Phoenix Hairpin

Raw Title: 簪头凤

Total Chapters: 725

Author: 寻找失落的爱情

Translator: Chaitali Das

Update: 2 days ago

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Empress Lu’s biggest regret during her lifetime was that she failed to successfully advance to become the queen mother.

Open your eyes and return to the age of Shaohua.

Of course, it was the man who kicked the flying dog, and had revenge.

Unexpectedly, on the way of revenge, a pair of dark eyes stared at her…

  1. Yesmin Sae has spoken 12 hours ago


  2. Soy Yoghurt has spoken 8 months ago

    Reminiscent of Empress of Military Lineage in that the female lead’s family holds military power and all she wants is for them to live and prosper. 4.5 over 5

    • Chaitali Das has spoken 5 months ago

      Yes, very true. But she is more heroic while the Empress is more good at scheming. Our FL is not that scheming.


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