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I Lived with the Villain in the 70s

Lin Xiaoyue transmigrated into a novel and became the vicious wife of the villain.   Before the villain…

Drama Josei Romance Tragedy


Second Marriage in the 1970s

Dong Jiahui, the daughter of the Dong family, was kicked out of the house by the Lu family…

Fantasy Josei Romance Slice of Life


The Peasant Female Doctor

Shiyi did not expect that, in the last second that she was bitten to death by the zombie.…

Comedy Fantasy Historical Martial Arts Mature Romance Slice of Life Supernatural


Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist

Li Mo, a senior beautician from the modern era, transmigrated to the ancient period and became a peasant…

Drama Fantasy Historical Romance Slice of Life


Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife

Li Yining crossed over to a book. She transmigrated to a body where her family has a mine…

Comedy Fantasy Romance


The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)

It has been six years since the country stopped admitting college students, and no one knows when the…

Comedy Fantasy Romance Slice of Life


Transmigrated as the Ex-Wife of the Villain Who Dotes on His Daughter

The first time Jiang Rou saw that man was in the interrogation room. He looked Desperate, silent and…

Romance Slice of Life


Cannon Fodder Little Sister-in-law from the 1960s

Su Xi transmigrated to a book.   After crossing through the book, she becomes the troublesome “sister-in-law” of…

1960s Age Gap BL Subplot Romance Transmigration
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