Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 1: Past History

Great Wei, Yongsheng third year, the end of the year.

   Changchun Palace.

  Bright candles illuminated the bedroom as bright as day. A gust of wind came from out of nowhere, and the candles flickered, casting erratic shadows on the white walls.

   Empress Lu, who was lying on the phoenix couch, looked gloomy, coughed a few times, turned her head, and spat out a mouthful of blood.

  The palace maid Qiyun choked up and caught the black blood with a handkerchief: “Niangniang…”

  Lu Mingyu suppressed the surging in her heart and gave Qiyun a deep look.

   Qiyun’s tears slipped down her cheeks and she quickly threw the handkerchief into the brazier beside her. In a moment, the handkerchief was swallowed up by the vigorous flames and turned into ashes.

   The little chubby son was lying on the edge of the bed, holding her hand tightly, tears streaming down his face: “Mother, mother! You don’t want to die! Don’t leave Yan’er…”

  ”Yan’er, the Queen mother also misses you.”

  The Queen Mother can’t let you know that half a month ago, you happily brought the Queen Mother’s favorite dessert, and I was poisoned.

  The person who poisoned it knew that Mother would never allow you to bear the infamy of poisoning your own mother. After being exposed to a slow-acting, highly toxic substance, Mother would rather endure the excruciating pain of its effects and slowly pass away than reveal the truth.

  Lu Mingyu reached out and rubbed her son’s chubby face, wiping away the tears of her five-year-old son. With difficulty, she instructed: “Qiyun, go out with Yan’er in your arms.”

  I will look ugly after death, don’t want to frighten Yan’er.

  The loyal Qiyun cried and kowtowed three times beside the bed and hugged the crying Yan’er out with red eyes.

  In the previous dynasty, the Emperor was desolate, lewd, cruel, violent, immoral, and ruthless, and the people were in chaos. Heroes from all walks of life who were eager to move rose up and competed in the Central Plains.

   Her biological father, Lu Lin, was a military general of the previous dynasty, and he led 50,000 Xingyang troops to the capital Qin Wang. When he arrived at the capital, the capital had been destroyed by heroes who rebelled all the way. The rioters and soldiers rushed into the palace, the bodies of the palace people were everywhere, and the whole palace was soaked with blood.

  The Emperor was beheaded with a sword, and the prince and princess were killed. Even if someone wanted to support the loyalist cause, there was no one left to rally behind.

  Filled with indignation, Lu Lin led his troops to kill a large number of the warlords along the way. Then, with the support of all the generals, he established himself as the king of Xingyang.

  In the chaotic struggle among the warlords, those with weak forces had two options: either “pledge allegiance to a prominent lord” or face complete annihilation. The Xingyang army valued quality over quantity. Lu Lin, without any ambitions of becoming an emperor, carefully considered his options and led his troops to pledge allegiance to the Li family.

  The Li family was a wealthy family in the former dynasty, with deep roots. From the day when the head of the family raised the army, he established a new dynasty, the country’s name was Wei, and the era name was Yongjia.

  Emperor Yongjia was a man of great talent, and he had the appearance of a bright master, and he trusted King Xingyang who had defected to him.

   Emperor Yongjia had five sons and two daughters.

  The third prince, Li Hao, was brave and good at fighting, tall and handsome, and fell in love with her at first sight.

   At the age of sixteen, she married Li Hao and became the Third Prince Consort.

  Three years later, Li Hao was named the Crown Prince, and she also became the Crown Princess. After the death of Emperor Yongjia, the Crown Prince succeeded him under the reign name Yongxi. She was canonized as the Empress of the Middle Palace and entered the Jiaofang Palace.

   That year, when she was twenty, she was pregnant.

   At the end of the year, she gave birth to a son. Emperor Yongxi was overjoyed and immediately established the newborn son as the Crown Prince.

