Pheromone Collision
Pheromone Collision Chapter 1

Chapter 1

【Third Military Medical School Graduate Student Group】

Notice: The list of 33 supervisors for this defense has been released. See the attached table.

As soon as the news about the grade group came out, there was an instant uproar in Dorm 505.

“Darn it, wasn’t the old demon king supposed to be on a two-year business trip to the heavens? Why is he still here?!”

The old demon king is the head of the medical department and is extremely strict in academics. It’s rare to see him during regular classes, but he always attends graduation defenses.

“It’s said that he will return to Earth ahead of schedule with the 089 air force next May.”

“Amazing, the pursuit from the ends of the earth is nothing compared to this.”

“Last year, he made the top student in the grade cry. I, a bottom student, can’t bear to think about it.”

“I’ll prepare four packs of tissues for our dorm when the time comes—one for you, one for me, one for Jiang Li… well, maybe not for Jiang Li; the old demon king definitely likes him.”

Jiang Li, mentioned by name, felt a slight stiffness in his slender fingers as he pinched the pages of his book.

He looks exceptionally good, reading with lowered eyelashes and exuding a cold and clear temperament. Every part of him, from his waist to his collarbone and neck, is perfectly beautiful, like a meticulously crafted pear blossom beauty.

Every year, there are talents rising in each batch. Everyone worries, but everyone thinks Jiang Li has nothing to worry about.

Only Jiang Li knows that he has a severe fear of public speaking. Due to his childhood experience in an orphanage, standing on a stage causes him to experience erratic breathing, convulsions, and even fainting due to a lack of oxygen.

Considering his current condition, being able to stand on the podium and complete his graduation project is considered progress.

He has been actively avoiding putting himself in such embarrassing situations. During his undergraduate years, he applied for online defenses, so no one knows about Jiang Li’s psychological condition.

There are both difficult and easy questions among the 33 supervisors. As long as you answer 70% correctly, you can pass. The main focus is on whether the students truly understand the projects they’ve worked on.

Wang Tianhu, lying on his bed, jumps down, opens his academic garbage, and says for the 99th time, “As long as my thesis is idiotic enough, I can definitely get 70% correct.”

Jiang Li silently calculates his bank balance: 676.7 yuan, just enough for one more session with the psychologist.

Opening the conversation with the psychologist, he types, “Hello, Dr. Ye, let’s schedule another therapy session next Saturday.”

All the money he earned from part-time jobs as an adult went into psychological therapy, but the results were minimal.

Jiang Li admits he’s a bit anxious. He doesn’t want to lose control in front of the entire school. He won’t allow the adult Jiang Li to be judged by everyone like the dirty and wet little Jiang Li from the orphanage.

Ten minutes later, Wang Tianhu curses, “Who wrote this first draft? Why are there eight hundred complicated medical terms on the first page?”

He opens the official website of the college and angrily leaves a message on the bulletin board: “Can we become mute to avoid questions?!”

Unconsciously, Jiang Li holds his breath, waiting for an answer.

The automatic reply is triggered by keywords: “Hello, students. You can apply for a switch to the on-site grading system only if you are six months pregnant or more. A passing score is above 85~”

All four people in the dorm, rarely gathered, hear it. Wang Tianhu loudly shares, “Damn.”

Jiang Li’s flipping of the book pauses.

Grading system? He can pass with that.

Li Ruiyun, playing games, sneers, “Even if you’re an Omega, this rule is useless.”

Gu Yunkai, from the reproductive system, smirks, “The latest data shows that Omegas with a desire for reproduction have an average of 0.68 children in their lifetime. Ninety percent are non-natural pregnancies, and eighty percent prepare for more than seven years.”

With the average lifespan evolving to over a hundred and sixty, normal people enter middle age only after eighty, and the birth rate continues to decline.

Therefore, the birth of each child is precious. Losing one means it’s difficult for an Omega to have another child in their lifetime. The whole society protects pregnant individuals, and the government has established free childcare institutions, allowing Omegas to focus on their careers even after giving birth.

Medical students are so busy and single, and even if they have partners, they don’t have time to engage in activities hundreds of times.

Li Ruiyun says, “Condom companies have all gone bankrupt.”

Gu Yunkai continues, “Even if you struggle to conceive a child, by changing to a grading system, you won’t score above 85.”

“The question-and-answer system with a 70% pass rate is mostly simple questions. As long as the thesis is self-written, just apologize skillfully when facing the boss, and you’ll be fine.”

Although the law prohibits setting obstacles for pregnant individuals, being a military academy means higher demands and no possibility of leniency. “Answering 70%” is definitely easier than “getting 85%.”

