Pheromone Collision

Raw Title: 信息素对撞

Total Chapters: 112 Chapters

Author: 小文旦

Translator: V

Update: 1 month ago

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A prestigious medical student and beauty, Jiang Li, at A University, has two secrets.

1. His pheromones are colorless and odorless, yet they cause all Alphas to suffer from impotence.
2. He has a severe fear of public speaking, to the extent that he experiences breathing difficulties and cannot complete his graduation defense.

The defense involves a panel of 33 professors taking turns to ask questions, and no one is exempt, except for those in the late stages of pregnancy who can opt for a grading system.

Jiang Li: It’s a good idea, but—

Coincidentally, a friend introduces him to a mysterious Alpha with an uncontrollable pheromone storm syndrome.

Surprisingly, there is someone who can smell his pheromones without suffering impotence, and Jiang Li manages to calm him down.

Six months later, at the A University graduate defense.

Jiang Li’s lower abdomen is bulging, his lips are pale, and he doesn’t look at the panel of professors throughout his presentation. By the end, his clothes are soaked with cold sweat.

His research is flawless, and the room is silent. The scoring device is about to announce a perfect score—

Suddenly, a deep voice comes from the back row.

“On the night of December 3rd, were you really in the laboratory?”

Cen Lang opens the lab record book, his long fingers pressing on the date, and he looks up to ask the question coldly.

Jiang Li, in the midst of a panic attack, clings to the table, his face uncontrollably turning deathly pale: “Yes.”
What? Can’t I climb up and do experiments? Is that not allowed?

Cen Lang, tormented by the pheromone storm for twelve years, causes anyone close to him during an episode to suffer from neuralgia as an aftereffect. Until one day, a deity briefly descended. Yet, it left him with a counterfeit.

Cen Lang’s hands are folded, lazily looking at Jiang Li, his eyes dangerous: “The person who deceived me in this world—”
Jiang Li: “Can I extract a tube of your pheromones?”
Cen Lang: “…Fine.”

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    There is Chapter 54.1…

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    In Pheromone Collision you’re missing chapter 54.1


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