Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning

Raw Title: 末世:开局先囤十亿物资

Total Chapters: 645

Author: 恨年少无知

Translator: Etherna02

Update: 2 months ago

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“Mr. Chen, your order of one hundred buckets of fried chicken has arrived.”

“Mr. Chen, your order of one hundred roast ducks has arrived.”

“Mr. Chen, your order of ten thousand tons of pork has arrived.”

Known as the King of the Void, Chen Luo, relied on his unparalleled survival abilities to outlast all survivors, leaving no human left in the world except monsters.

Chen Luo, who found no meaning in living, buried himself in a pit. It wasn’t that he couldn’t survive, but that he didn’t want to.

After waking up, Chen Luo was surprised to find himself reborn one month before the apocalypse, with his unique space ability from his past life following him.

It goes without saying, he decided to stockpile ten billion supplies first. Why stockpile so much? Chen Luo said he wanted to try something different in this lifetime.

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  1. Hiep Nguyen has spoken 1 year ago

    I love this type of novel, which has base building, and economics manipulation. The translations are top notch and the writing style is not annoying.


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