The Third Military Medical School was established during the global disaster, drawing the best teaching staff from the entire federation. All teaching and research are in service to the front lines. The “33 professor group” is the final test for graduates—testing whether they have the courage to face questioning and challenges from all sides. Regardless of age or condition.

Gu Yunkai says, “Be honest. This path won’t work. In the previous years, someone tried to help you. As soon as he stepped on the stage, the old demon king gave him a zero, and his mentality collapsed, unable to continue speaking, completely failing.”

Wang Tianhu imagines, “Indeed, using a grading system is ruthless.”

“Damn, this lousy thesis ruined me.”

Wang Tianhu fidgets a bit and asks the others in the dorm, “Have you guys felt that recently there’s less desire in that aspect?”

Li Ruiyun asks, “Which aspect?”

Wang Tianhu says, “Stop pretending. Last week, didn’t you say you moved in with your girlfriend, and this week you’re not saying a word about it?”

Li Ruiyun calmly says, “I’ve been busy with experiments lately, waiting for the data to write the conclusion.”

Gu Yunkai, touching his chin, says with a sigh, “I find it strange too. Is there research saying that human collective desire is decreasing recently?”

“I told you, I’m not an exception!” Wang Tianhu urges Jiang Li, “How about you, the top student?”

He says astonishingly, “Could it be that there’s been a leakage of some toxic substance in our medical department?”

Jiang Li feels a bit awkward. “I haven’t noticed.”

Wang Tianhu says, “You’re originally cold; how can you feel our inner anxiety?”

He takes out his phone and says, “Let me see if we can get a group discount for a visit to the urology department.”

Although Li Ruiyun says, “This is embarrassing,” it’s a matter of regaining strength in front of his girlfriend, and in the end, he doesn’t object. The three of them gather and choose the urology department farthest from them to avoid meeting classmates.

Jiang Li quietly leaves his seat, opens the wardrobe, and takes out a suppressor from the pocket of his coat.

A month ago, he suddenly felt weak and feverish. As a medical student specializing in pheromones, Jiang Li naturally knows that these are symptoms of the omega-sensitive period.

But he was determined to be a beta when he was ten.

During the omega-sensitive period, if no protection is used, the overflow of pheromones can drive Alphas crazy. Living in a dorm with two Alphas, Wang Tianhu and Li Ruiyun, showed no abnormalities.

The medical school has no shortage of equipment. Jiang Li directly tested himself.

The result showed that he is an Omega, but the columns for pheromone classification and concentration were blank, as if the machine had malfunctioned and didn’t test anything.

Based on the machine and symptoms, Jiang Li concluded that he is indeed a special Omega. His pheromones have no scent and have no effect on Alphas.

Just to be safe, Jiang Li obtained a transparent suppressor from a classmate specializing in inhibitors.

The slightly longer hair at the back and the collar of the shirt conveniently cover it, and no one has noticed until now.

The effect of the transparent suppressor is not as good as the regular one; it is only suitable for omegas with a low pheromone concentration.

The law prohibits Alphas from casually leaking their pheromones, but normal Alphas inevitably have leaks when they are groggy in the morning.

Jiang Li has a talent; he can smell extremely faint pheromones, but he is not affected by them. He discovered last time that during his sensitive period, there was not a trace of Alpha pheromones in the dorm.

Only top-tier Alphas can control their pheromones so precisely, as their pheromones have a strong deterrent effect on others.

Wang Tianhu and Li Ruiyun don’t belong to this category, yet during Jiang Li’s sensitive period, they acted like they were using ten tubes of inhibitors.

Once could be a coincidence, but twice?

In the bathroom, Jiang Li applies a strong suppressor to the back of his neck, biting his lip.

In conclusion, his pheromones will suppress Alpha pheromones. In other words, he will make all Alphas impotent, and it might even affect Betas who are not sensitive to pheromones.

For Jiang Li, who just wants to focus on research, it’s not a bad thing.

He carefully washes his hands, foams twice, and comes out. The three are still discussing, “Which regular hospital doesn’t have classmates interning? Can we only go to a black-hearted clinic?”

Jiang Li says, “I think it might be due to recent high stress levels. Relax and observe for a week.”

Li Ruiyun is the first to agree upon hearing this: “If the top student says there’s high stress, then there must be invisible pressure affecting us.”

Gu Yunkai agrees, “I second that.”

Wang Tianhu throws down his phone and keenly sees a patch on Jiang Li’s neck. “On your neck—”

Jiang Li considers whether to tell the truth—revealing it means he can’t continue living with AB, and he would have to move into an Omega dorm with unknown hygiene conditions.

Wang Tianhu says, “Just say it’s because you can’t always read books; got a neck problem, right? I still have a physical therapy patch; want it?”

Jiang Li says, “…Yes.”

Jiang Li feels sorry for them and takes the initiative to mop the floor.

