My husband is a fox spirit!

On the day when the actress Wu Qingluan announced her retirement from the entertainment industry, it was revealed…

Modern Day Romance Supernatural


Turns Out, My Husband Is The Real Young Master

“Chi Yizhen found himself portrayed as a pitiful, tragic, and forgotten white moonlight character in an entertainment industry…

EntertainmentIndustry Light-hearted SameSexMarriage SweetNovel Transmigration Urban Yaoi


Start by Spending One Billion [Entertainment Industry]

Sheng Quan transmigrated into a novel in the entertainment industry that she had read before, and she even…

EntertainmentIndustry Fantasy system Transmigration


Good Luck

“Fixed the Roof”   Feng Yuanyuan repaired the leaky roof for the God of Fortune.   Good deeds…

Farming Light-hearted Romance


Who Says Old Two-Dimensional People Can’t get Married!

Song Fuzhi is a teacher, a man in his early thirties who is calm and handsome, but students…

Romance SameSexMarriage Yaoi


Pheromone Collision

A prestigious medical student and beauty, Jiang Li, at A University, has two secrets. 1. His pheromones are…

Psychological Romance Shounen Ai Yaoi


“You’re not even going to try this?”

Jian Mingzhou graduated from a prestigious school, had a striking appearance, and was amiable, appearing perfect in the…

Comedy Romance Shounen Ai Yaoi


The Cannon-Fodder Ex-Wife Finds Happiness

Qiao Wei found herself as the cannon-fodder ex-wife of the male protagonist in a historical novel. The male…

Drama Fantasy Romance Slice of Life


My Husband Comes from the Future

Li Qingzhi, having lived alone in the apocalypse for many years, was a pitiful man who starved to…

Fantasy Romance Slice of Life SweetNovel Transmigration Urban


Starting with selling in the 1980s

Jiang Liyun had always wanted to be a wealthy person since she was young. Although she had a…

Fantasy Romance Slice of Life SweetNovel Transmigration Urban


No Letting My Daughter Sit at the Table? Fine, Then No One Will Eat!

As Shuiqing opened her eyes, she saw the dilapidated room, half a piece of darkened bread, and five…

Drama Slice of Life


70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy

Once she time-traveled, Yu Xiangnian became the despised shrew in a military family compound of the 1970s. Her…

Modern Romance reincarnation
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