Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 4: Family

After she beat Li Hao, her mood really improved a lot.

  Lu Mingyu stood there for a moment and took a deep breath. With a move of her right wrist, the long sword in her hand seemed to have eyes, and “flew” back to the weapon rack.

   “Fourth Sister!”

   “Fourth Sister!”

   Familiar footsteps approached the field, and soon, three figures of different heights appeared in front of her.

  Lu Mingyu turned her head and looked over, her nose was sore and her eyes were slightly warm.

   In a war, a soldier will die in battle. His father, Lu Lin, was kind and generous, and he gave generous pensions to the soldiers who died in battle. The children of dead soldiers who had no one in the clan to take care of them were regarded as adopted sons and adopted daughters.

   The eldest sister, Lu Mingfang, was eight years older than Lu Mingyu.

  Lu Mingfang’s biological father was Lu Lin’s personal soldier and died while blocking arrows for Lu Lin. That year, Lu Mingyu was just a three-year-old child. Lu Mingfang was calm and careful, her eldest sister was like a mother, and Lu Mingyu had the deepest feelings for her eldest sister.

  Lu Mingfang got married at the age of eighteen, her father-in-law was a military general under Lu Lin’s command, and her husband Zheng Zhong was also considered a young talent.

   The second-ranked Lu Fei was three years older than Lu Mingyu. After the death of King Xingyang, Lu Fei took charge of the Xingyang Army, made many military exploits, and was named the Marquis of Zhongyong.

  The third sister, Lu Minghua, was one year older than Lu Mingyu.

  Lu Mingyu ranked fourth.

   The fifth sister, Lu Mingyue, was three years younger than Lu Mingyu.

   The sixth brother Lu Xuan was five years younger than Lu Mingyu. Lu Xuan had a strong interest in matters related to punishment and justice. After Li Hao became the Emperor, Lu Lin sought imperial favor and managed to secure a position for Lu Xuan in the Ministry of Justice. Over time, Lu Xuan rose through the ranks and eventually became the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Justice.

   They were Lu Mingyu’s closest family members and her most loyal supporters.

   In her previous life, after Li Hao ascended the throne, he attacked the Lu family. After Li Chang sat on the dragon chair, he was even more afraid of the Lu siblings. The Lu family, once known as the No. 1 military family in the Great Wei Dynasty, declined in just a few years.

   Once she died, no one was there to protect the Lu family. Judging by Li Chang’s undeniable virtue, the fate of everyone in the Lu family can be imagined.

  Thinking of this, Lu Mingyu’s heart was obscure.

   She was blind and married the wrong person!

   It was she who dragged her family into the quagmire!

   At this moment, the young Third sister and a pair of lively and naughty younger brothers and sisters are in front of her. They looked at her with concern.

  Lu Mingyu swallowed the sourness in her throat and smiled at them: “Third sister, fifth sister, sixth brother, why are you here?”

   The eldest sister, Lu Mingfang, was married a long time ago, and the second brother, Lu Fei, went on an expedition with the army. Now only the four Lu Mingyu siblings were in the house.

  Lu Minghua, with beautiful eyebrows and a gentle temperament, stepped forward to hold Lu Mingyu’s hand and said softly, “Fourth sister, you had a high fever last night, and you should rest today. Why are you here in the martial arts field again?”

  Lu Mingyu looked at the beautiful and gentle third sister who was at a young age. What flashed in her mind was the vicissitudes and prematurely aged face of the previous life.

   In her previous life, Lu Minghua married Zhou Li, a handsome and suave Xinke Tanhua[1]the third-placed scholar in the Palace exam, the ultimate exam in the Imperial exam system. Generally the most beautiful from the top scholars was selected as Tanhua.

  Zhou Li was talented, handsome, and personable. The only thing missing was family history.

  The Zhou family was just an ordinary family, barely considered reputable as they came from a background of farming and reading. Xingyang King slightly revealed his intention to make him his son-in-law, and the Zhou family was overjoyed.

  Lu Minghua met Zhou Li before getting married. Although Zhou Li was a scumbag, he could be called a gold and jade boy. [2]it means beautiful and scholarly.

   When Lu Minghua saw it, she was moved and agreed to the marriage.

   Zhou Li was keen on fame and was quite a snob. A few years after getting married, Lu Minghua was gentle and considerate, and he was meticulous. Lu Minghua was happy early in her marriage and gave birth to a son and a daughter.

   After Lu Lin died in battle, her second brother Lu Fei was named Marquis of Zhongyong and took charge of the Xingyang Army. She became the Crown Princess and then the Empress of the country.

  When the Lu family was in full swing, Zhou Li was very kind to Lu Minghua. When Emperor Yongxi passed away, Emperor Yongsheng sat on the dragon chair, and the court changed its direction, then that scumbag Zhou Li changed his face.

