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Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?

Pei Xia transmigrated into a discontinued western fantasy novel and became the unlucky cannon fodder who had a…

Comedy Fantasy Romance Yaoi


Director Bai is a Beta

Director Bai treats everyone equally, has a good character, a nice personality, is a good colleague to his…

Drama Yaoi


The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King

Lu Zeqing transmigrated into a shuangwen¹ story in the entertainment industry and became the control group of the…

Amnesia Charming Protagonist Drama EntertainmentIndustry Fantasy Light-hearted Modern Day SameSexMarriage Shounen Ai Showbiz SweetNovel


When the Gentle Wife Was Forced to Take the Fiery Script

The staff frowned as they looked at the handsome young man in front of them.   No wonder…

Adapted to Manhua caring protagonist Charming Protagonist Cute Protagonist Devoted Love Interest Drama Fantasy Love Interest Falls in Love First Mute Character Shounen Ai Strong Love Interest Transmigration Younger Love Interest
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