Wang Tianhu suddenly—

Climbing onto the bed, among medical students, it’s no surprise that there are many cleanliness enthusiasts, especially Jiang Li, who is exceptionally fond of cleanliness. The dormitory floor is spotless throughout the year with fresh air, making the Alpha group envious.

After mopping the floor, Jiang Li took a cold shower. With the advancement of medical science, suppressants can solve the susceptibility period for most people, allowing them to work and study normally.

While drying his hair, Jiang Li sent a message to his friend in the computer science department: “Is there any part-time job with a daily payout tomorrow?”

As a major in pheromone medication, he doesn’t need to intern at the hospital for an extended period, but he has to follow the mentor on assignments and cannot have a stable job.

Five minutes later, Yang Xiaoli replied, “Dishwashing on VIP day at a high-end Western restaurant?”

Jiang Li asked, “How much does it pay?”

Yang Xiaoli responded, “One thousand yuan for a day. Your appearance meets their requirements.”

Nowadays, many restaurants have gimmicks. This golden restaurant claims that its waiters are even more handsome than celebrities, but employees with good looks have a high turnover rate, often requiring temporary workers.

Both Yang Xiaoli and Jiang Li were orphans who got into the third military academy. They were computer science majors, knowledgeable in hacking techniques, and knew many part-time job channels that were not easily found in the market.

Jiang Li agreed, “Okay.”

The next day, Jiang Li’s symptoms during the susceptible period disappeared, leaving only a slight fever.

The part-time job at the Western restaurant was well-known, and he could find it without using navigation.

The manager saw Jiang Li’s appearance and brightened up. Taking out a tablet, he divided the area: “Your appearance can serve the customers in Area A. You cannot go to Area S near the river unless you are willing to work part-time for the long term.”

“Remember, we don’t have temporary workers. If customers ask, say you are our special guest.”

Announcing that the restaurant hires temporary workers every day really damages its reputation.

Jiang Li took the clothes, and his brows wrinkled imperceptibly.

The manager seemed to know what he was thinking: “The clothes are new.”

Jiang Li said, “Thank you.”

“Put it on and wait in Area A, wearing the earpiece.”

The employee uniform was similar to what Jiang Li usually wore—a white shirt and black trousers, with an added bow tie.

The hem of the shirt was too loose for him. He used a pin to create regular folds and tucked it into the waist.

Half of Area A was booths, and the other half was private rooms, all with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Jiang Li stood in front of the French window, rain moistening the city’s outline. The street colors were gray, making him even more eye-catching in white.

The job was easy—taking orders, serving dishes, and standing at the intersection of private rooms and booths as a mascot.

Looking from where Jiang Li stood, he could see the prominent Area S. The entire platform hung above the city, with glass curtain walls on three sides. Inside, there were few customers—only one table. It was too far, and he couldn’t see clearly.

Jiang Li withdrew his gaze, and suddenly, there was an unusual movement in the private room behind him.

An Omega was crying softly, followed by the door being locked.

“It’s useless to regret. Your father owes me two million. Giving birth to my child will offset that… If you dare to regret, I won’t let you regret it…”

The infidelity rate of Alphas with reproductive cancer has increased. They will sleep with multiple omegas to ensure offspring.

Jiang Li’s eyes condensed. He quickly walked toward the private room door, and his elbow was grabbed just as he was about to raise it.

“Jiang Li,” the manager said lightly, “the Omega entered voluntarily when Mr. Jiang came in.”

Jiang Li insisted, “But he doesn’t want to now.”

The manager gave him a disdainful look and warned mercilessly, “Mr. Jiang is not someone you can provoke. Your face… it’s best not to get into trouble.”

Jiang Li’s face changed slightly, silent in place for three seconds, then said, “You’re right.”

After saying that, he touched the suppression patch on his neck and stood aside.

The manager thought he had taken the advice to heart, feeling somewhat relieved. Jiang Li’s personality seemed very persistent, and he was worried that it might not end well if things escalated today.

Jiang Li closed his eyes, put his hands behind him, took off the pin from his lower back, and forcefully stabbed it into the palm of his right hand. By stimulating the relevant acupuncture points, he forcibly induced another heat at the end of his susceptible period.

This was the first time he had used his own pheromones. Would his pheromones still be tasteless?

In case of an error, an Omega in such a public place…

His hidden concerns were triggered, and Jiang Li’s face turned pale. He glanced at the manager’s reaction out of the corner of his eye.

The manager didn’t smell anything unusual. Seeing Jiang Li’s pale face, he was afraid that he would still meddle and said, “How about going over there?”

Jiang Li sighed, “No need.”

