I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost
I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost Chapter 1

I became a ghost

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The weather in June was volatile. When the funeral was held in the morning, the sun was still high in the sky, but heavy rain poured down in the noon. Many people were standing in the forlorn and solemn cemetery, with black clothes and black umbrellas.

It was a scene of mourning.

Not far away were female students crying their hearts out. They were holding a black and white photo in their hands and crying loudly. The young man in the photo had a pair of peach blossom eyes. Even if the photo was black and white, it still couldn’t hide the tinge of redness in the corner of his eyes. A thin, perfectly curved lips were under his beautiful straight nose. Even without laughing, there was a touch of a smile on his lips, lifting the mood of the person looking at it.

It was a very beautiful face.

At this moment, the owner of that face was sitting on top of the gravestone while shaking his legs in the air. A touch of mockery emerged on his lips when the rain passed through his body and hit the gravestone. The genuine and fake sadness in front of his eyes wasn’t as sincere as the cries of the fans who were stopped by the security.

Jiang Ye looked at the crowd and inexplicably felt a little guilty. Before he died, he was the entertainment industry’s top celebrity. Jiang Ye himself didn’t even know how he got popular.

When the wave of fans came rushing forward at him, he was caught off guard. It wasn’t uncommon for celebrities to have girlfriend fans and wife fans. Unexpectedly, there were even a bunch of his own mother fans younger than him but still called him ‘son’ every day.

This made Jiang Ye, who thought he could reach the top of the entertainment industry by his own potential, very angry and grieved. So, he went undercover as an anti-fan and entered his own fanbase.

“What do you guys like about that Jiang Ye? Isn’t it just a face? Good looks can pay the bills, but can he be a son? There’s a difference in seniority, isn’t this just mocking people?”


“Son! Mom misses you, come back soon! Mom wants to see you dance, act and sing. Hiccup— hiccup—” Son ah…Heaven is really envious of your popularity. My family’s cub just started getting famous. God is so blind. The old people are sending the youth ah—”

“Gege, we love you! Did you hear that? No matter where you are, we will always love you!”


Jiang Ye’s lips twitched.

Except for the last one who called him ‘gege’, the other ‘mothers’ who entered the ‘cub-raising’ drama were too involved in the act. These easily misunderstood words almost made him laugh.

However, a strange emotion surged into his body that had no heartbeat. Jiang Ye jumped off the gravestone. Outside, a girl suddenly fell to the ground. He knew that person, she was a big fan who had kicked his several alt accounts in the fan base.

Jiang Ye looked at the so-called relatives and friends in front of his gravestone. He was an orphan before his death, and he had no father or mother. When he didn’t have money yet, he didn’t have a relative, and then he became famous.

Brokerage companies who had and hadn’t cooperated with him; those who had come were diverse.

While the big media were taking pictures in front, everyone was looking down quietly, their expression grieving. Jiang Ye was expressionless. In addition to these people, perhaps the girls who weren’t stopped outside were crying sincerely.

A person’s death was just death.

Sadness was nothing but just feelings and the things in the world were temporary. Tomorrow, the rain would stop and the sky would brighten up, then he would be forgotten by the world.

Jiang Ye took a few more steps, wanting to see what happened to the fans who were crying. Just after a few steps, he was suddenly bounced back by an unknown force in the air.

Even if he tried again, it’d still be the same. He tried to go forward, backward, to the left, and to the right. However, he’d still return two meters away from the gravestone.

His hand unintentionally touched the media reporter next to him and his transparent palm passed through the high-end camera over the reporter’s chest.

Achoo!”  The man sneezed and talked with his co-worker next to him.

“I think this shot isn’t bad. It’s raining, I think I’ve caught a cold.”

“Exactly. It’s raining so heavily on such a day and the difference in temperature is too great. This place is also unlucky. I think it’s almost time to withdraw.”

Several reporters closed their cameras.

Jiang Ye, unfettered by the chaos, was sitting on his gravestone, watching everyone’s different expressions. As soon as the reports withdrew, the real and false sadness became evident.

From this view, the one who cried the most was his young assistant— Li Xiaouou, who had been with him since he entered the entertainment industry.

The young man had cried till he was out of breath, and his snot and tears were running down.

Jiang Ye, who was watching him, wanted to be reborn and give him a portion of his inheritance.

