Start by Spending One Billion [Entertainment Industry]

Raw Title: 开局先花一个亿[娱乐圈]

Total Chapters: 132 Chapters+4 Extra

Author: 糖中猫

Translator: V

Update: 20 hours ago

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Sheng Quan transmigrated into a novel in the entertainment industry that she had read before, and she even acquired a system.
The system stated: “Sorry, I’m a novice system. I can only provide you with money, nothing else.”

Sheng Quan looked at the balance in her account that could instantly make her the world’s richest: “You’re being modest.”

However, the system added:
“You can use them, but you can only invest in outstanding talents with excellent character who are currently at a low point in their lives. You’ll get a return only if the investment is successful.”

For ordinary people, this would be challenging. But Sheng Quan is a character who transmigrated, which means she has a god-like perspective that ordinary people don’t possess.

With thoughts full of money, she calmly counted:
* The gentle actor struggling with a tight budget who can’t land roles
* The gloomy song god whose singing career was destroyed despite a passion for singing
* The talented female director whose brilliance is hindered by a lack of funds
* The idol actor who loves the stage but lacks opportunities to perform

Sheng Quan waved the handfuls of money in her hands: There’s so much that I can’t even count; I’m going to make a fortune.

Reading Guide:
*The female lead is career-oriented.
* Wealth accumulation from rags to riches

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