Second Marriage in the 1970s

Raw Title: 七零年代二婚妻

Total Chapters: 97

Author: 洲是

Translator: stillnotlucia

Update: 2 years ago

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Dong Jiahui, the daughter of the Dong family, was kicked out of the house by the Lu family because she had been married for three years and was unable to get pregnant. Dong Jiahui, who felt ashamed, jumped into the river in search of death. Immediately after she was rescued, her soul also changed.


The Dong family’s Jiahui was five miles away from the Shanghe Village. Zhao Donglin’s wife was an educated youth who left her two children to go back to the city. In order to take care of the children, Zhao Donglin, who was about to become a battalion commander, retired to the countryside.


“This damned little bit*h cried and shouted to marry us, to let her marry our Donglin. Now she doesn’t even care about her children and wants to go back to the city!”


For the six-month-old girl, Yingbao, Zhao Donglin wants to give his two children a stepmother. He refused the introduction of 17 or 18 people who were matched with him and finally chose the infertile Dong Jiahui. Zhao Donglin thought that since Dong Jiahui couldn’t have a baby, she would certainly treat Heidan and Yingbao as her own child.


He inquired and found out that Dong Jiahui was a woman with a submissive personality, and such a woman leads a stable life. As long as she treats the children well, he will treat her well for the rest of his life.


On the wedding night, Dong Jiahui finally discovered the secret of the original owner’s infertility. It turned out that she was still a v*rgin!

  1. PrettiestNpc has spoken 6 months ago

    This story is a super sweet slice of life and I loved it but sometimes the translator mixed up the genders and it completely messed up the experience for me

  2. wuxiawoohaha has spoken 2 years ago

    You should consider adding Kofi option coz I wanted to give some but there’s only patron.

    • notlucia has spoken 2 years ago

      Thank you so much for your support and suggestion 💛💛💛

  3. Sleepyhead 1234 has spoken 2 years ago

    Hello, can I post this story in Wattpad? I just want to share this wonderful novel. But don’t worry I will write in the description the author and the translator. I won’t own it, just please let me post this in Wattpad.

  4. Nathalia Nobre has spoken 2 years ago

    I had to comment, totally loved it.tks for making me reading this a possibility.


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