s Day and the National Day period, the curfew within the capital shall be lifted.”

“I shall comply with the order!” Xie Jin smiled and, without returning to the Grand Secretariat, proceeded to draft the imperial edict directly in the Wuying Hall. After Zhu Yunwen stamped it with his seal, the Office of Transmission announced the news. The people of the capital, upon hearing the announcement, cheered and rejoiced with great excitement.

The King of Zhongshan Mansion.

After returning home, Xu Huizu quickly ordered someone to bring Xu Yingxu, who was indulging outside, to discuss the matter of the national flag, national emblem, and national anthem. Upon hearing this, Xu Yingxu immediately understood the benefits involved.

Once it’s done, their names will be immortalized!

In this era, reputation matters the most!

Even a hundred years later, if the Xu family declines, their descendants can still proudly hold their heads high, as their ancestors were the ones who designed the national flag, national emblem, and national anthem of the Great Ming.

“But Big Brother, how should we design them?” Xu Yingxu asked uncertainly.

Xu Huizu frowned and said, “Aren’t you good at painting? Just draw them.”

Xu Yingxu picked up a brush and looked at Xu Huizu for a while but couldn’t bring himself to start. Finally, he put the brush down on the inkstone and sighed, “Brother, I’m skilled in landscape painting. The national flag can’t be a landscape, right? How about something like a war flag with the character ‘Zhu’ written inside a circle?”

Xu Huizu felt like he was going to vomit blood and gritted his teeth, “If it were that simple, I wouldn’t need you to think about it!”

Xu Yingxu also became anxious and exclaimed, “If it’s so complicated, then there’s no use in asking for my opinion…”

Xu Huizu was speechless. Yes, his younger brother wasn’t up to the task…

Forget it, it’s better to invite more people.

Song Sheng, the Deputy Commander of the Central Army Commandery, was both literary and martial. Li Yuan, the Deputy Commander of Yuzhou Guards, was also talented. Might as well invite all the esteemed figures from the Five Army Commanderies to gather together.

“You go and write the invitations, inviting the esteemed figures from the military to a banquet at our mansion this evening.”

Xu Huizu couldn’t rely on Xu Yingxu, so he had to mobilize the masses.

Inside the Grand Secretariat, Xie Jin sat by a small stove, sipping tea, and leisurely flipping through a book. He instructed his subordinates to deliver a message to Yu Xin and Zhang Dan, and they swiftly abandoned their families and hurried to the palace. Zhang Dan, without his usual limp, jumped out of bed and even skipped the sedan chair, running all the way to the Grand Secretariat.

“Oh, both Grand Secretaries didn’t stay at home to accompany your children and rest. How come you’ve come to the Grand Secretariat? Didn’t the news reach you? The Emperor has graciously allowed you to have an extra five days off,” Xie Jin said with a sly smile, enjoying his tea.

He had gained an advantage. This year, he was on duty in the Grand Secretariat, and next year it would be the turn of these two. Although they were taking time off, it seemed like they planned to spend New Year’s Day and National Day with him instead of going home.

“Xie Dashen, don’t get too smug. Next year, it’ll be your turn to serve,” Zhang Dan wiped off his sweat.

“Why should I?!” Xie Jin protested.

When they were winning, these two fellows were full of themselves, but now that it was their turn to suffer a loss, they still wanted to cause trouble? Did they have no sense of honor and integrity as Grand Secretaries?

“We’ll discuss this matter later. Let’s talk about the national flag, national emblem, and national anthem. Should the three of us work together to complete them step by step, or should each of us take charge of one?” Yu Xin approached the fireplace, warming his hands, and said.

Xie Jin, hand the warmed wine to Yu Xin and Zhang Dan, he said, “With only our talents, it’s definitely not an easy task. You see, the proposals formed by the Grand Secretariat need to be compared with those of the Six Ministries and the Five Military Commandery. I believe that scholars from the Hanlin Academy should be involved.”

“Hehe, it’s rare to see Xie Dashen admitting that he’s not up to the task. I have no objection to involving scholars from the Hanlin Academy,” Zhang Dan said contentedly after taking a sip of warm wine.

Yu Xin smiled and said, “It’s a pity that we don’t know when that monk will return. I’ve heard that he is quite talented.”

Xie Jin nodded slightly and agreed, “If Yao Guangxiao can persuade the King of Yan to submit, it would be a great accomplishment. This man is courageous, strategic, and knowledgeable in many areas. He is a well-educated scholar and should not be excluded from the matters of the national flag, emblem, and anthem.”

Zhang Dan concurred, “You’re right. However, he is probably still in Beiping, and even if we send a letter now, it will take at least a month for him to return. I’m worried that the Six Ministries and the Five Military Commandery will beat us to it.”

Xie Jin let out a sigh, stood up, and said, “Based on my speculation, Yao Guangxiao should be on his way back to the capital by now. After all, if he stays in Beiping for too long, his Majesty will become suspicious, and it will be difficult for him to fulfill his ambitions.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Xin walked to the table, spread out a sheet of paper, and began drawing with a brush. He said, “We just need someone to deliver the message. If they encounter him on the way, they should urge him to hasten his return. If he is still in Beiping, I hope he can come back as soon as possible.”

Xie Jin and Zhang Dan nodded, watching Yu Xin draw patterns on the paper. The two of them stood by, pointing and giving suggestions, while Yu Xin made revisions. In the end, they still weren’t satisfied.

“The matter of the national flag, emblem, and anthem is not the work of one person or one day. Let’s have the recommended scholars from various regions come to the capital early,” Xie Jin proposed after discarding several sheets of paper.”

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