The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2 Part 1

When the father and daughter arrived home, their meal was ready. 

Su Xiaoxiao’s second sister-in-law was assigned to cook for today. Just like the previous days, the food is still sweet potato rice, however, there was only a small amount of rice on it and more sweet potatoes and cabbage.

Zhang Chunying is fond of spicy food, so whenever it’s her turn to cook, she puts a little dry pepper for seasoning and adds a few drops of white vinegar, which makes the taste spicy and sour.

When the family was about to eat their dinner, they heard someone outside the door shouting:

“Captain? Is anyone at home?”

Liang Hongmei and Zhang Chunying looked at each other. ‘Isn’t that the voice of matchmaker Xu? Does it mean

Hearing this voice, Li Yufeng, Su Xiaoxiao’s mother, could not wait to walk outside the door: “The door is unlocked. Come in quickly.”

Not long after, Li Yufeng brought in a middle-aged woman about 50 years old with a mole on her left upper lip and a smile on her lips.

Su Xiaoxiao recognized the person as matchmaker Xu through the memory of the original owner. This matchmaker Xu is said to have managed 90% of the married couples around Sujia Village who went on blind dates. To not damage her image, she would introduce the situation to both sides before making them meet.

But since the incident of Su Xiaoxiao’s unsuccessful attempt to court the educated youth and then resulted in committing suicide, Matchmaker Xu has intentionally avoided their family. So, why would she come here today?

“Chunying, hurry up and add a pair of tableware and chopsticks, and let your Aunt Xu have a bite to eat.” Li Yufeng ordered.

Matchmaker Xu glanced at the food on the table and repeatedly waved her hand: “No, no, no, no, I’ve cooked my meal at home, and I’ve already gone to two families. You are the last one, so I’ll hurry to finish and go home for a meal.”

Matchmaker Xu didn’t have much appetite when she saw the food in front of her. Maybe she can eat two scrambled eggs when she comes home. ‘I thought since he’s the Captain and there were two workers at home, their meals would be good, but it turns out their food was not as good as hers. Maybe their gift after a successful blind date won’t be good. Unlike, that widow Liu, who promised her 3 yuan if the marriage was successful.’

“Well, this is the case. There is a man who is a soldier and lives in the city. He is a healthy 28-year-old man who lost his wife. He has two sons. The older one is 5 years old and the younger one is less than two years old. He required to find a girl who is literate and who can live in the army camp with him as soon as the certificate of marriage is approved. I thought he was only a few years older than your family’s Xiaoxiao, and he is an eloquent gentleman. That’s why I came to your door.”

Sure enough, after Matchmaker Xu finished talking, she saw that the expressions of the people in the room didn’t look good. She could not help but curl her lips. ‘Now it is different from the past. Su Xiaoxiao used to be the one liked by everyone, but now? She is old, has a bad reputation, and can’t do farm work. But who in the city would glance at her with this qualification?’

Of course, she would not say this in front of others, and she smiled:

“I know that your family’s Xiaoxiao was in good condition and your eyes are high. She gets first place in the literacy test every year. But what’s the use of reading in our rural areas? You can’t go to college. The man’s condition may sound like he has wronged your family’s Xiaoxiao. I only considered you because I can’t introduce someone who has only graduated from elementary to others who asked for a literate person. Doing so will damage my reputation, right? There is no young boy who is as big as you, Su Xiaoxio. In this day, no one pays attention to that.”

Matchmaker Xu was cold-hearted. She(SXX) is just an old unmarried girl, and she still dared to ask for more. At this time, there were only two unmarried girls and two widowers left.

Su Weimin, who kept his head down and didn’t speak, looked up and asked, “What do you mean by going to two families?”

Matchmaker Xu waved her hand: “I went to see Widow Liu, who was living near the entrance of the village before I came here. The man was in a hurry to go back to the army. He wishes he could take the certificate today and leave tomorrow. He doesn’t have so much time to look at every family, so I concentrated on finding girls who could go on the blind date altogether and meet the man at the same time. It’s the most important thing for both sides to see each other, don’t worry about it.”

Su Weimin was so angry that he almost stood up and patted the table: “You…”

Su Xiaoxiao, who was sitting next to him, hurriedly pressed her father’s back and said with a smile, “Thank you, Aunt Xu. What time and where is the meeting place?”

When Matchmaker Xu looked at Su Weimin, who looked like he wanted to eat people, she wanted to turn around and leave immediately, but seeing Su Xiaoxiao’s attitude was quite good, she said two more words: “At nine o’clock tomorrow morning, there will be people waiting at the state-owned hotel in the county seat and Wu Village in the afternoon. In short, he is bound to meet someone tomorrow.”

Without waiting for the family to say anything, Su Xiaoxiao nodded, “OK, thank you, Aunt Xu. I will be there on time tomorrow.”

After seeing off Matchmaker Xu, Su Weimin slapped the table hard. 

With a bang, the dishes and chopsticks bounced up. Both nephews were shocked.

“This matchmaker Xu is sick! Does our Xiaoxiao, an unmarried and good girl, need to be reduced to the point of being a stepmother and going on the same blind date as widow Liu? And what? He wants it to be done in a day! Is he a local tyrant who wants to find his wife by selection? No, you can’t go tomorrow, and such a person is not worthy of being a soldier. I will report him to the GE Committee tomorrow!”

It is rare for Father Su to get so angry; everyone did not dare breathe even when they looked at each other. Li Yufeng hid to wipe away her tears.

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