My husband is a fox spirit!

Raw Title: 老公是狐狸精!

Total Chapters: 30 + 2 Extra Chapters

Author: 爱吃糖的螃蟹

Translator: V

Update: 10 months ago

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On the day when the actress Wu Qingluan announced her retirement from the entertainment industry, it was revealed that she had secretly married and had children for many years. Rumor has it that her secret husband is a Taoist, and she even gave birth to triplets!


Faced with the adorable triplets, Wu Qingluan couldn’t help but exclaim, “I’m not their mother! I haven’t even been in a relationship. Don’t mistake me for their mother!”


The father of the triplets, a prominent figure in the Giant Star Group and the head of the Qinglong Sect, Yu Xuanwei, calmly stated, “You are indeed their mother.”


Wu Qingluan retorted, “That’s nonsense!”


The children’s father might be despicable, but the children themselves were undeniably cute. Raising them wasn’t such a bad idea after all.


However, one day, Wu Qingluan made a startling discovery – one of the kids had a furry tail behind their buttocks.


On a dark and windy night, trembling with fear, Wu Qingluan asked Yu Xuanwei, “Why are your eyes green?”


“It’s so I can see you more clearly,” he replied.


“Why are your nails so long?”


“So I can hold onto you more tightly.”


“What’s swaying behind you?”


“A tail.”

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