I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost
I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Voices amidst his trance

“Knock, knock, knock.”

A few knocks came from the door. Xie Chen dropped his hand and resumed his usual indifference and alienation. “Come in.”

A young man who was meticulously dressed came in. “The information from Changlin,” he said concisely.

Jiang Ye heard this and instantly ran over. Changlin? Changlin Media? That was the company he worked for eh.

Xie Chen nodded, then the young man went out.

Xie Chen looked at the information for a long time, Jiang Ye was also curious. “It’s really Changlin Media. Big boss, so you still have business in the entertainment industry ah.”

After saying that, he jumped on the table, stared at the familiar file case, and urged the man. “Big boss, open it. Did you invest in any film? I’ll help you look at it, hurry and open it. What good is there to see in the file case?”

Xie Chen closed his eyes.

Ever since that time he was in a coma, he could always vaguely hear the little guy’s fragmented voice. Sometimes, he’d hear a word or a two, but sometimes the words were disconnected.

He didn’t tell anyone, nor did he want to consult a doctor.

If this was a sickness of yearning, he hoped that this sickness could last longer.

The sound stopped. Xie Chen raised his hand like it was a thousand of golds heavy, opened the file case, and pulled out a pile of information from it.

On the left corner of the front page, a photo stung his eyes again.

The young man’s beautiful peach blossom eyes were clear and clean, with a tinge of red on the corner of his eyes, bringing out a bit of seduction. Under his delicate nose were slightly raised thin pink lips.

“My photo?”

Out of curiosity, Jiang Ye leaned closer and looked confident. “It’s really my profile information. Big boss, what are you doing with this?”

“Oh, do you want to keep it as a souvenir? I don’t understand. If you really like me, why didn’t you go to look for me before?”

“You big shots still have to do it secretly when chasing stars.”

“But then again, there’s no use in looking for me. There are too many perverts in the business industry, I might think you’re one of those people.”

Xie Chen looked at the photo for a long time. His scattered hair blocked his brows, making it unable for anyone to see what he was thinking about.

His brows stretched out as his exquisite bony and slender fingers traced along Jiang Ye’s photo. “Wait for me.”

Jiang Ye looked at the man’s hand touching his photo and felt strange. He became puzzled when he heard those words.

Xie Chen collected the files and placed them in the drawer, treating them like treasure.

The big boss was busy until the moon appeared and stars shone.

From its usual bustling, the city grew quiet. This office seemed to be the only one left lit in the entire office.

Jiang Ye stretched his body from boredom.

Although he followed the big boss out of that circle, he was still a lonely ghost with no entity. The biggest advantage was that he could wander around the world, and didn’t have to be reincarnated so quickly.

The building across gradually darkened. Jiang Ye’s brows furrowed unconsciously as looked at the big boss who was still busy in the office. “What time is it? This kind of work won’t die ah. A person can’t function properly with an empty stomach. Go eat somewhere, let me have a taste too.”

“It’s not really good just to look at it.”

Xie Chen’s hand on the keyboard stopped for a moment. He vaguely heard the word “eat”.

Is the little one hungry?

Was no one giving him food over there?

His heart ached slightly. He stood up straight and walked outside quickly.

Jiang Ye thought he and the big boss were really connected. He thought that the big shot was going to drive home and sleep, but the big shot ended up driving straight to the cemetery with several big boxes of stuff placed in the backseat.

Even until they arrived in the cemetery, he didn’t know what was inside it.

At midnight, the moon hung in the treetops. The cemetery was bleak as ever; even if his own name was engraved on the tombstone, it couldn’t become his own shelter.

Honestly, Jiang Ye was still slightly scared.

He trembled and sat next to the big boss. Then, he stared at the delicious food greedily and even smacked his mouth.

“I really didn’t expect that someone would actually give an offering after my death. It was even from a big shot fan. Does this count as having golden sh!t luck?”

“That’s right, dage. Hurry up and eat, it will become cold soon. It’s shameful to waste food.”

“Ai. I want to try, I’m craving.”

“I want to take a few bites and taste it.”


The thunder rumbled loudly in the clear sky, scaring Jiang Ye. He immediately jumped and urged the big shot.

What a lousy cemetery. Big boss, it’s going to rain and there’s even thunder. Let’s go out of here!

The man looked at the deserted tombstone and ignored the changes in the weather around him. With a lump in his throat, he spoke in a hoarse voice, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Jiang Ye, who was trembling raised his head.

It wasn’t because he was timid, it was just that he had a fear of thunderstorms.

But how could the big boss be so good?

Also, his fans knew about his fear of thunder!

It must be because of Li Xiaoou’s big mouth!

Jiang Ye felt like his face was being rubbed on the ground.

It was also strange. It was raining again on such a good day. It was too late to be upset about the food, Jiang Ye anxiously tried to express his thoughts.

“Big boss, dage, it’s going to rain soon. Hurry back, there’s nothing to be seen here in this broken tombstone. My soul is with you, let’s hurry back.”

“Dage, you don’t want to die, right? You haven’t recovered from your serious illness and you’re here to be rained on again. I don’t want you to be a ghost brother in the underworld.”

“Dage…Ah, ge…”

Jiang Ye’s thoughts were doused in the rain. As he looked at the man’s face that was gradually getting colder and paler, Jiang Ye became silent for a long time.

“Actually, I’m quite curious. Do you have a crush on me that’s why you wrote those words on the tablet?”

He didn’t know if he was hallucinating because of the rain, but Xie Chen closed his eyes and carefully distinguish these auditory hallucinations, which were clearer than during the day.

A crush?

That’s right.

Not really. I’ve already confessed a long time ago. What a heartless little guy.

But it’s okay, just wait for me.

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