My boyfriend is Mafia
My boyfriend is Mafia Chapter 3

I hadn’t yet figured out how to show off with my boyfriend, and before that he left on another business trip. Why did the Port Mafia have so many things going on? Disgusted.jpg

Do you think they would take care if I reported Mori Gull extrusion staff to the Special Branch?

  Alright, I know they won’t. Even if I made a phone call, I would only be told by a certain workaholic not to disturb his normal work. 

  So, was there a defender Human Rights Protection Association there? 

  This time, before leaving, my boyfriend said two words, saying that the place he was going had a poor signal, so I did not have to call.

Previously, I didn’t know his real job and thought he was going to find the goblin behind my back, but now I wonder if he was on for some high-risk mission. 

  I had no idea if the Port Mafia had the insurance coverage. 

  My boyfriend babbled on a series of trivial matters in life and finally left under the life-threatening serial call from his colleagues. 

  I turned around and called my cousin, asking him to help me keep an eye on my boyfriend and inform me of his return along with whether he was injured.

  If he dared to get hurt, I would replace all the red wine in his cellar with soy sauce. 

  And would do what I say.

  Two years ago, my boyfriend came back from an injury. 

  Now that I think about it, it was probably because I’d been pushing him too hard for so long that he couldn’t wait until he was fully recovered from his injury, so he could only go home with a fluke.

  He didn’t expect to be discovered by me, and I didn’t expect myself to be so angry.

At the time, he said he encountered a robber, although the other party brought a knife, he easily took him down. 

His expression was so calm and relaxed, which almost didn’t make me angry.

  Easy to take down? Easy to be taken down and still injured?

  I still didn’t know how many people have died in an anti-pornography raid? Wanting him to be out of this? 

  Ah, of course, what I was thinking about now was how many yellow-broom died in his hands. 

  Really let people head bald.

  Far from it, anyway, at that time because of this incident, I was so angry that I ignored him for half a month. 

  Finally, my boyfriend came to apologize to me with a big doll.

In fact, my boyfriend wasn’t so tall, and when holding a human-size doll, he looked smaller. He saw that I was still cold and unwilling to pay attention to him. He muttered awkwardly, saying that he heard girls like this, so when passing by he happened to see it and bought it. 

 Actually, I was already relieved at the time. But seeing my boyfriend holding the doll and looking awkward made people feel soft. 

  It was not because of this D store’s N anniversary limited edition life-sized doll, absolutely not. 

  But during the cold war, lovers should have the boring reserve. I just glanced at him and did not answer.

My boyfriend forced a look of nothing happened at all, and holding the doll he asked a little nervously “Do you like it?” Then, as if he found himself a bit of a wimp, he pretended to be fierce and added a sentence ‘you’re not allowed to dislike.’ 

  I repeat, my boyfriend was the cutest in the world. 

  The world! First! Cute! 

  I finally couldn’t help but smile at him, and he looked visibly relieved. So I teased him. 

  ”I like it, but I like you more.” 

  ”I see.”

His ears reddened. 

  ”Sir, I like you.” 

  ”I see.” 

This time not only ears, but his face also flushed a little. 

  ”Sir, I like you.” 

  ”I know, I know! I like you too!”

  My boyfriend blushed to the point of explosion, and before I could continue to flirt with him, he bit me, adding fiercely.

  ”No, it should be that I like you more.” 

  I would never forget the way my boyfriend pressed his forehead against mine and coaxed me with a smile. 

  ”Don’t be angry anymore? Hmm?” 

 I’m not angry anymore. How could I be angry? When this man was flirting with me! I was about to die!

  Of course, if he was injured, then the red wine should be changed to soy sauce.

  Depending on the situation, deciding whether or not to add vinegar. 

  Later I asked my cousin about the actual situation at that time. My cousin only vaguely said that the injury was not serious, followed by a burst of exclamation marks on the screen. 

  ——No wonder Mr. XX was always asking what girls would like during that time! ! ! ! ! We are all guessing if Mr. XX had someone he liked! ! ! ! So it’s you! ! ! ! ! I want to tell the whole Port Mafia that my sister has abducted Mr. XX! ! ! ! ! 

  ——? ? ? 

  I suspect my cousin had a brain problem.jpg

Didn’t you think your brother-in-law fell off the horse fast enough? ? ? 


  Hello everyone, the landlord received a private message from the Armed Detective Agency’s promotional poster two days ago. It seemed to be a one-to-one special customized version. 


  ”Want to dig out all the secrets of your boyfriend? Want to stir up your boyfriend’s work? Want to blow up the [dog head] of your boyfriend’s boss? The People’s Good Partner Armed Detective Agency will help you solve your problems.” 

  Looking at these advertising words, I wonder if they really were the People’s Good Partner Armed Detective Agency? Because you guys looked more like Port Mafia, didn’t you? 

Let me say that I was not impressed, but it was them who called me first. The staff member who contacted me called himself Osamu Dazai and made an appointment to visit today. 

  Then I asked my brother who worked in the police to take him away on charges of violating citizens’ privacy and fraud. 

  [The Internet is not a place outside the law.jpg]

Blowing up the Mori Ogai [dog head]? I believe in your evil. The whole Baidu knew that the President of the Martial Arts Investigation Club and Mori Ogai had such a secret relationship of 1234. So it was impossible for a real fight.

  Liars these days were really unprofessional [white eyes.jpg] 

If not for my discerning eyes, it was estimated that the reputation of the Martial Arts Investigation Club would be ruined by this liar sooner or later. 

  No, I want the Martial Arts Investigation Club to send me a banner. The kind of woven gold, not less than the purity of 108k. 

  Everyone should also be careful not to be deceived by strange scammers. 



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