Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 2: Rebirth

Yongjia eighth year.

  Early spring in February, there was still a bit of cold air.

   Several trees outside the eaves of the corridor stretched their branches and spit out new green shoots. An oriole chirped happily among the trees.

  There were no exotic flowers and plants, no strange mountains and rocks, and no delicate winding corridors. The Xingyang Palace was solemn and open with the style of a military general’s residence.

   Fifteen-year-old Lu Mingyu slowly walked forward, her eyes swept over everything she was familiar with for a long time, and the strong sourness and great joy stirred back and forth in her heart, almost breaking through her chest.

   Is this all true?

   Or a dream?

  If it were a dream, it would surely be the most beautiful dream in the world. It would allow her to return to her youthful and glorious days after her death.

   At this time, she had not yet married Li Hao, and the Lu family was not yet been involved in the battle for the Crown Prince’s position. Her father, Lu Lin was alive and well, and her brothers and sisters were also safe.

   All regrets and remorse have not happened yet.

   Everything can be done all over again.

  Lu Mingyu took a deep breath, and the water in her black eyes flashed away.

   Her maid Qiyun followed.

   Qiyun at this time had not yet cultivated calmness and carefulness of the future, and she can’t stop talking.

   “…Miss suddenly developed a high fever last night and talked nonsense in the middle of the night. After taking two medicines, the high fever subsided. You should lie down on the bed and rest a lot.”

  Lu Mingyu stopped and looked at Qiyun beside her.

   Qiyun was one year older than her and was sixteen years old this year. Dark complexion, pretty face, vivid eyebrows.

   She was trapped in a deep palace in her previous life, and Qiyun was always by her side. She killed Empress Dowager Su before she died, and it was likely that Qiyun had no way out as well.

  Qiyun thought that the master thought she was talking too much, so she quietly shut up.

  Lu Mingyu spoke softly, “Qiyun.”

  Thousands of words poured into her mouth, unable to start. The turbulent emotions in her chest finally turned into a splendid smile, shining in the black eyes.

   At the age of fifteen, her skin was as white as jade, and her black hair was like a waterfall.

   Long eyebrows and phoenix eyes, black eyes and red lips, cool and bright, heroic.

  At this moment, she smiled radiantly, outshining the blush of a hundred flowers and rendering all other beauties pale in comparison.

  Qiyun felt a sense of pride in her heart: “Miss is so beautiful. When my lady goes to the palace banquet in two days, the lady will definitely be able to overwhelm the crowd.”

   Palace banquet?

  Lu Mingyu frowned slightly, a long memory flashed in her mind.

  The Great Wei Dynasty was only eight years old, and there were wars everywhere, and it was not peaceful.

  The Li family was a wealthy family in the previous dynasty. The capital was originally the Li family’s site, and they have been prosperous here for more than two hundred years. It was not an exaggeration to say that the family was a local emperor.

   As soon as the previous dynasty fell, Li Yuan, the head of the Li family, raised his flag to rebel and jumped from a local emperor to a real emperor.

   In the beginning, the Li family’s area of control was not large. After winning several consecutive battles and occupying several cities, the number of “rebels” who came to defect gradually increased, and the territory of the Great Wei Dynasty became larger and larger. The addition of the Xingyang Army made the Li family even more powerful.

  The Great Wei occupied nearly half of the Central Plains, and the other half of the territory was occupied by the State of Yan and the State of Chu. The King of Yan was a military general of the previous dynasty, and he supported his troops to stand on his own.

  The King of Chu was similar to Emperor Yongjia, and he was also a prominent local family, raising his flag to stand on his own. In addition, there were five or six forces large and small.

  Emperor Yongjia wanted to accomplish great things, rule the world, and send troops everywhere to conquer.

  In terms of national strength and military strength, the state of Yan and Chu lost to Wei, and they formed an alliance in private. Great Wei could not do anything for a while, and it formed a three-legged situation.

  The wars were raging outside the capital, but in the capital, there was a prosperous and peaceful scene.

   Yes, this year, Empress Qiao held a flower-viewing banquet in the palace, and the ladies in the capital who received the invitation were all delighted and excited.

   Her biological father, Xingyang, held a high post and was highly regarded by Emperor Yongjia. She was the only biological daughter of King Xingyang, and naturally, she also received a post from the palace banquet.

  The fire of gossip was burning in Qiyun’s eyes, and she whispered cheerfully: “Several princes in the palace have reached the age of marriage. I heard that the Empress arranged this palace banquet to choose consorts for the princes.”

   “With the beauty of the young lady and the family background, you will definitely shine.”

The more Qiyun said, the more excited she became: “The Fifth Prince is only ten years old this year, so let’s not mention it for now. The Eldest Prince married the year before last. The Second Prince and Third Prince are both sixteen and the Fourth Prince is fifteen years old. It’s the age of choosing a consort.”

   “Miss, don’t miss this good opportunity. His Royal Highness the Third Prince to Miss…”

  Lu Mingyu’s eyes flashed, and she interrupted Qiyun lightly: “I have only met the Third Prince a few times, and we are not familiar with each other at all.”

   In this life, she will never be involved with that dog man again.