   He didn’t have the guts to divorce his wife and marry another, so he kept taking concubines and also took a brothel singer with a flamboyant name into the inner house. Lu Minghua’s two children were carried to Madam Zhou’s yard.[3]means her children were taken from her and was raised by her mother-in-law

   In just three years, Lu Minghua was rubbed like a dry well.

  Lu Mingyue frowned and continued with a smile: “Is there any need to say this? Of course, it’s because the Third prince has come down.”

  Twelve-year-old Lu Mingyue had bright eyes and white teeth and was playful and cute.

   In her previous life, Lu Mingyue married into the royal family and became the Prince Consort of Dongping County.

  The King of Dongping County was in charge of the ancestral mansion and had a high position. The Prince of Dongping County was also outstanding among the children of the clan.

  Lu Mingyue was the Prince Consort Dongping County, and she was very proud at the beginning. The next few years were just as difficult. Being detained in the inner house all day, it was not easy to enter the palace to see her.

  She, the Empress, lost her power and was trapped in the deep palace. Those daring people made things difficult for the Lu family under the advice of Emperor Yongsheng, Li Chang.

  Lu Mingyu blinked, forced the enthusiasm in her eyes to retreat, and said softly: “Fifth sister, the Third Prince has a noble status, how can you use it to joke and laugh at will.”

  Lu Mingyue was startled and looked at Lu Minghua.

What’s going on here?

   When I mentioned the Third Prince a few days ago, her eyes were full of radiance. Why was she so cold and determined today?

The future Assistant Minister Lu, the Punisher of the Wei Dynasty, was only ten years old at this time, and he was still a naughty teenager. He had thin hands, long feet, long necks, and a big head. A pair of eyes that were not very big, but they were very smart.

  Lu Xuan was the minister of the Ministry of Punishment in her previous life. He was full of tricks and was ruthless, so no one dared to provoke him easily.

   However, when Lu Xuan was chasing a fugitive, he was accidentally injured in his right leg by the fugitive, and he had suffered from a leg problem since then.

   “Did the fourth sister have an argument with His Royal Highness the Third Prince?” Lu Xuan narrowed his small eyes, and a slyness flashed in his eyes: “I will definitely find a chance to vent my anger for the fourth sister.”

   That look of evil mischief amused Lu Mingyu.

   The complicated, chaotic, and tense mood since her rebirth suddenly loosened.

  Lu Mingyu stretched her brows, glanced over Lu Xuan’s intact right leg, and smiled lightly: “No need. If I want to settle accounts and vent my anger, I will do it myself.”

  Lu Mingyu’s skills were well known to outsiders and to her own family. When she really started, even if it was Lu Lin, the king of Xingyang, who was the champion of the three armies, they had to bow down to Lu Mingyu.

  Lu Xuan grinned when he heard the words, and reminded in a low voice, “Fourth sister should also be more restrained, don’t scare His Royal Highness the Third Prince away.”

  Lu Minghua and Lu Mingyue laughed together.

   Almost everyone in the Lu family knew about the Third Prince’s feelings for Lu Mingyu. Lu Mingyu didn’t need to elaborate on Li Hao… In short, the golden boy and the jade girl, a pair made in heaven.[4]Handsome man and beautiful woman

   In the eyes of the Lu Minghua siblings, Lu Mingyu was just talking out loud. Waiting for Lu Mingyu to get married, because they knew that the decree of bestowing marriage will come to Lu Mansion.

  Lu Mingyu did not explain much.

   These things were not clear at first.

   Later, they will naturally know her determination.

  Lu Mingyu said casually: “You’ve come here. Anyway, I have nothing to do, so why don’t you practice with me.”

   As soon as these words came out, Lu Xuan was the first to cover his stomach and exhale, with a painful expression on his face, and two drops of sweat appeared realistically on his forehead: “Hey, why does my stomach suddenly hurt.”

   “No, I have to go to the toilet first.”

   “Fourth sister, don’t worry, I’ll be here in a while. Remember to wait for me here!”

   Covering his stomach, he walked away with an “Ehhhh”.

  Lu Mingyue responded quickly and chased after him with a concerned look: “Sixth brother, your stomach hurts so badly, how can you walk alone? I’ll support you. Be careful, don’t fall!”

   She supported Lu Xuan’s arm, smeared oil on the soles of their feet, and fled quickly.

   Only Lu Minghua was left.

  Lu Minghua hesitated for a moment, then whispered softly: “Fourth sister, don’t hurt my face, okay?”

  Lu Mingyu: “…”


1 the third-placed scholar in the Palace exam, the ultimate exam in the Imperial exam system. Generally the most beautiful from the top scholars was selected as Tanhua
2 it means beautiful and scholarly.
3 means her children were taken from her and was raised by her mother-in-law
4 Handsome man and beautiful woman

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