I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost
I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Going to the big shot’s house

Jiang Ye’s loose lips came true, the big shot was indeed sick.

However, this time he didn’t go to the hospital. He just took several medicine pills and continued to work.

Jiang Ye always thought that apart from the glamour that others see, working in the entertainment industry was actually quite difficult— he would wake up early and work hard to film.

However, it was merely a tiny bit compared to how this big shot worked.

He sat down on the table again and prepared to nag, but he became confused.

The big shot opened the table drawer only for a few seconds. However, in those few seconds, he clearly saw a pile of papers with words written on it: suicide note.

What the hell!

Jiang Ye jumped off the table in a swoosh, then looked at the laptop seriously.

These densely packed documents were all about one name—

—Jiang Ye.

An incredible idea popped into his mind, then Jiang Ye looked at Xie Chen in shock.

Dying in the name of love?

“Ge, it shouldn’t be what I’m thinking. The world deserves it, but I don’t deserve it ah!”

Xie Chen stopped. His brows softened dotingly as he looked at the photo on the laptop screen. “Wait for me.”

Jiang Ye finally understood the meaning of those words.

Oh my god!

Dage, you’re so scary!

“You absolutely can’t ah! You can’t die from chasing a celebrity! Think about your family, your career, your countless beauties, fame, and fortune in the future. I’m just a little celebrity. Don’t go crazy ah!”

“Which of my roles do you like? That’s definitely not the real me. I’m just a stupid, second-rate salted fish who have no aspirations and just wants to eat and drink. Ge, don’t forget about it!”

Xie Chen kneaded his temples.

The faith that he had been working hard for suddenly collapsed. If it wasn’t for the voice in his hallucination that he couldn’t bear to let go of, he would’ve accompanied him a long time ago.

He vaguely heard a coherent sentence— beauty, fame, and fortune.

If he had known the difference between life and death, what harm would it do…if he liked women?


At midnight, Jiang Ye finally saw the big shot’s house.

It wasn’t as mysterious as he imagined. The big shot lived in a high-end community with good privacy in the city.

The car drove straight into the underground garage. Xie Chen stood in the elevator and slightly closed his eyes.

There were two shadows in the elevator.

The other had a cold and handsome face that could make people tempted but dared not approach easily. Just like a sculpture, he stood there silently and motionless.

The latter looked slightly shorter. He had a handsome and delicate face, with peach blossom eyes and raised brows. He slightly bent his knees as standing in front of the taller man looking at him from the bottom to top earnestly.

As Jiang Ye looked at him, he said:

“Big shot ge, it’s a good thing that you don’t want to be in the entertainment industry. Otherwise, with your appearance…If I have this face value, I’m going to bend.”

Jiang Ye tilted his head as he looked at the man’s perfect jawline and beautifully curved thin lips down the man’s chin.

Without holding back, he reached out and touched the man’s beautiful lips.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Look how long it is, it’s absolutely stunning.”

A rumble of thunder rang out again outside. The weather forecaster reported that due to the impact of the unnamed typhoon, the city would enter the rainy season in advance.

It was at this moment that the man suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the elevator in shock.

On the blurred mirror surface of the elevator, a young man was reaching out to his lips.

The young man even stretched a finger. Xie Chen recognized who he was.

His heart that hadn’t been thumping for a long time seemed to have stopped. As if a 10,000-year-old glacier collapsed in an instant.

Xie Chen shifted his gaze slowly in front of him, but nothing was there.

He looked at the elevator again, but nothing was there as well.

The man’s thin lips pursed slightly, regretting shifting his gaze.

Did he have a hallucination just now?

Jiang Ye scrutinized the big shot’s looks for a while and sadly realized that he, who thought he was the most handsome man in the world, was really slightly inferior to this big shot.

He leaned against the other side of the elevator in boredom and didn’t see the big shot react.

He was pondering about a serious matter: The big shot isn’t really thinking about that, right?

Probably not, he had heard that chasing celebrities was fatal, but there were basically women with evil thoughts who ignore their parents, relatives, and friends around them. They selfishly think that their love was greater than the heavens.

But who is this big shot? He had an IQ that was reigned by the foreign media as the nation’s most valuable business intellect.

“Ding.” The elevator opened on the top floor.

Jiang Ye strutted after the big shot and scanned the entire floor for just one household.

Jiang Ye was also a little excited.

The door opened, but there was no light. It was raining outside and Jiang Ye realized that it was raining and thundering again.

“I’m really wondering if God has discovered me. The King of Hell is trying to scare me to death with this method, forcing me to go back.”

Jiang Ye had always been afraid of the dark, so his room was always lit at night.

But he was afraid of thunderstorms the most. If there was thunder, he wouldn’t be able to sleep and just shiver as he hid under the blanket.

Xie Chen turned on the lights in the living room and then turned on the lights in all the rooms in turn.

As soon as the light was turned on, Jiang Ye’s good-looking brows loosened and then he began to look at the house.

He leaned on the ten-meter-wide floor-to-ceiling windows to look outside, then his lips parted slightly in surprise.

As far as the eye could see, the Royal Golden Mountain had a wide view. There was the financial district’s skyline in the south and Wilda Lake in the west.

The view was extremely wide, there were mountains and lakes. He had always liked noise and peacefulness; the big shot really knew how to choose a house.

Jiang Ye was watching intently when he was caught off guard by an earth-shattering thunderbolt which was even accompanied by flashes of lightning that instantly lit up the dark sky.

Frightened, Jiang Ye reflexively turned around and ran, just in time to see the big shot who had just returned from turning on all the lights.

Without saying a word, Jiang Ye jumped up and put his arms around the big shot’s neck. He indignantly said, “F@#$, f@#$ scared laozi to death!”

The man’s body stiffened and stopped in his tracks.

If it was a hallucination before, then now it was basically a terminal illness and blindness.

On the windows darkened in line with the dark sky outside, a figure that appeared countless times in his dreams was riding on top of him and clinging to his neck. Xie Chen could only see the latter’s back in the glass, exactly the same as when he was a child.

During a thunderstorm, Jiang Ye would change from a little bully who wasn’t afraid of the heavens to a curled-up softball.

The man didn’t dare to shift his gaze. After a long time, he reached out and tentatively touched the waist in accordance with the reflection on the glass. His hand passed through the body of the image and fell into the air.

The bright light that rarely appeared in the man’s eyes went dark in an instant.

So be it, this is also good.


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