The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King

Raw Title: 真少爷和影帝上恋综后爆红了

Total Chapters: 115

Author: 风短短

Translator: Pao

Update: 1 week ago

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Lu Zeqing transmigrated into a shuangwen¹ story in the entertainment industry and became the control group of the fake young master protagonist shou²


The unfavored cannon fodder real young master.


He repeatedly bullied the protagonist, was driven away by the wealthy parents, and finally lost his reputation.


When Lu Zeqing transmigrated: The protagonist shou is the most popular guest in the gay variety show, gathering CP fans from all walks of life.


And Lu Zeqing received many private messages from fans every day: Go away! Don’t be in the same frame as my brother.


In the face of overwhelming verbal abuse and warnings, Lu Zeqing, who was too poor to pay the rent, said: A man will only affect the speed at which he makes money.


The guests had a date in the restaurant, and Lu Zeqing explored the food at the next table.


The guests went on a date in the art gallery, and Lu Zeqing worked as a French translator in the art gallery.


The guests visited the garden in Hanfu, Lu Zeqing’s long-sleeves turned and flew, performing a solo dance that surprised everyone.


Netizens: Ahhh! Who is the hypocrite? It’s me (squeals)


The popular actor Jiang Siyu has never participate in any variety shows and always refuses any CP hype, until one day——


Jiang Siyu suddenly appeared in the love variety show and became a guest in it. He walked towards Lu Zeqing.


“Do you want to play as a couple? The pay is five million a week.”




Fashion magazines, advertising endorsements, and film and television variety shows have come to the door one after another. Lu Zeqing, who is ready to make more money and run away, will not refuse anyone who comes. But soon, he discovered that the novel didn’t seem right.


Not only was he not a cannon fodder, he also became the favored little young master of the wealthy family.


“Baby likes filming so much, so mom bought a few film and television copyrights, you can pick one to shoot.”


“Qingqing has a lot of trouble going back to the hotel every day. Dad bought a villa nearby, so you can make do with it.”


“Brother supports your movie, and has booked all theaters in City A, inviting fans from all over the city to watch the movie.”


After that—


Jiang Siyu reblogged the Weibo of the bad-mouthed black fan [Day 599th of waiting for the break up] with a text:[Thank you for your company! On the 599th day, we received the certificate @Lu Zeqing.] Then, the hot search exploded!




1. Lit. mean “feel-good”. It’s a derogatory term, and it basically means the protagonist has it really easy throughout the text.


2. Shou = bottom/uke.

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