His face gradually flushed, going into heat wasn’t pleasant, time became slow, and it still wasn’t taking effect…


The private room door was forcefully pushed open. The irritable Alpha inside scolded and walked away. “Crying and crying, all you know is crying. I’ve made you cry enough!”

Jiang Li slightly dodged, waiting until the person walked away before approaching the private room door and looking inside—

A delicate and fair-skinned boy covered his neck in fear, tears streaming down. He had almost been marked! At that moment, he thought of his long-time crush, and regret reached its peak.

He still had many possibilities in his life. He didn’t want to help his gambling-addicted father pay off debts. This pit was filled, and there was still the next one. It was like an endless abyss!

Area S.

Cen Lang half-closed his eyes, enduring the headache brought by the pheromone storm, trying hard not to let it overflow and cause a disturbance.

Omega’s pheromones have a calming effect. The old man at home firmly believed that pheromones with a unity degree of 100% could cure his storm syndrome.

Usually, a tube of pheromones was directly extracted and sent to Cen Lang, saving time without having to meet.

The old man insisted that he lacked sincerity, so none of the many pheromones worked. He insisted on making him meet.

It’s not like praying to gods; where does sincerity come from?

Cen Lang returned from the army this time, officially on vacation, but in reality, his pheromones were on the verge of losing control. At that time, he might permanently lose his sanity. The old man probably guessed it and was extremely adamant.

In order not to let the old man worry, Cen Lang agreed.

He didn’t think it would be useful. Many people were interested in his power but dared not approach him because, once they were affected by his storm, they would leave behind the aftereffects of neuralgia.

They solemnly promised to use painkillers, which were not affordable, but when they sat across from the terror source, no one was afraid.

They confidently claimed that they could use painkillers, but without money, it was absolutely impossible. However, when sitting across from the source of terror, no one dared to approach.

Lin Lu just entered the S area and saw Cen Lang; his eyes lit up. Power combined with appearance was Cen Lang designed by the Creator as a humanoid aphrodisiac?

Being able to marry such an Alpha was not only the glory of the family but also his extravagant fantasy.

Unlike other Omegas who retreated when faced with difficulties, Lin Lu had more information. Although Cen Lang looked frightening, he was fundamentally a gentleman. Even in extreme pain, he could firmly control the pheromone storm and wouldn’t harm his lover.

Even if there was a rare occurrence during the susceptible period, timely use of the highest-level therapeutic equipment, combined with Cen Lang’s guilt, would certainly compensate and keep a distance from him. By then, he might have already conceived the bloodline of the Cen family, and if Cen Lang couldn’t be cured and died, the Cen family would be his.

The young waiter guided Lin Lu to sit in front of Cen Lang, a three-meter-long table, with each person sitting at one end. What’s the difference between not sitting at the same table for a meal?

Lin Lu blinked, disregarding the waiter’s obstruction, and walked straight toward Cen Lang. He wanted to sit next to Cen Lang, creating some unintentional physical contact. AO is like thunder and earth fire; the body will automatically respond.

The next second.

“Ugh—” Lin Lu’s chest, between his ribs, suddenly ached. The pheromones in his body resonated like a saw, with sharp gears cutting nerves.

His face uncontrollably turned green, stumbling backward until the pain subsided when he exited the three-meter range.

Too terrifying… How could it be so terrifying?

Cen Lang didn’t even lift his eyes, just pointing to stop. Faced with an Omega whose thoughts were exposed, he said, “I’m sorry, I can’t control it within three meters.”

Lin Lu’s forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat.

Cen Lang was forcing him to retreat!

Although it hurt but was not lethal, it showed that this was just a test. Since he had already sat here, how could he give up without trying?

Lin Lu took out a test tube from his bag, speaking as steadily as possible: “This is the pheromone I purified during my last susceptible period. Do you want to try it?”

As he spoke, he directly opened the lid.

In an instant, the cool and refreshing green tea-scented pheromones overflowed, instantly filling the tip of the nose.

Cen Lang’s expression became impatient. He hated sudden offensive pheromones. They would enhance the owner’s pheromone reflex and counterattack the master.

He was about to warn Lin Lu that the pain just now was only the beginning—

Suddenly, he stiffened for a moment.

It seemed that in an instant, his pheromone storm disappeared.

It was not an instant; it was actually happening. The nerve strings in his brain, which had been tearing and distorting for years, seemed to have been combed through by a pair of icy hands, temporarily suppressing the fierce headache.

Cen Lang raised his eyes and looked at Lin Lu steadily. “Is this your pheromone?”

Lin Lu’s joy showed on his face. Afraid of leaking too many pheromones and causing other Alphas to riot, he tightened the lid and said, “Yes, it’s mine.”

His pheromones worked!

Jiang Li calmly stuck the suppression patch back, put the pin in his pocket, and gently rubbed the sore palm.

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