Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 3: Li Hao

The past memories came rushing by one after another.

  The heart-piercing pain almost drowned her.

  Lu Mingyu closed her eyes forcefully, took a deep breath, and opened them again, her eyes were astonishingly bright: “Steward Ding, please escort the Third Prince to the training ground, and say I am waiting for him in the training ground.”

   Steward Ding breathed a sigh of relief and retreated.

   Qiyun was full of joy and was about to speak when Lu Mingyu’s eyes swept over: “You don’t have to follow.”

  Qiyun gave another “I understand, I understand” smile: “Yes, yes, slaves will not obstruct Miss’s eyes.”

  Lu Mingyu didn’t want to say much, turned around, and went to the martial arts field.

  This martial arts field, which was wide enough to accommodate hundreds of personal soldiers to practice together, was famous in the capital. There were more than ten weapon racks beside the martial arts field. Swords, spears, knives, halberds, axes, hooks, forks, whips, and mace, all eighteen weapons are available.

  Lu Mingyu picked out a long sword.

  As soon as the sword was in her hand, the long-standing and familiar strong self-confidence flooded into my heart.

   A familiar footstep sounded from far to near. The slightly low voice of the young man sounded behind her: “Xiaoyu.”

  Lu Mingyu turned around expressionlessly.

   With a flick of her wrist, the long sword pulled out a sword flower and pointed at the person who came into view, the familiar figure of a young man.

  The boy was dressed in black brocade clothes, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, tall with long legs. A pair of sword eyebrows, eyes like stars, a straight nose, and thin lips, very handsome.

   The Li Hao in her memory was solemn and majestic in a dragon robe. The Li Hao in front of him was young, handsome, and his eyes were like the scorching sun in the sky.

   Those slightly deep and indifferent eyes, the moment they saw her, were like a thaw in the spring breeze, and a shallow smile appeared: “Xiaoyu, why are you pointing your sword at me?”

  In the past, this smile made her intoxicated.

   Now, she just wanted to slash this dog man with a sword!

  Lu Mingyu said coldly, “Go get the sword!”

  No matter what, beat him first and let out the nasty anger in her heart!

   Li Hao was confused.

  Xiaoyu what happened?

   It was fine a few days ago. He invited her to go hunting on horseback. She didn’t hesitate and responded quickly. Why are you so cold all of a sudden today? Could it be that she was angry with him?

  Xiaoyu has a straightforward temperament and a clear mind. Occasionally, she was unhappy, and she will attack on the spot, but she will never endure it until the next time.

   So, what the **** is going on today?

  Li Hao thought for a while, thinking he had guessed Lu Mingyu’s mind, smiled slightly, and took a few steps forward: “You also received an invitation to enjoy the flower banquet!”

   “The Royal Mother [1]this is how children born to concubines and other consorts of the Emperor calls the Empress is holding the flower viewing banquet mainly for the Second Brother to choose a consort. It has nothing to do with me. Don’t be upset.”

   Having said this, he paused and looked at her with a little more tenderness in his eyes: “I talked about you with my concubine mother[2]this is his biological mother, and Mother said that she would ask Royal Father and Mother in private to give you and me a marriage…”

   Before he could finish speaking, the sharp sword pierced straight ahead.

   Li Hao was caught off guard and dodged feeling quite a bit embarrassed.

  Lu Mingyu had no intention of joking. One thrust after another, the shadow of the sword flickered, all of which were vital.

  Li Hao suddenly fell behind, dodging again and again, and had no time to open his mouth again. He was forced back by Mingyu to the side of the weapon rack, but in desperation, he turned over and took a long sword.

  With the weapon he was good at in hand, Li Hao was calm, no longer dodging in embarrassment and waving a long sword to block.

  In the Great Wei Dynasty, martial arts became popular, and even the girls in the boudoir took pleasure in riding and shooting. Several princes have all practiced martial arts since childhood, and all of them have good martial arts skills.

  Li Hao was outstanding in riding and shooting, and he was also a leader among princes. They practice martial arts on weekdays, but the guards and soldiers would never dare to fight with the Prince.

  Li Hao has never been defeated in hands-on competition with others.

   Lu Fei and Li Hao knew each other well, and they joked casually in private: “When I am jousting with Fourth Sister, I can’t pass a hundred moves. Your Highness is slightly better than me, but it’s not as good as the Fourth Sister.”

  Li Hao smiled gracefully.

   In his opinion, Xiaoyu was indeed far better than ordinary girls. However, if he really started, she could never be his opponent.