As for the others, there must be people who were really sad, but they weren’t at all moved. Looking at it this way, he could be regarded as a fickle person.

The rain was pouring down heavily, even more, and there was even lightning and thunder that followed after. Everyone saw that it was good enough, so they dispersed. There were only a few crying and exhausted family members left in front of other gravestones in the huge cemetery.

When Jiang Ye appeared here in this ghost state for the first time, he thought he would meet many of the same kind. After staying for a day, he became a lone ghost. Which was also rare.

He boringly waited to death for reincarnation, but this body couldn’t touch anything. He couldn’t go anywhere, no one could see him, and no one could touch him.

He didn’t know when he would meet King Yan or when he would cross the Naihe Bridge.

He looked up in the sky; who doesn’t yearn to linger in the world? However, neither life nor death was in his control. He couldn’t do anything about it.

The sky darkened until the horizons were pitch-black, yet the rain showed no signs of stopping.

Jiang Ye was a little anxious. He was really afraid.

Don’t look at him being usually noisy, but in fact, he was really timid. He was afraid of darkness, thunder, and ghosts.

Now, he was even afraid of himself.

He looked at the eerie cemetery where no figure of a person could be seen and didn’t yearn to stay in the world at all. He wanted to be reincarnated. Whether it was in heaven or hell, some immortal or ghost must come to pick him up.

He didn’t want to be scared out of his wits by such a wandering ghost. He died once and couldn’t stand the torture.

Psychological fear was much more frightening than physical changes.

The rain went on until midnight. The thunder was strong, testing Jiang Ye’s bottom line being scared to death once again.

When he was on the verge of collapsing and wanted to ascend to heaven immediately, he saw a figure walking with heavy steps with an umbrella on the trail not far away.

Jiang Ye felt that there was nothing more ecstatic than seeing a living person in the cemetery in the middle of the night. He hoped that the gravestone of the mourning relative would be closer to his own so that if the person talked a lot, it was equivalent to accompanying him indirectly.

Then he saw the tall and slender figure standing in front of his grave.

The man was very tall.

Jiang Ye sat on the gravestone. When he raised his head, he happened to see the jawline hidden under the umbrella. He had a perfectly contoured jawline. It was a handsome young man. Jiang Ye was so bored that he even started examining men.

After waiting for a while, Jiang Ye thought he was looking at the photo and name on the gravestone. However, one minute, five minutes, ten minutes…Twenty minutes passed but the man remained motionless. He was still standing in front of the gravestone.

Jiang Ye, who was just expecting a person to come over earlier, became a little bit timid. Nowadays, there shouldn’t be anyone staying to rob the grave, right?

The rain became heavier and heavier. As if a hole was leaking from the sky so it kept on pouring down heavy rain. The thunder and lightning burst in his ears and Jiang Ye shivered from fright.

The man standing in front of his gravestone finally moved.

The umbrella in the man’s hand fell and his soft and thick black hair on his forehead became wet in an instant. His pair of drooping eyes had long disappeared from the bottomless icy cold of a dark swamp, and his eyes were dyed with a thick layer of despair.

That nose, eyes, and face…Jiang Ye who was thinking that man was the most handsome person in the world suddenly jumped off the gravestone.

It wasn’t because the man was too handsome.

But Xie Yan, a business genius who shocked both the domestic and foreign countries and later became a big shot with a high face value— what is he doing in front of his grave?

Jiang Ye curiously waved his arms, doing useless actions.

He kept brushing his sense of existence in front of his eyes, trying to tell him, “Hey! Big shot, you recognized the wrong person.”

His whole body jumped up and down, while the man was motionless in front of him, kneeling down solemnly.

The businessman who was praised by the global media, the man who was admired and feared by all the business industry, without saying any word and without any warning just knelt at his grave.

The man stared at the photo in front of the gravestone. His eyes were stained with strong sorrows that couldn’t be melted. His tall and straight body, which was called the most perfect figure outside the circle, looked as if it was bent by the rain in an instant. He propped his hands on the ground in front of the grave, burying his whole face.

Even if he couldn’t see his face and expression, Jiang Ye, who developed a good empathic ability from acting, felt a strong wave of despair from the man in front of him.

The man kneeling in front of his own grave.


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