My boyfriend is Mafia
My boyfriend is Mafia Chapter 1

  I still remember the first time I met my boyfriend, that time I was a college student. That day on the way back, I saw him tangled up on a park bench by a wild cat, trying to free himself but didn’t know how, so he put on [super fierce.jpg] face, in hopes of trying to scare the wild cat away. And I just happened to pass by as he did so, making me laugh, but he did look fierce. 

  If it wasn’t for my sharp eyes catching his red ear, I probably wouldn’t have made a fuss about it now.

  Anyway, because of that wild cat, we got together later.  

 My Boyfriend is a bit cocky. He’s cute when he’s tough. But most of the time, he’s a little——really a little——straight.

 During our first date, he asked me what gift I wanted, and out of modesty, I replied, ‘just bring me a lipstick.’

 As a result of this, he would bring me a box of lipsticks every time from his business trip, and this has been going on for the past half year.

  ”Although I think these colors are the same, you women seem to think it’s completely different? I don’t understand these either, so I’ll just bring back some more.”   

During that time I had a headache about these lipsticks and complained a little to him.


As a result, he held my chin and kissed me, saying that he didn’t mind helping me consume more.

Later, the speed with which lipstick consumed made me worried about whether my boyfriend would have any problems eating.

Apart from being a straight man, the only downside was that he was too busy working. In addition to working overtime for ten days to half a month, he often traveled for three months to half a year. So it was very normal for me to not see him.  

 At that time, I was naïve enough to think that his business trip was simply about work. Now that I think about it, it probably had something to deal with some unspeakable things for the Mafia. 

  Maybe because I thought he was cheating on me, so when he was on a business trip, he seemed very talkative. If I ask him to sing a serenade, he would sing a serenade, and if it was not suitable for children, it was not suitable for children.

  I had been dating my boyfriend for a few years now, but never once it crossed my mind that he might be related to the mafia, and I didn’t think it was my problem for not seeing him clearly.   

Because he was a good young man who would help lost children find their mothers, help grandma to cross the road, and hand over wallets that he picked on the roadside to the police. 

  When he came to my home during Chinese New Year, he would ‌help my family with cooking and even wash the dishes. He was also very polite to my parents, relatives, and neighbors. 

  Tell me, how could such a person be related to the mafia? 

  This time it was a complete accident that made me know that he was related to the mafia.

 My older second cousin always dreamed of being a villain since he was a child. In the end, despite the opposition of his family, he went to Yokohama next door and joined the mafia.   

The family cut off ties with him because of this, saying that his cousin should not enter the house until he leaves the Mafia. So my boyfriend and cousin had never seen each other. 

  That day, my boyfriend rarely had time to go shopping with me. On the way, I met my cousin, who without a word directly rushed to my boyfriend and bowed 90° in front of him and shouted “Hello, Mr. XX!” 

  My heart thumped.   

And I would never forget the expression on my cousin’s face after my boyfriend said that he was shopping with his girlfriend. His face was mixed with horror and admiration.   

It was as if I was a female King Kong who smashed the world a hundred and eighty times and then swung a giant hammer to fight the aliens to save the world. 


Being too shocked, I forgot to speak, and my cousin was naturally not good at recognizing me. My boyfriend thought we didn’t know each other, but rounded up that he and my cousin were friends from work. 


I just had one thought in my mind that was ‘I was done’ my boyfriend was actually related to the mafia, my mother was going to break my leg. 


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