   A girl who has not yet reached the age of marriage, no matter how good her skills were, she is also a flower boxer and embroidered legs.[3]it means that her martial skills were more for showing off than actual fighting

  …he was wrong!


  The swords intersected again, and the sound was harsh and unpleasant.

   An unstoppable force came from where the swords clashed.

   A suspicious dark red flashed across Li Hao’s face, and his forehead was covered in a cold sweat. His right wrist trembled slightly, and he could barely hold the long sword in his hand. He was horrified.

   It turned out that what Lu Fei said was true.

  Lu Mingyu never showed her real skills on ordinary days.

   It turned out that Lu Mingyu was actually born with divine power.

   One Power Down Ten Meetings! [4]It means a person with a single ability of great strength, can defeat another person who learned 10 different techniques. Brute force, even without any skill can still be worth more than many years … Continue reading) What’s more, Lu Mingyu was by no means a person who only uses brute force, her swordsmanship was exquisite.

  Lu Mingyu didn’t have any superfluous expressions on her face. The long sword was fast and accurate, and within thirty strokes, she shot down the long sword in Li Hao’s hand.

   The long sword fell to the ground with a bang, and the long sword in Lu Mingyu’s hand touched Li Hao’s chest.


   As long as you exert force, this sword can pierce Li Hao’s chest.

  Unfortunately, she couldn’t be so impulsive.

   This is the Lu Mansion, and Li Hao is the Third Prince. If she kills Li Hao regardless, she will bring disaster to the Lu family. She was a person who had died once and doesn’t care about life and death.

   But she can’t implicate her family.

  Lu Mingyu gave Li Hao a fixed look and retracted her long sword.

  Li Hao was full of horror.

   Those who practice martial arts were most sensitive to the murderous aura. Just now, just for a short moment, Lu Mingyu’s eyes flashed with cold killing intent, and she was not pretending to scare him…

   She really wanted to kill him with the sword just now!

   Li Hao was both shocked and angry, perhaps mixed with some horror that he would never admit.

   His handsome face was slightly dark, and his voice was a little stiff: “Xiaoyu, what do you mean?”

  Lu Mingyu’s expression was indifferent and her tone was cold: “Your Highness and I have only met a few times, and His Highness opened his mouth to call my boudoir name. It’s too abrupt and reckless!”

  Li Hao: “…”

   Among the princes, the most distinguished one was the Second Prince. The Eldest Prince was born from the favorite concubine of Emperor Yongjia and was his favorite child.

  Li Hao, the Third Prince, was in the middle, neither above nor below. The biological mother, Su Zhaorong, came from a humble background, and the family clan of the mother’s family, Su, was really insignificant.

   However, no matter how unfavored he is, he was still a noble prince, and everyone respected him and gave him three points. [5]means they gave into his demands and wishes He was tall and handsome, and wherever he went, he would always attract the shy or bold eyes of noble ladies in the capital.

  Had he ever experienced such humiliation as today?

   Li Hao was also angry, his handsome face sank: “Fourth Miss Lu doesn’t like to see me like this, I’ll just leave.”

   Said he will go, but his feet did not move.

   This was waiting for her to give in softly as in the past and take the initiative to accompany him.


  Lu Mingyu glanced at Li Hao coldly: “What are you waiting for, Your Highness?”

  Li Hao was so angry that he turned around and left.

  Lu Mingyu suddenly opened her mouth again: “Wait!”

  Li Hao’s anger calmed down a little, turned his head, and his expression was cold: “It’s too late to apologize now.”

   Her actions today deeply stabbed his pride and self-esteem. No matter how much he likes her, he can’t stand this humiliation.

   Of course, if she is willing to bow her head to admit her mistake and call out “Brother Hao” in a gentle manner, he will reluctantly forgive her this time…

  Lu Mingyu is too familiar with Li Hao. Familiar enough to see his slightly raised eyebrows, she knew what he was thinking.

  Lu Mingyu twitched the corners of her mouth, but there was no smile in her black eyes: “In the future, don’t come again.”

  Li Hao: “…”

   His hands were clenched into fists, and his veins were exposed. Those black eyes were full of anger and stared straight at her.

  Lu Mingyu looked back indifferently with a cold expression.

   After a while, Li Hao turned and left without saying a word.


1 this is how children born to concubines and other consorts of the Emperor calls the Empress
2 this is his biological mother
3 it means that her martial skills were more for showing off than actual fighting
4 It means a person with a single ability of great strength, can defeat another person who learned 10 different techniques. Brute force, even without any skill can still be worth more than many years spent learning martial techniques. (Thanks to reader Keialpha who wrote about this
5 means they gave into his demands and wishes

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