“You’re not even going to try this?”

Raw Title: 这你都不嗑?

Total Chapters: 63 Chapters + 2 Extra (Complete)

Author: 马户子君

Translator: V

Update: 1 month ago

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Jian Mingzhou graduated from a prestigious school, had a striking appearance, and was amiable, appearing perfect in the eyes of outsiders. But there was one thing unknown to others: he enjoyed reading boys’ love (BL) stories.

After graduation, Jian Mingzhou lived alone, working as a well-regarded BL manga editor. To the outside world, he was a mature and stable adult, but in reality, his solitary room was filled with BL fanworks.

One day, he received a call from a friend.
“My nephew is in sports training near your place. Is it convenient for him to stay with you for a while?”

Jian Mingzhou: “How old is your nephew?”

“Quite grown up.”

He bent down and slowly hid a room full of BL fanzines.

The university student who came to stay was named Xie Jing. He was an athlete, tall, handsome, intelligent, and had many friends.

What pleased Jian Mingzhou the most was that Xie Jing showed no curiosity about him.

He then let go of his guard and freely pursued his interests.

At a crowded BL fanworks exhibition.
Jian Mingzhou had just left his booth when he ran into Xie Jing, who had been forcibly brought along by a friend.

The BL fanzines in the handbag were still quite eye-catching.

The two remained silent for a few seconds.

Xie Jing: “Uncle.”
Jian Mingzhou calmly interrupted: “Do you know what a proxy purchase is?”
Xie Jing: “The autograph is about to fall off the to-sign.”

Jian Mingzhou: “…”
Jian Mingzhou: “Oh. Thanks.”

Xie Jing, despite his good looks and affluent family background, seemed to get along with everyone but had no interest in anyone.

Until he saw Jian Mingzhou, six or seven years older, blushing but maintaining a calm demeanor.

“Uncle, do you want to read the new BL manga I bought for you?”
Xie Jing embraced him from behind: “Younger partner, cohabitation, you don’t like this?”

“I don’t like it; leave.”

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