I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost

Raw Title: 魂归西天后我恋爱了

Total Chapters: 60

Author: 小山河

Translator: Ebarle

Update: 2 years ago

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The entertainment industry’s top star Jiang Ye, became a ghost trapped in a cemetery after his death.

He never expected that the man kneeling in front of his grave, facing wind, rain, and thunder——turned out to be the big boss Xie Chen, who terrorized the business world with his ruthless methods!

The media’s evaluation of this mysterious person was: Cold, Noble, Wealthy, and Indifferent.

Jiang Ye looked at the man kneeling in front of his tomb stone for 7 days and nights with a dazed expression. This man stubbornly insisted on engraving under his name the words: Eternal life, My love.

Jiang Ye: ???

Jiang Ye, who was now a ghost, left the cemetery with the boss. He found that as long as he stayed with him, he could touch anything as if he were still alive and that no one was able to see him.

Big boss Xie Chen looked at the youth who was eating and drinking leisurely while being undressed. His mouth twitched slightly and his cold and noble temperament hid his darkened eyes.

Shou Jiang: No one can see me.

Gong Xie (pretending not to see): I really can’t see it.

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