The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 1

Chapter 1

In the autumn of 1972, Sujia Village.

Under the big banyan tree in front of the village’s office, the chatty women who came back from work, one after another, pointed at Su Xiaoxiao, who was recording centimetres.

Aunt Li touched Aunt Zhang’s shoulder and said, “Everyone knows about her and Shen Zhiqing. Why does she still look like a carefree person? Isn’t she too thick-skinned?”

Aunt Zhang pouted and said, “Well, her heart is higher than heaven and her fate is thinner than paper. So, what if she’s the first in every examination? She can’t go to school anyway. All she can do is stay in the village to be a little scorekeeper and become an old girl. On top of that, she was also rejected by the educated youth.” [1]The “old girl” here is similar to the term “leftover woman”, it refers to women who are unmarried after 27 and also enjoy a high level of education. In these times, unmarried … Continue reading

Aunt Zhang’s son, Shugen, was interested in Su Xiaoxiao, but Su Xiaoxiao rejected her son. Su Xiaoxiao disliked her son for only having a junior high school degree. Since then, Aunt Zhang has been unhappy with whatever Su Xiaoxiao does. Knowing that she was disliked by Shen Zhiqing (the educated youth), she rushed to throw stones at Su Xiaoxiao who has fallen down a well. [2]to strike a person when he’s at his lowest.

Aunt Li agreed: “You’re right, but isn’t she strange? She committed suicide by jumping into the water a few days ago, so why is she acting as if nothing happened?”

Sister Wu’s brother-in-law was also interested in Su Xiaoxiao. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like her. In her eyes, Su Xiaoxiao is just like a fox spirit, a woman who seduced men everywhere she goes, this made the young men in the village want to have her. She’s too shameless!

“She was going to force Shen Zhiqing to marry her by killing herself, but who would have thought that Shen Zhiqing had connections and moved out of the village the next day? Xiaoxiao didn’t gain anything except a bad reputation. I don’t think anyone would dare to marry her in the future.”

Aunt Zhang: “She has a high standard. I heard that she is still thinking about taking the college entrance examination. Otherwise, she would not be disgusted with our family’s low educational background. How many years has she been dreaming of going to college?”

Aunt Li covered her face and smiled: ” You can’t say that either. She graduated High School in the city, and when she was about to take the college examination, the schools stopped taking students. How could she have stopped thinking about it? Su Xiaoxiao is a beautiful little girl, you can’t find another girl who is more good-looking than her in the countryside. The educated youth from the city is not as white as her.”

Sister Wu looked disdainful and snorted: “Can her beauty feed herself? She can’t lift her shoulders or her hips. She is too old to have children. When she gets married, you don’t know who will serve whom. I think whoever marries such a woman will be unlucky…”

She could feel the coolness on her back after Sister Wu said that.

Before turning around, Aunt Zhang, who was standing opposite her, changed her face, winked at her, and said, “I’m going home to cook, so, I’ll go first.”

Aunt Li didn’t react so quickly. She coughed lightly and said to Su Weimin: “Oh Captain Su, have got off work? I also have to move quickly. I still need to go home to cook and We’ll talk another day!”

Su Weimin’s face was almost as dark as the bottom of the pot, and he snorted coldly, “A group of chatty, short-sighted women, who only know to talk about other people’s business all day long! If you don’t have any energy to work diligently, I’ll deduct from your work points!”

Sister Wu’s complexion turned pale. She touched her nose and didn’t even look back as she walked away, like a turtle shrinking back to its shell.

Su Weimin was still angry, so he said loudly behind her: “My daughter will not marry anyone from your lazy and useless family. Save it!”

Sister Wu’s body stiffened. She greased the soles of her shoes and slipped away. [3]It means walking away quickly and secretly.

In this era where sons are more important than daughters and even having enough food and clothing to make a living is a problem, this instant father is still pretty good.

Su Xiaoxiao went to take her dad’s arm and said, “Father, why are you angry with them? You can’t control other people’s opinions. No matter what they say, it doesn’t bother me at all, I won’t even lose a piece of meat. Let’s hurry home for a meal, or else my mother will start nagging us for coming home late. “

Su Weimin looked at his clever little daughter and felt sorry for her. Her daughter was about to enter college, but after the occurrence of some major movements, the college entrance examination was canceled. She could have graduated, been assigned to work in a city, married a city man, and lived a better life if she had been admitted to a university. What’s the use of being so angry here?

“My daughter, Father wants to say sorry to you. If I hadn’t thought about resuming the college entrance examination in the early years, I wouldn’t have delayed your marriage until now.”

