The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)

Raw Title: 娇后娘与萌崽崽[七零]

Total Chapters: 253

Author: 乔微安

Translator: stillnotlucia

Update: 1 day ago

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It has been six years since the country stopped admitting college students, and no one knows when the college entrance examination will resume. Su Xiaoxiao, who was an outstanding student, was now humiliated after not being able to attend university.


She was too high for the people in the village and too poor for the people in the city. Due to this, she became a “leftover girl.”


An educated youth said he was willing to try. When Father Su then asked the educated youth when he planned to marry his daughter, the educated youth said it was Su Xiaoxiao who took the initiative to pester him before agreeing to give it a try, and he wanted to go back to the city in the future and did not plan to marry a country girl.


Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t take this humiliation anymore and decided to jump into the river to commit su*cide. This made her reputation become even worse. The matchmakers had to go around when they passed by the Su family’s house. Mother Su and Father Su were so angry that they almost rode a crane to death. They decided to marry their daughter in the city regardless of the dowry.


Han Cheng, who had lost his wife for a year, went back to the city to visit his sons on his vacation. His two sons, who were once white and chubby cubs, became skinny and gloomy after living with his teacher’s wife. He was so angry and immediately asked the matchmaker to go to the countryside and find him a match. The only requirement he asked for was, that she must be literate.


The matchmaker went to the Su family’s house, and there, Su Xiaoxiao, who came from the 21st century, didn’t raise any objections and accepted it.


However, the unreliable matchmaker actually invited another girl besides Su Xiaoxiao and arranged their dates at the same time.


Han Cheng asked Su Xiaoxiao, who looked like a good match for him: “Are you literate? Do you mind taking care of my two sons?”

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      Hi Kuno. Don’t worry, I’m still translating this and won’t drop it. Due to my busy schedule(mostly bec of my rl job) I couldn’t find the time to translate last month but, I will be active again this march and the following months. Thank you so much for supporting this novel. 🥰

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      Hello, unfortunately, I am still working on the translation. My goal is to finish translating this on August or September, but no promises. Anyway, thank you for supporting and reading this novel. I really appreciate it. Thank you.


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