   The next year, the beautiful and charming Concubine Su entered the palace. Concubine Su was the niece of Empress Dowager Su’s direct relative. After her son was seated on the dragon chair, Empress Dowager Su couldn’t wait to bring in a female natal family member into the palace as a concubine.

After that, all kinds of disgusting tricks and tricks emerged in an endless stream from this pair of aunt and niece.

   It was inevitable that she and Emperor Yongxi were separated from each other.

   She had an upright and magnanimous nature, and she disdained to compete with Su Guifei, who was proficient in pretending to be pitiful and using tears as a weapon.

   Concubine Su Guihua poured dirty water on her while crying and crying. She slapped Concubine Su twice and slapped the poor Concubine Su into a pig head without saying a word.

   In the screams of Su Guifei, she said word by word: “The man that this palace does not want, just take it away! You are not allowed to come to the Jiaofang Palace in the future!”

   Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of Emperor Yongxi’s dark and twisted face, and she was very happy.

  The once loving couple, their relationship had dropped to freezing point and become strangers.

  In the third year of Yongxi, Emperor Yongxi’s old illness reared its head and he died. Before his death, Emperor Yongxi left a will and ordered his younger brother, King Wu, Li Chang to succeed him. After the crown prince has his hairpin ceremony, he will abdicate in favor of the prince.

   She didn’t see Emperor Yongxi for the last time but only saw this decree. At that moment, she wished she could let this dog man die again.

  The newly enthroned Emperor Yongsheng treated his widowed sister-in-law with apparent respect, but deep down he harbored resentment. He was kicked in his manhood by her which disabled him. The Emperor lay on his dragon couch for half a month before reluctantly offering her a place to stay.

   So, Emperor Yongsheng hated her to the bone.

  The sinister Emperor Yongsheng conspired with the vicious Empress Dowager Su to take advantage of the young prince to infect her with chronic poison.

  Lu Mingyu pulled out a sneer.

  Li Hao!

  This is your trusted mother and brother. You’ve only been dead for three years, and they can’t wait to murder your first wife and take your throne forever!

  I wish you opened your dog eyes underground and saw it clearly.


  The door was suddenly pushed open.

   In the palace, the only person who dared to open the door directly was Queen Mother Su.

  Lu Mingyu lay on the phoenix couch and looked coldly at the face that appeared above the couch.

   Empress Dowager Su was old but maintained herself well. She looked like a woman in her thirties. She looked weak and beautiful, and she was born with a pitiful appearance.

   She opened her mouth, and her voice was even softer and sweeter: “Miss Lu, Ah Hao passed away three years ago. He loved you the most during his lifetime. You close your eyes and go underground today, just in time for the couple’s reunion.”

   Pretend to be disgusting.

   If it weren’t for this sinister and vicious woman in front of her, she and Li Hao would not have gone to the point of being a husband and wife in name only.

Lu Mingyu’s voice was as cold as ice: “No matter how bad Li Hao was, he was extremely filial to his own mother, and there is nothing wrong with him. What you have done, is it worthy of him? When you arrive under Jiuquan[1]underground where people go after death, what do you have to say when you meet him!”

Empress Dowager Su’s expression froze, her face was ugly, and she looked at Lu Mingyu with gloomy and unkind eyes: “It’s not wrong for the Ai family to do this! The Lu family is very ambitious and always goes against the Emperor, trying to control the government. Once you die, the Lu family will lose its backbone. The Emperor will be able to completely control the Xingyang army, and the court will be stable.”

   “The Emperor and Aijia made an oath that when Yaner grows up, he will pass the throne to Yaner. Everything Aijia does is for the sake of the Li family, for Yaner…”

   “You let Yan’er bear the crime of poisoning his biological mother, and this is for Yan’er’s good?” Lu Mingyu unceremoniously exposed the hypocritical face of Empress Dowager Su: “There are only you and me here, who are you pretending to show?”

  Empress Dowager Su stared at Lu Mingyu with deep hatred in her eyes.

