Who Says Old Two-Dimensional People Can’t get Married!

Raw Title: 谁说老二次元不能结婚!

Total Chapters: 86

Author: 鳄人行山

Translator: V

Update: 6 months ago

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Song Fuzhi is a teacher, a man in his early thirties who is calm and handsome, but students avoid him.

No one would guess that the strict Mr. Song is actually a fan of the second dimension. He watches anime, follows manga, and especially adores a senior cosplayer named Octopus.

Octopus, with his imposing aura, is hailed as the master of attack in the cosplay community.

What Song Fuzhi loves most about him is precisely this aspect.

However, to Song’s dismay, Octopus announces his retirement from the cosplay community to return to real life.

Song looks at the ring on his finger in silence. Marriage has forced him to hide his peculiar interests, and Octopus’s retirement adds to the desolation of his spiritual life.

Shi Zhang and Song Fuzhi get married through a blind date. Family and colleagues all say they are a perfect match. The botanist is gentle and refined, the math teacher is handsome, and together they make a pleasing picture.

But only Shi Zhang knows that during his youth, he harbored inappropriate desires for Song Fuzhi. In this seemingly ordinary marriage, he must force himself to restrain those dark instincts.

Later, the tranquil life of mutual respect in their marriage is shattered.

Shi Zhang discovers that the locked cabinet in their home is filled with cosplay photo albums spanning from Octopus’s debut to his retirement.

Song Fuzhi finds out that his seemingly gentle husband, on one night, suddenly becomes fierce and passionate, awakening countless dreams about Octopus.

Subsequently, Octopus makes a comeback with a mature and aloof companion.

Fans: Is this Octopus’s new buddy? So handsome!
Shi Zhang: This is my husband.
(Proud face)

Many thanks to the experts for their valuable suggestions! I humbly accept their guidance, diligently correcting shortcomings in the article, enhancing the structure, advocating positive themes, and continuing to improve in future writing!

In the same universe as the completed work “Even the Socially Anxious Can Fall in Love!”

[Reading Guide]
Marriage before love, 1v1, sweet
Background where same-sex marriage is legal
The attacking character is GBcp, with some content in Chapter 36, so be cautious!
There will be many plotlines involving the teacher as the bottom in a campus setting.
For details about falling from grace, refer to the main text! The synopsis is only a small part of the surface.
The cover is authorized by the artist; don’t panic if you see a similar cover.
If you abandon the story, I command you to quietly abandon it. (Stern)


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