The Su family has been extremely poor and honest for three generations. Su Xiaoxiao is a good-looking and well-educated lady. She almost gets first place in the exams every year. All the teachers say that she can definitely go to college and jump out of the agricultural sector.

In the early years, matchmakers broke the threshold to ask for their daughter’s hand, but Su Weimin is not willing to marry her daughter back to a person who lives in the countryside and has refused many young people with good conditions.

They don’t want to find a poor man to marry their daughter. There were many matchmakers in the city, but their family’s status was not high, and Su Weimin knew that the city was full of turmoil, and he naturally didn’t want to share this muddy water. This matter was dragged on until it arrived in this situation where they are not good enough for a high post, but too proud to take a low one.

Educated youth was a good choice at first, but they never expected to meet such an unreliable man, who made his daughter commit suicide and lose her reputation. If it had not been discovered early, I would have already.…

Su Weimin was still scared when he remembered the scene of picking up his daughter from the well.

As the saying goes, a man lives with a face, a tree lives with a layer of skin. Su Weimin gritted his teeth and said:” Don’t worry, my daughter. Your father will let you marry in the city regardless of how much dowry we provide. He will beat those gossipy women in the face. You should never do anything stupid again. ” [4]“A man lives with a face, trees live with a layer of skin. Su Weimin gritted his teeth “It means that people should have personality and self-esteem.

Su Xiaoxiao: “Dad, don’t worry. I won’t do stupid things again. Don’t be angry. Let them talk about it. “

How could Su Weimin know that his daughter passed away when she threw herself into the well and was replaced by Su Xiaoxiao from the 21st century?

This era’s Su Xiaoxiao became the leftover woman, Su Xiaoxiao, who came from the 21st century.

Su Xiaoxiao graduated from the university many years ago, and her parents died early, leaving a large inheritance. Anyway, she can’t spend all of her money even if she wanted to. Most of the time, she stays at home. She posts short videos; she shares the foods and drinks that she eats every day. She has no other skills except good cooking skills, and has become a small online celebrity with millions of fans.

Before she arrived in Sujia Village, she was not refined or expensive. Sometimes she had to go all over the city’s food markets and supermarkets to find ingredients to make a decent dish for the shooting effect. It is also common for her to fly across the country to eat local’s delicacies. Eating food is just a pleasure, not to fill her stomach.

Maybe God couldn’t bear to see her too salty fish and comfortable life, and when she woke up, he sent her down to an age where it’s already extravagant if you are wearing good clothes and eating meat.

She has been transmigrated to this era for nearly ten days. Except that her mother made her a bowl of egg soup on the first day because she was unconscious from falling into the water, every meal after that was a bowl of coarse grain rice made of sweet potato, taro, potato, and a small amount of rice, plus one or two oil-free melons, fruits, and vegetables. She had never eaten such a fat-reducing meal before.

In this way, it can be said that their family has the best food in Sujia Village, and they can at least feed themselves. Many families even have problems with food.

Su Xiaoxiao admitted that she was greedy for meat, very, very greedy.

But in this age when everyone is in danger and food, clothing, and warmth are all major problems, it is impossible for her to have three heads and six arms to get rich. There is an insurmountable gap between the countryside and the city. The path of using knowledge to change her destiny is temporarily blocked. If women want to jump out of the agricultural gate to complete the leap, the only way is to marry a man from the city with acceptable conditions.

In her last life, Su Xiaoxiao died before she could get married. She had money in her family, so she didn’t feel any difficulties when it came to material things, and she also had no experience of living in rural areas. Only the incident of her parents’ derailment and death in a car accident left a big shadow on her, and her circle was too narrow. She was completely a house person. She could never meet the right person to marry, but it was almost impossible not to marry in this life.

In this era, when you are an adult, you can start a family. At the age of 23, you are already an old leftover girl at the level of ashes. In addition, it will be New Year’s Eve in a few months. After turning over the empty years, you will be 25 years old. The original owner, also becoming desperate, found an educated youth and gave it a try, who knew that she couldn’t take the rejection and took her own life in vain.

Since she’s here, she should just accept it. The most urgent thing is to find a first-class husband so she can eat meat, and the rest will be discussed after the reform and opening up.

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1 The “old girl” here is similar to the term “leftover woman”, it refers to women who are unmarried after 27 and also enjoy a high level of education. In these times, unmarried girls who are in their early 20s were too “old”. Correct me if I’m wrong guys!
2 to strike a person when he’s at his lowest.
3 It means walking away quickly and secretly.
4 “A man lives with a face, trees live with a layer of skin. Su Weimin gritted his teeth “It means that people should have personality and self-esteem.


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