My husband is a fox spirit!
My husband is a fox spirit! Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Wu Qingluan’s heart skipped a beat as she watched, and it was as if everything and everyone else around her faded away, leaving only him.

Was that impeccably dressed man with a tie really Yu Xuanwei?

Wu Qingluan stared at him in a daze as he approached her.

He was clad in an expensive tailored suit that showcased his tall and well-built physique to perfection. Broad shoulders, a lean waist, long and powerful legs—all exuding a captivating masculine allure.

His stern countenance only added to his appeal.

Wu Qingluan had seen Yu Xuanwei up close before, so she knew just how strong and attractive the body hidden beneath those clothes was.

She suddenly noticed that Yu Xuanwei’s hair had grown longer. When she first met him, his hair was extremely short, almost like a newly enlisted soldier’s buzz cut. But now, his hair had grown longer and was even styled with hair gel.

On one hand, he looked like a Daoist practitioner with an otherworldly aura, and on the other, he resembled a business tycoon in his sharp suit and polished shoes. Why did these two seemingly contradictory images coexist in one person?

Without the need for  Brother Guo’s reminder, Wu Qingluan realized who Yu Xuanwei was.

Yu Xuanwei’s statement, “My elder brother ordered it”…

While the Giant Star Group operated like a well-structured corporation, everyone knew it was backed by the Yu family. The Yu family controlled the conglomerate, and the Giant Star Group was just one of the many industries under the Yu family’s umbrella.

The Yu family’s main branch had three sons, with only the third son, Yu Weiping, being widely known. The eldest son of the Yu family was said to be elusive and rarely seen, holding a nominal position in the conglomerate and specializing in mysterious matters. No one had ever seen the second son, and according to rumors, he had passed away at a young age.

Rumors had it that Yu Dashao had been obsessed with Daoist cultivation from a young age and had become a monk early in life. However, his monastic life didn’t hinder him from amassing a substantial fortune. He not only accumulated vast wealth but also had connections with numerous influential individuals.

Wu Qingluan couldn’t help but sigh; she had truly attracted the attention of someone formidable. She was relieved that she hadn’t tried to back out of her commitments.

Yu Weiping approached first, addressing Yu Xuanwei as “Brother.” Yu Xuanwei clinked glasses with him and said, “Go ahead.”

Yu Weiping had never been fond of such social gatherings. Having completed his mission and ensuring his sister-in-law was safe and sound, he quickly whisked the ever-curious Zhuang Qi away.

The top executives of the company at the event also gathered around Yu Xuanwei, offering toasts.

Wu Qingluan watched as he expertly exchanged toasts, drank, and engaged in small talk with the guests. She gazed absentmindedly, thinking, “This guy really knows how to play the part.”

Finally, Yu Xuanwei approached her, raised his glass, and lightly touched it against hers. “Congratulations.”

Wu Qingluan glanced at him numbly and said, “Thank you, Director Yu.”

Yu Xuanwei gave her a faint smile and replied, “You can call me Xuanwei.”

“I wouldn’t dare,” she responded.

Wu Qingluan noticed that Brother Guo was winking at her helplessly, so she smiled at him. No wonder Brother Guo had mentioned something about a “billionaire daughter-in-law.” Yang, the company’s president, was so enthusiastic, and the company had organized such a high-profile farewell banquet for her because of Yu Xuanwei. They thought she had a connection with Yu Xuanwei…

Wu Qingluan felt a bit frustrated; she was merely enjoying borrowed prestige, which was quite uninspiring.

She turned and returned to the balcony. She didn’t want to see Yu Xuanwei anymore or engage in conversation with him.

Yu Xuanwei followed her but didn’t disturb her; he just silently observed her.

Wu Qingluan removed the choker from her neck, took a deep breath, and gradually calmed down. There was no reason to be upset. Considering her status and achievements in the entertainment industry, she didn’t deserve such special treatment. She had already retired from the industry, so why bother about it?

However, no matter how much she tried to console herself, a small voice in her heart reminded her: “It’s not just that. Yu Xuanwei is not being entirely honest!”

However, why did Yu Xuanwei choose to be so candid with her? After all, their relationship was solely transactional; he was the creditor and had no obligation to explain his identity to her.

Wu Qingluan took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and felt the pent-up frustration in her chest dissipate. She turned around, smiling as she looked at Yu Xuanwei. “Master Yu, you really are surprising.”

Yu Xuanwei approached her. “When you walk in the mortal world, you have to abide by worldly rules. There’s no way around it.”

Hearing him say that, Wu Qingluan was momentarily taken aback. At this moment, the same person who was a business tycoon had merged with her idealized image of a serene and ethereal Taoist. It turned out they were one and the same person!

A sense of relief washed over Wu Qingluan, and her smile became more genuine. “So, that’s what ‘see you tonight’ meant. You certainly gave me a big scare.”

Yu Xuanwei casually set aside the wine glass in his hand and extended his long arm to embrace Wu Qingluan, his mesmerizing phoenix eyes fixed on her.

His gaze held an undisguised desire and possessiveness.

Wu Qingluan recalled the passionate kiss they shared before parting, and her body couldn’t help but tremble slightly. “Let go, don’t even think about…”

Her words were abruptly silenced by Yu Xuanwei.

Wu Qingluan widened her eyes in shock. He was kissing her again!

This time, the kiss was brief, and Yu Xuanwei lowered his head until their foreheads touched. “I want you,” he declared.

His straightforward words left Wu Qingluan blushing deeply. She gritted her teeth and said, “I knew you had ulterior motives. Let me go!”

Yu Xuanwei’s arm held her firmly. “You are mine. Don’t get close to anyone else.”

“Mind your own business!” Wu Qingluan exclaimed as she stomped on his shoe and used the opportunity to push him away.

Yu Xuanwei watched her as she disappeared into the crowd, feeling like a fish swimming away.

The farewell banquet continued with guests enjoying delicious food and wine. People socialized eagerly, and the celebration lasted until dawn. Everyone eventually made their way back to their rooms, their steps unsteady.

In the latter part of the evening, Wu Qingluan deliberately avoided Yu Xuanwei. She felt uneasy throughout and found a quiet corner to drown her sorrows in alcohol. Soon enough, she was drunk.

In a daze, Wu Qingluan felt herself being lifted by someone. Drunk as she was, she couldn’t quite make out who it was, but she didn’t hesitate to issue a threat, “If you dare touch me, I’ll kill you!”

Later, the person shifted her to their back and carried her outside.

Outside, the wind was strong, and she found herself surrounded by an endless forest. The lush treetops rustled and jostled against each other in the strong wind.

Wu Qingluan squinted her eyes as she looked around and asked, “Where is this?”

“Our home,” came the reply.

Wu Qingluan lowered her head again, utterly devoid of energy. She hung on the person’s body like a limp noodle and replied weakly, “No… not my home…”

In a drowsy state, she slept for a while and felt herself being placed on the ground, carried along a forested path on someone’s back.

She let out a belch, her hand reaching up to touch the person’s head as she spoke without reservation, “Your hair has grown long. You have long hair now.”

“Yes,” the person carrying her replied. He paused his steps, lowered her slightly, and then continued walking. “In our clan, we only cut our hair when we lose our wives. But we don’t need to do that anymore.”

“Wives…?” Wu Qingluan suddenly became angry and yanked on his hair forcefully.

“Ouch, be gentle,” he said in a low voice.

Wu Qingluan released her grip and slowly rested her head on his shoulder, drifting back to sleep once again.

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