I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost
I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost Chapter 2

Seven days and seven nights

This kneeling made Jiang Ye at a loss. He jumped off the grave, crouched down next to the man, and looked ahead. He looked at the photo carefully, the photo was clear and the name ‘Jiang Ye’ on the grave was also clearly written in block letters.

Jiang Ye’s thoughts spun around, but he still couldn’t figure out whether the big boss had just drunk too much or he overused his brain that he recognized the wrong grave.

It rained all night, and the man also knelt all night.

Jiang Ye went from crouching down to sitting to going in circles around the grave. Finally, he got bored and jumped back on his grave.

If the man didn’t raise his head, he’d have thought that the man was asleep.

It was hot in June, but it couldn’t stand the heavy rain that had been falling all day and night. The night breeze blew past, bringing along a burst of coldness.

It was dawn and also cold.

Jiang Ye thought ‘once the sky cleared up and the sun rose, the boss should’ve come back to his senses, right?’

The sun had risen, but the rain still hadn’t ceased.

The man raised his head; his red eyes were stained with a bottomless void.

Jiang Ye’s frustration stopped. He wasn’t stupid either. It was impossible for the big shot to recognize the wrong grave. Why did he also feel that he was still crying? The kind of despair that’d make people tremble to the bones. As if they’d been abandoned by the world, they’d suddenly have no faith in everything, just walking lifeless like a dead.

On the second night, the rain showed no signs of stopping and even the thunder was louder, but the man still remained motionless. He kneeled with his eyes close, allowing the rain to drench him, which made Jiang Ye a little anxious.

The third night, the fourth night, the fifth night…

In addition to the unpredictable and still bad weather, and motionless figure in front of the grave, there was also Jiang Ye who was bewildered and crouched motionless in front of the man.

After a few days, he wasn’t afraid of the dark anymore. He rested his chin and stared at the man in front of him. The man’s eyes were shut, his brows were covered by his drenched hair, the bridge of his nose was conspicuous, and his thin lips were pale and bloodless.

Every detail of his entire face was as if precisely carved with a tip of a knife. Jiang Ye was shocked at his appearance and was also worried that he wouldn’t be able to stand it.

He’d thought a lot over the past few days; is this big shot his own fan?

He recalled the film that made him so popular was a silly, sweet and brainless Xianxia drama. The big shot would manage everything every day and wouldn’t have the time to watch a brainless drama. Moreover, based on his few understanding of the business industry, the media described this big shot, who came out of nowhere and controlled half of the business industry in one fell swoop as noble and arrogantly cold, had wealth and power, had powerful means, and mysterious.

He wouldn’t even accept an interview. The photos were secretly taken by the media paparazzi by risking their lives to steal a shot because his face was too astounding. The photos swept the network in a second, and no matter how much wealth he had, it was already too late to block it.

The thunderstorm finally stopped on the evening of the seventh day, and the moon had emerged slowly.

When the moonlight shone in the man’s unrealistically pale, Jiang Ye looked at him. The big shot had disappeared for days, why didn’t he see anyone pick up the big shot? If something happened in front of his grave, wouldn’t the various media accounts that were preparing to make a fuss about his funeral make a shocking and dog-blood story about a butterfly flying away??

Jiang Ye tried countless ways, but he still couldn’t touch anything.

Just when he thought the big shot was going to be petrified in place, the big shot moved.

It was just that his movements meant nothing good. The man suddenly pressed his left hand on the ground while his right hand pressed against his left chest. On his cold and pale face, his brows suddenly furrowed as if suffering from a headache, and his thin lips were also slightly pursed.

Jiang Ye instinctively reached out his hands to help him. The man leaned forward and vomited a mouthful of blood, then his body fell to the ground again.

Jiang Ye watched the man who was pressing his hand on his chest suddenly fall to the ground. The man moved forward in a trance, his knees rubbed on the ground, making a deep scratch. With dirt and rain as he crawled to the front of the grave.

Jiang Ye wasn’t afraid of himself, nor afraid for the life and death of the big shot, but he was afraid by the man’s despair and deep grief even though he didn’t know the reason. The man had suppressed it so much that he had nowhere to release it.

When Jiang Ye turned around, he saw the man’s fingertips stained with blood. Next to his name on the grave, stroke by stroke, the man persistently wrote: Eternal life, my love.

Jiang Ye: ???????—


The news that the entertainment industry’s top celebrity, Jiang Ye died in an accident that became popular for while was replaced by a scandal about another celebrity model couple cheating on each other.

The popularity of the news had died down, but the protagonist of the news was still there.

At the top floor office of the city’s most expensive and popular company, Jiang Ye sat down on the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, watching the man work in his office with his legs crossed.

The sunshine outside was strong as if the ‘doomsday’ rainstorm a few days ago didn’t happen.

Jiang Ye was bored. He looked at the man in front of him and then looked at the sky outside.

That day when the ambulance arrived, the man was lying motionless on the stretcher with closed eyes, and in a haste, Jiang Ye forgot that he was a lone ghost who couldn’t jump out of the periphery of his grave. He ran after the man for a few steps to see what happened to him. As a result, he followed the ambulance and arrived at the hospital.

No one could see him except for himself. He couldn’t touch anything, but his soul was free.

The big shot was in a coma for three days and three nights. He stayed for a few days, out of guilt and extreme curiosity.

When the big shot was discharged from the hospital, Jiang Ye followed him.


The man in front of the desk still had a sickly pale face. His cold facial features were still indifferent and detached. He clenched his fist against his lips and coughed before continuing to do the important documents in his hand. The assistant outside seemed to hear his boss coughing and knocked on the door, holding a medicine tablet. Before he could speak, he was silenced by the man’s cold glance, so he returned in his place.

Jiang Ye stood up and walked over to look at the medicine tablet, fever reducer. Then he looked at the documents on the table that was thicker than a book. Knowing that the other party couldn’t see or hear him, Jiang Ye sat on top of the table and talked nonsense.

“A man’s fame and wealth are just fleeting clouds. Once the body’s dead, everything will be gone. Look, ge. Young people love flowers when they bloom. These flowers cover half of the entertainment industry. Once they’re dead, wouldn’t everything be lost?”

“Look at yourself again. When can’t you handle these documents? How long would it take to take a medicine? If your body breaks down, your family property will be made into a wedding dress for others. If your money is gone, your house is gone, and your wife also remarried, then who would want to stay with a sick person, ah?”

Jiang Ye talked endlessly from shooting a film to the village aunt’s nagging. Then he looked out of the window in boredom.

Xie Chen stopped and reached out to rub his temples.

There seemed to be intermittent auditory hallucinations in his ears. It was his voice, the same with the playful ramblings in his memory.

He looked out of the window blankly. In an instant, the man’s innate coldness and reservedness seemed to be drawn out of his body, leaving only emptiness, helplessness, and despair.

The author has something to say:

I saw some friends’ comments and dwelled on them.

When I was writing it, I looked up the information and it said that a person can live for three days without eating or drinking and seven days with water, and then the doctor said it also depends on the individual’s physique.

I think about it pig tough can live a miracle in that environment, that my family attack must exceed the normal limit, dying to see the ghost suffer, or do not want to change, just allow me seven days and seven nights.

I’ll give you all a winging-

Thanks to the lovelies who gave me their opinions, thank you so much!

Thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution: king 10 bottles.

I’ll keep trying!


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