My husband is a fox spirit!
My husband is a fox spirit! Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Bian Quezhi shamelessly insisted on staying for a meal, and since Yu Xuanwei couldn’t drive him away, he had no choice but to go along.

When Grandma Zhou saw that Bian Quezhi was so young and promising, as well as tall and handsome, her eyes lit up. She intentionally inquired about his personal background, feeling even more satisfied. She rolled up her sleeves and went to the kitchen.

Wu Qingluan leaned over and asked, “Grandma, why are you asking so much?”

Grandma Zhou’s eyes sparkled as she chopped on the cutting board, making a loud “thud.” “How can a woman hang herself on just one tree? I think little Bian is quite good. He’s friendly, has a position, so let’s put him on the list of potential candidates.”

Wu Qingluan: …

After Bian Quezhi had his fill of food and drink, he reached out and picked up the eldest son sitting next to him. “Darling, want to go out and play with Uncle? Uncle can take you to drive a tank!”

Yu Xuanwei was sipping his tea and gave him a cold glance. “He’s not going.”

Yu Lang had his heart set on going upstairs to see his beloved pet, and he refused to leave. As soon as he heard Yu Xuanwei’s words, he quickly broke free from Bian Quezhi and ran away.

“Ai!” Bian Quezhi yelled in disappointment.

“It’s time for you to leave,” Yu Xuanwei said, showing no hesitation in giving him his marching orders.

Bian Quezhi looked at Wu Qingluan and then back at Yu Xuanwei, unable to find any reason to stay any longer. He reluctantly got up and said, “I’ll take my leave. Goodbye, big brother, sister-in-law, Grandma, little darlings.”

The adults got up to see Bian Quezhi off. Wu Qingluan noticed that Yu Xuanwei’s face was pale and quietly said, “You should lie down when you get back.”

Yu Xuanwei lowered his head and spoke warmly, “You’re caring about me.”

Wu Qingluan’s ears turned red as Grandma Zhou was clearly eavesdropping nearby, and Yu Xuanwei seemed to be talking nonsense.

Yu Xuanwei reached out and lightly pinched her earlobe, then his fingers brushed lightly against her cheek as he withdrew his hand, saying, “So soft.”

Wu Qingluan gave him a glare, but he showed no signs of embarrassment. He quickly walked a few steps to catch up with Grandma Zhou.

Wu Qingluan intentionally slowed down her pace, but she could still hear the conversation between Yu Xuanwei and Grandma Zhou clearly.

“Grandma, I am also an official state employee with an official position. My rank is much higher than little Bian’s… My rank is a nationally recognized Grade X…”

Although Yu Xuanwei’s external injuries seemed to have healed, he probably still had some internal injuries, which made his complexion appear somewhat pale. He no longer returned to Qingling Temple and stayed with Wu Qingluan.

Wu Qingluan had grown accustomed to his shameless behavior, so she followed him without protest.

In fact, as they spent more time together, Wu Qingluan became increasingly sure that she quite liked this man. Despite his lack of humor and aloof demeanor, as well as his strong-willed nature, she couldn’t deny that he was incredibly handsome, and his physique was drool-worthy. Plus, she hadn’t discovered any significant character flaws so far.

With Yu Xuanwei at home, the three children had also become much more well-behaved, especially the youngest.

Previously, the youngest child used to laze around in bed every day, eat slowly, and be restless before bedtime. Now, without needing reminders, he did everything on his own and was very obedient.

One Saturday, early in the morning, Wu Qingluan and Yu Xuanwei took the children to the park. They watched as the eldest played with Fēng, and the middle and youngest children played with various toys. After lunch, everyone felt tired and sleepy, so they headed home together.

Napping in warm blankets on a crisp autumn day was a delightful experience, and Wu Qingluan slept until nearly five o’clock. When she woke up, she found herself half-lying on Yu Xuanwei’s chest.

She moved slightly, and Yu Xuanwei also opened his eyes. Both of them were still a bit drowsy, and they lazily gazed at each other for a moment. Yu Xuanwei lifted Wu Qingluan’s chin and leaned in to kiss her.

This kiss was tender and gentle, like the autumn sunlight, bringing a sense of peace.

After a long while, they finally separated.

Yu Xuanwei gently stroked Wu Qingluan’s hair, and she made a contented sound, continuing to lie on him.

Gradually, Yu Xuanwei’s actions took on a different tone.

Wu Qingluan’s face grew redder, and she whispered, “Don’t be naughty. Is your injury completely healed?”

Yu Xuanwei’s hand froze. In reality, his injury had long been fine, but he was afraid that he might not be in control and would end up hurting her.

He cleared his throat lightly. “It will be very soon.”

