My boyfriend is Mafia
My boyfriend is Mafia Chapter 2

How should I say, my family was a pure white collar family? To put it bluntly, my family was in politics, the military, and also in the police department. 

  The only two exceptions were me and my unworthy cousin. 

  But my situation was better. I just ran off to be a common social animal, unlike my cousin. Whenever my family mentioned him, they couldn’t wait to shoot him.

  Actually, I was glad to see my cousin here, and because of him, my salted fish was not so conspicuous. 

  Of course, if my boyfriend’s work problems were not handled properly, I might have to fall into the same position as my cousin. 

  Even though I didn’t care about it, my boyfriend would definitely feel guilty. 

  I wonder how my mother would feel if she knew that she had talked to someone from the Mafia about ‘which TV show was good’, even ate the food made by him, letting him go out to buy soy sauce, and even had him help mop the floors of the house. 

  Probably she wanted to kill her unfilial daughter. Quq 


It was impossible for my boyfriend to change jobs. Because once I complained to him that he was always away on business trips, and I also coaxed him to change his job, but he never did. 

  That made me pack up my things and go back to my house, and I almost broke up with him.

  In the end, my drunk boyfriend climbed up my window, hugged me and said glumly that his boss was very good to him, he had a bunch of subordinates who couldn’t bear him parting away, etc. 

  He rambled on about how he would soon train a few subordinates and then he would accompany me as long as possible and asked me to not run away because of this, or he would be very angry. 

  While talking, he didn’t forget to make a [Super Fierce.jpg] face to me. 

  How aggrieved he looked like that – although he didn’t realize it at all. 

  Alright, alright, I know you’re super fierce. But please stop being cute, because your girlfriend is going to die from your cuteness.

  Looking back now, I almost fell into a coma because of his cuteness. Help, this man, it was simply a crime to sell cute so regularly. Who could withstand a boyfriend’s pampering attack? No.

 So I compromised first, and I just calculated how much money I would need to save every day to buy the company where my boyfriend worked. 

  As long as I became his boss, I could let him take as long a vacation as he wanted. 

  I’m so witty. 


  Hello everyone, the above was the Tokyo Bay that my mind entered.

  I couldn’t believe I actually wanted to save money to buy the port of the Mafia, I am such a clever little ghost, it’s really awesome [bang head.jpg] It ‘s also a kind of distress that my boyfriend was too good. 

  On the night I met my cousin, my SNS was not unexpectedly bombarded by my cousin. 

  The first sentence was “Sister, you are a real warrior!!!” The exclamation mark was in red and bold, bloody and sinful. 

  The rainbow fart guy was on the screen for half an hour, mostly blowing how strong, handsome, reliable, and difficult to abduct my boyfriend was. However, I had already experienced these things, and I could play them for an hour without repetition. And I could brag about his tenderness, considerate, kindliness, and pampered his girlfriend, can my cousin do it? No he can’t. 

  So I silently threw a [I suspect you have a sexual orientation problem] emoji over there. 

  My cousin immediately wimped out, swore to me that he had absolutely no ill will towards my boyfriend, and then blew rainbow farts for no less than ten minutes. 

  I think their main training course at Port Mafia was probably MLM language arts. 

  I have to say that my boyfriend being in the mafia gave me quite a big shock, and I’d been wandering around a lot these past few days. How could such a good young handsome man belong to the mafia? 

  Well, although his undressing was really predictable, he was also wild… tsk. 

  Probably because I wandered off too many times, my boyfriend was a little worried about my condition. I was just about to talk about my cousin, but then I thought it would not be good to expose my cousin so directly, so I

changed my mind and said that I was thinking about his colleagues that day.

  Hearing this, my boyfriend immediately tensed up, and before I could go on. He hurriedly pretended to explain casually, saying that although the other party was dressed in poor clothes, he was actually a serious junior. He was just going home to visit relatives in the past two days, so let me not care. 

  It looked like he was afraid that I would go to my cousin and ask him about his daily work. 

  If my cousin knew that my boyfriend-his boss praised him so much, he would be so happy that he would have died on the spot. 

  I thought I might need to change the title of my post, and no need to think about what to do at all. After all, breaking up was impossible in this life.

  My boyfriend was cute, sweet, and handsome, I would never give other goblins a chance! 

  Now the question was… how to politely imply to my boyfriend that I already knew he was in the mafia and ask him to elope with me? Wait online, it was a little urgent.


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