Director Bai is a Beta

Raw Title: 白总监是个beta

Total Chapters: 32

Author: 加冰的水果茶

Translator: Pao

Update: 10 months ago

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Director Bai treats everyone equally, has a good character, a nice personality, is a good colleague to his boss and subordinates, and is a considerate person in the eyes of his friends. To summarize, he is a good person.

Friend: He just never considered falling in love.

Director Bai: I never said that.

After eating together once.

“Ge, can I eat with you?” Director Bai said yes without even thinking about it.

“Ge, can we be friends?” Director Bai thought about it and said “sure”.

“Ge, I should be responsible for you.”

“We can try it.”

Director Bai thinks that this is the first time in his life that he has taken the initiative.

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