Wu Qingluan rolled her eyes at him and continued to rest on him.

The two of them were immersed in their affection, unaware that the door had been pushed open slightly, and a pair of eyes gleaming with a green light were watching them.

The youngest son, Yu Jue had been peeking for a while, and he noticed that the people inside were starting to get intimate again. He chuckled and closed the door, thinking, “Dad is injured, and now is the perfect time to strike. Oh yeah!”

That night, the Yu Jue double-checked his backpack. Everything was in order, he had enough money, and he even had his beloved little stuffed toy.

He slung his backpack over his shoulder, hopped onto the windowsill, and pushed open a window.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!”

Behind him came an angry hissing sound, and the youngest son turned proudly to see a golden rope tied up in knots on the ground. The end of the rope resembled a snake, and it was angrily spitting out snake-like messages towards him.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!” Yu Jue imitated the golden rope, sticking out his tongue and wiggling his buttocks, making a “puff” sound. Then, he leaped down from the windowsill!

He was going to live a carefree and wandering life now, and no one would dare to control him!

The house of Wu Qingluan was grand and tall, and jumping from the third floor was quite a height.

However, Yu Jue showed no fear. He spread his limbs and dove downward. It seemed like he was about to fall vertically when suddenly, a fluffy mass appeared behind his buttocks, like a blooming flower.

Yu Jue’s body stabilized, and he floated down slowly, drifting away into the distance.

As he was about to pass through the front gate, Yu Jue looked back: Farewell, Dad! The next time we meet, I’ll be able to defeat you, and I’ll tie you up and beat you whenever I want!

Suddenly, Yu Jue’s body couldn’t move. He desperately shook his big tail, flapped his four legs with all his might, but he remained motionless.

“Squeak!” Yu Jue screamed in frustration.

He was lifted up by the back of his neck, and a voice asked, “Where are you going?”

Yu Jue’s  fur stood on end, and before he knew it, he had reverted to his original form. “Dad…”

Yu Xuanwei, with a stern expression, had Yu Jue trembling in fear. “I… I don’t know what happened. Maybe I was sleepwalking…”

“Sleepwalking?” Yu Xuanwei’s gaze was sharp as a knife, and he shook his youngest son by the neck. “You’re awake now, right?”

“I’m awake, I’m awake, I’m awake!” Yu Jue wailed loudly. “Please put me down, I’m feeling dizzy!”

Yu Jue was unceremoniously tossed back into the room.

A golden light shot out from Yu Xuanwei’s wrist and transformed into a golden rope that excitedly coiled around his youngest son, who was still sticking out his buttocks.

“Let go of me, you jerk!” Yu Jue was on the verge of tears, but he couldn’t break free from the grip of the golden rope.

Yu Xuanwei watched as Yu Jue struggled with the golden rope, chuckled lightly, and then closed the door, heading downstairs on his own.

He returned to Wu Qingluan’s room and had just sat back on the bed when she opened her eyes and asked, “Where did you go?”

Yu Xuanwei didn’t answer; instead, he leaned down and gently kissed her forehead.

Wu Qingluan mumbled a few indistinct words, too low and vague for Yu Xuanwei to hear clearly. However, Wu Qingluan naturally snuggled closer to him, a gesture that squeezed Yu Xuanwei’s heart painfully with a mixture of sweetness and pain.

Yu Xuanwei lay down, holding Wu Qingluan tightly in his arms. This simple act was his greatest desire, one he had thought he would never be able to fulfill again.

In the early morning, Wu Qingluan was awakened by a disturbance outside the door. She opened her eyes, listened intently for a moment, and then heard nothing.


A very faint hiccup sound, very strange. Wu Qingluan immediately recognized it—it was Yu Jue

She gently moved Yu Xuanwei’s arm away from her waist, slipped out of bed, and approached the source of the noise.

“*Hiccup*,” Yu Jue threw away the bottle in his hand and let out a satisfied hiccup. “Hateful old man, hateful world!”

Wu Qingluan looked at the empty bottle on the floor in shock. “You drank this?”

Yu Jue son blushed all over, his eyes watery. He looked up at her defiantly. “I drank it, so what? Am I not a tough guy?”

Wu Qingluan immediately picked him up. Tough or not, a child drinking alcohol could lead to serious consequences, and she needed to get him to the hospital.

However, Yu Jue slipped out of her arms like a slippery fish, dashed upstairs, and yelled, “Don’t bother me, you annoying adults!”

“Wait!” Wu Qingluan took a couple of steps to chase after him but suddenly froze.

Yu Jue was climbing upstairs using both hands and feet, and there was a fluffy thing trailing behind his buttocks.

Was that…a tail?!

She was chasing after a dog.

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