  Qiyun grinned, with a smile of “I understand I understand”: “Yes, yes, the young lady has nothing to do with His Royal Highness the Third Prince, and the servants are talkative.”

  Lu Mingyu: “…”

   This kind of thing, the more you describe it, the darker it gets.

  Lu Mingyu didn’t explain anymore and turned to take a step.

   At this moment, Lu Jia, the chief steward of the Lu Mansion, came to report in person: “Qi, Miss Fourth, His Royal Highness the Third Prince is here to meet.”


   Li Hao was here!

  How dare he come to see her!

   The anger that was suppressed in her heart suddenly turned into a raging flame.

  Lu Mingyu turned around suddenly, her eyes seemed to be burning: “What is he here for? Let him get out!”

   Steward Ding: “…”

   Qiyun: “…”

Lu Mingyu took a deep breath and suppressed the strong flames in her heart a little, her voice extremely cold: “Go and tell Li Hao, King Xingyang is leading the troops, and the Second Brother is not in the mansion. The Lu mansion is full of old and weak women and children, so it is inconvenient to greet the distinguished guests. He should go!”

  Qiyun coughed and reminded politely: “A few days ago, the young lady and His Royal Highness the Third Prince made an appointment to ride the horse for a spring hunt today. His Royal Highness the Third Prince is here for the appointment.”

  Emperor Yongjia built his dynasty with Wu and often led troops on expeditions in person. Several princes are good at riding and shooting.

  Born in turbulent times, the standards of the virtuous and gentle demeanor expected of women in the previous dynasty had been discarded. In the current Great Wei dynasty, a culture of martial valor prevailed.

  The girls gathered in the boudoir, not only playing piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting but also archery and horse riding. Gathering in groups of three or five to go out and hunt together on horseback was also a common thing.

  Lu Mingyu was born with supernatural powers. She had been practicing martial arts since childhood. Lu Fei, the righteous brother of Lu Mingyu, who was known as a master of the Xingyang Army, can’t support a hundred moves under her hands.

   Her usual weapon is an epee made of black iron mixed with fine iron, the sword’s name is Baoyu. The sword was three inches longer than an ordinary sword and twice as heavy. In her hands, it was as light as a feather, and the momentum was astonishing.

   However, these things were known only to the family. In front of outsiders, Lu Mingyu restrained her divine power by five points, revealing only thirty percent of her skills.

  Even with that when she occasionally shot, the ladies in the capital were not her opponents.

   She and Li Hao’s “bad relationship” originated from a chance encounter two years ago.

   That year, at the age of thirteen, she rode her beloved horse, carried a bow and arrow, and went hunting with her elder brother Lu Fei. An eagle flew by in the air, her eyes lit up, and she quickly drew a bow and shot arrows.

  The long arrow cut through the sky and hit the eagle’s throat.

  The eagle fell straight down.

   She was full of joy and contentment and rode her horse to pick up her prey. Unexpectedly, a black-clothed young man riding a black horse also rode over.

  The eagle was hit by two arrows. One arrow in the throat, another arrow through the chest. All fatal arrow wounds. No one knew which arrow hit first.

The black-clothed youth turned over and dismounted and stood in front of her, his handsome face seemed glowing in the sun: “I shot this eagle with the girl, and it was fate. I will give the eagle to the girl. .”

   She was young and vigorous, and sneered: “Who asked you to give it to me.”

   She drew arrows from her quiver, raised her bow, and shot. Amid the astonished cries of the crowd, the long arrow shot an eagle high in the sky like a shooting star. The hapless eagle fell straight down.

  100 meters away, an arrow pierced the throat!

   The eyes of the black-clothed youth suddenly flashed, and he looked at her fixedly: “The girl’s archery skills are like gods, and her strength is even more amazing!”

   She raised her eyebrows and smiled: “This eagle is also for you.”

   Then, she got on her horse and rode away.

  The black-clothed youth stood there, watching her figure go away, his eyes flashing, his thin lips slightly raised.

   Later, she learned that the young man in mysterious clothes that she encountered while hunting was actually Li Hao, the Third Prince of the Great Wei Dynasty.

   Li Hao deliberately befriended his righteous brother Lu Fei and went in and out of the Xingyang Palace in an open and fair manner, and gradually became acquainted with her.

   Such a handsome and outstanding young man appeared in front of her from time to time, and his eyes were always so bright and focused. It is inevitable that the spring heart was full of emotions.

   Later, when she married Li Hao, the Lu family naturally stood behind Li Hao and became the most powerful supporter of Li Hao’s fight for the throne.

   Later, when Li Hao sat on the dragon chair, how did he treat her and the Lu family?

   He was provoked by his own mother and became suspicious of her. With another woman, he secretly attacked and suppressed the Lu family. At its peak, the Xingyang Army had 60,000 soldiers, but in the Yongxi period, there were only 20,000 soldiers left.

   Before his death from an old illness, he did not pass the throne to his son, but to his younger brother.

It is true that Empress Dowager Su cried and begged, but he agreed because he did not trust her. He was afraid that after his young son succeeded to the throne, she would take over the regent and that the Lu family would usurp the throne.

   Met at the age of thirteen, married at the age of sixteen, and married for seven years.

   Ten years of affection, but ultimately it was no match for the cruelty of the imperial power struggle.

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