  Lu Mingyu hated her mother-in-law, and she has never liked Lu Mingyu.

   She has only two sons. What’s wrong with being a mother and relying on your son?

   However, since her son met Lu Mingyu, all his heart was put on Lu Mingyu. After Lu Mingyu walked through the door, his son only had his wife in his eyes, and his own mother was ranked after his wife.

   How can she bear it?

  The son was hers, he should be filial to his own mother, and everything she said should be obeyed by him.

   She used all her means to make the couple’s hearts become estranged and finally turned them against each other. When her son was ill at an early age, she cried every day beside the bed, which finally made her son change his mind and let his younger brother inherit the throne.

   Lu Mingyu had the Lu family behind, and it was not easy to uproot the Lu family.

   Fortunately, Lu Mingyu was dying.

  Lu Mingyu looked back coldly, every word like an arrow, piercing Queen Mother Su’s heart and lungs: “Without the support of the Lu family, Li Hao would not be the Crown Prince.”

   “My Lu family has never been sorry for your mother and son. I, Lu Mingyu, have been a filial daughter-in-law, and there is nothing wrong with me. Back then, for the position of the prince, you wooed the Lu family in every possible way and showed affection to me everywhere.”

   “After I married Li Hao, you secretly hated our husband and wife’s deep love and provoked from time to time. You used despicable means to calculate your own son so that Su Rou was brought into the palace. In the end, our husband and wife turned against each other.”

   “Li Hao passed away from a serious illness and originally planned to make Yan’er succeed to the throne. You were afraid that I will take over the regent and so cried and pleaded, causing Li Hao to change his mind and pass the throne to that idiot Li Chang!”

   “Li Chang can’t stand it, but he’s not too timid. Before Li Hao’s body was cold, he became lustful towards me and drugged me…”

  The Queen Mother Su couldn’t keep her calm, she twisted her face and shouted angrily: “Shut up!”

  Lu Mingyu continued with a sneer: “Sure enough, you also know about this. You have always hated your daughter-in-law for being of noble birth and wished to humiliate me. Li Chang intends to humiliate the widowed sister-in-law, but you just don’t care.”

   “Unfortunately, both of you mother and son underestimated me. Even if I was administered the drug, my strength was not as good as 30% of my usual strength, and I was able to kick Li Chang down with one kick.”

   “In the past three years, Li Chang pretended to be filial to his brother and did not call concubines to serve the bed. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, he couldn’t!”

   “Li Chang has only one daughter, and it has become a dream to have a son to inherit the throne. This throne will always belong to my son.”

  Empress Dowager Su’s temples throbbed, her face was hideous, and her eyes were so fierce that she wanted to eat people: “Lu Mingyu! Shut up! You are so capable, but you are still dying.”

  Saying that Empress Dowager Su showed pleasure and viciousness in her eyes, and a proud sneer overflowed from her mouth: “What else can a dying person do?”

  Yeah, it’s a pity that I can’t watch my son grow up, and I can’t watch my son sit on the dragon chair with my own eyes.

  Lu Mingyu’s eyes showed a little regret, and her lips moved.

   Empress Dowager Su bent down subconsciously.

   A sharp sword appeared in Lu Mingyu’s hands at some point, and a cold light flashed, piercing Empress Dowager Su’s chest. The hot blood sprayed out, splashing all over the bed.

  Empress Dowager Su let out an earth-shattering cry, fell back heavily, and died of breathlessness, her eyes still open.

  Lu Mingyu exhausted her last strength and slowly closed her eyes.

   The world was plunged into darkness.

  This life was too short, and there have been countless regrets and regrets.

   If there was an afterlife, she must keep her eyes open, the so-called love will never daze her, and she will never step into the fire pit again.

   If there was an afterlife, she will use a sharp sword to protect her close relatives.

  If there is an afterlife…


1 underground where people go after death

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