Turns Out, My Husband Is The Real Young Master

Raw Title: 原来我老公才是真少爷

Total Chapters: 135 + 15 extra Chapters

Author: 解冻湖水

Translator: V

Update: 2 months ago

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“Chi Yizhen found himself portrayed as a pitiful, tragic, and forgotten white moonlight character in an entertainment industry sweet and refreshing novel. Not only did he suffer the original work’s protagonist’s advances, which led to his family’s ruin, but he was also treated as a plastic surgery template by the protagonist. In the end, he almost faced a ruined reputation and was on the brink of leaving the entertainment industry…


As Chi Yizhen read the novel, he thought to himself: ‘If it were me, I’d go crazy.’


But when he woke up one day, he found himself in a hotel room next to a stranger…


Chi Yizhen thought: ‘This is definitely a trap, run!!!’


Coincidentally, the protagonist had just quit a reality show about love and cohabitation, and the production team, in a desperate attempt to salvage the show, invited Chi Yishen, who happened to bear an uncanny resemblance to the protagonist, as a guest. Chi Yizhen, who was already burdened by debts due to his transmigration into the novel, gladly agreed to participate in this fresh start.”


Who would have thought that Chi Yishen, whose entertainment career was once ruined, would become a sensation overnight because of a reality show and end up living together with his reality show husband he had just met?!


Netizen A: “Living together for fifteen days and nights would make anyone’s heart race, right?!”

Netizen B: “But that’s the mysterious gaming legend, E God, who never makes public appearances!”

Netizen C: “Rumor has it that He Tiao is the true heir of the Shengshi Group… Doesn’t that mean Chi Yishen hit the jackpot in revenge?”


As for Chi Yizhen’s impression of this rumored, mysterious, and wealthy E God—

“How could it be the man I slept with at the hotel that day?!”

He never expected that this person would also be the central figure in the hidden subplot of the entertainment industry—

The true young master of the aristocratic family, is it fake or real!



Some people believed that He Tiao’s affection for Chi Yishen was merely a way to vent his frustration. After all, he had spent twenty-eight years of his life in an exchange with Sheng Xin, and he couldn’t have what he wanted.


Others thought that their love blossomed at first sight on the reality show. But no one knew that it was those tearful eyes he fell for on that fateful late night.


“I understand your secrets that no one else knows; love has always been the rarest soul for you.”




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