Cannon Fodder Little Sister-in-law from the 1960s

Raw Title: 六零年代炮灰小姨子[穿书]

Total Chapters: 100

Author: 月半蔷薇

Translator: stillnotlucia

Update: 2 months ago

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Su Xi transmigrated to a book.


After crossing through the book, she becomes the troublesome “sister-in-law” of the villainous Big Boss. The original owner was beautiful but arrogant and brainless, dutifully running all the way on the road of cannon fodder.


Her life’s pleasure was humiliating her only brother, who happened to be gay. In the end, the younger brother succumbed to the pressure and committed suicide due to depression. However, the villainous Big Boss retaliated against this “sister-in-law,” and she met a miserable end.


The peach blossom spirit, Su Xi, who came through, trembled.



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