Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Stockpiling Ten Thousand Tons of Pork

“Mr. Chen, your order of 100 pieces of fried chicken family bucket has been delivered as per your requested time,” the delivery person said.

As they drove along a small road near the outskirts, Mr. Chen glanced at the delivery vehicle and instructed, “Load it onto my car and stack them neatly.”

Chen Luo had prepared a small truck which had enough space for all 100 pieces of fried chicken family bucket. The delivery person smiled and nodded in agreement.

Normally, they did not provide loading services, but Chen Luo had paid extra for it. This order had been placed two weeks ago and was eagerly anticipated.

As soon as the chicken was delivered, the duck he ordered arrived shortly after. “Mr. Chen, your order of 100 pieces of roast duck has arrived,” the delivery person said.

After both groups of delivery people had left, Mr. Chen looked around and then climbed into the back of the truck.

The fried chicken and roast duck that had just been delivered magically disappeared soon after.

Not only did the food not disappear, but it actually entered Chen Luo’s special space ability.

He had to clear out space in the back of the truck, as there were still many more deliveries to come.

The space ability wasn’t very large, only the size of a few dozen football fields and twenty meters high.

Inside the space, time stopped flowing, so even if he were to take out any piece of fried chicken or roast duck twenty years later, it would still be fresh and hot, just like it was the day it was delivered.

Three days ago, Chen Luo was shocked to discover that he had traveled back in time from 12 years after the apocalypse to one month before it happened.

What was the most precious thing during the apocalypse?

Supplies, especially food.

To be more precise, it was food that was the most valuable resource. As the saying goes, “food is essential to the people,” and without enough food, no one would be able to survive.

In this darn apocalypse, resources are extremely scarce, and even Chen Luo, known as the King of the Void, often has to endure hunger and starvation.

The only things to eat are either fast food that has expired for who knows how many years, or the bitter and sour meat of mutated creatures.

27 days later, for reasons unknown, the apocalypse broke out and 80% of the world’s population turned into zombies. At least 90% of the remaining humans died at the hands of the zombies.

The surviving humans began to evolve, some faster than others, and developed abilities in their physical, elemental, and mental aspects.

Chen Luo, on the other hand, possessed an extremely rare spatial ability, so powerful that he was known as the King of the Void.

He was unbeatable in combat, as he could teleport through the void with great ease, making him extremely difficult to hit. His ability to survive was also top-notch.

Whenever he encountered danger, he could simply teleport away using his Void Walking ability, making him nearly invincible.

As Chen Luo continued to survive, he realized that he had outlasted all the other survivors. The world was filled with increasingly strange monsters, and he could no longer find any other human beings.

The post-apocalyptic world was a place where the human heart was difficult to fathom, but being the only human left in the world was too lonely to bear.

Chen Luo couldn’t bear the loneliness any longer and decided to bury himself in a hole. It wasn’t that he couldn’t survive, he just didn’t want to.

When he woke up, he discovered that he had been reborn. His ability to manipulate space was still intact, and he could freely access the resources stored in his unique space.
All of his other supernatural powers disappeared.

He couldn’t understand what had happened to him, but he didn’t bother dwelling on it. Instead, he decided to focus on something he could enjoy in this world: food.

Chen Luo quickly realized that in a world where resources were scarce, good food was a precious commodity. He promptly ordered 100 sets of gourmet food from several famous restaurants.

“Mr. Chen, your ordered dishes have arrived,”
Chen Luo specifically searched for several hotels known for their gourmet cuisine and asked each of them to send 100 packed meals.

All of these dishes are Chen Luo’s favorite food: Sour and Spicy Fish, Stewed Chicken with Mushroom, Beer Duck, Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, and Braised Carp.

They are all made by top chefs. Before the apocalypse, it was considered a luxury for ordinary people to eat these pricey dishes even once.

After the apocalypse, it’s almost impossible to even see these dishes, let alone eat them. If you want to eat them, you have to rely on your dreams. A piece of bread is enough to make people fight over it.

Once, Chen Luo fought a brutal battle with someone over a single sausage. If someone could offer him a high-quality dish, he would do anything for it. He’s really craving for it and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy his hunger.

In less than an hour, 500 high-quality dishes entered Chen Luo’s special space ability.
Before the apocalypse, as long as he had free time, he would often do this.

This kind of behavior may seem strange, but Chen Luo doesn’t mind it as he doesn’t steal or rob to obtain the food.

Can’t I take it to help welfare homes, construction workers, or buy it just for fun when I’m sick?”

“If it weren’t too strange to order a thousand units, and the efficiency of these hotels couldn’t keep up, Chen Luo would just buy more.” At this moment, the phone rang.

“Mr. Chen, the first batch of two thousand tons of the ten thousand tons of pork you ordered is about to arrive at the cold storage. Would you like to come and take a look?”

Chen Luo replied, “I’ll be there right away.”

That’s right, Chen Luo had ordered ten thousand tons of pork, but it wasn’t just that. He had also ordered two thousand tons of beef, lamb, and five thousand tons each of chicken, duck, and fish, and so on.

After the apocalypse, it wasn’t like there was no way to cook anymore. With fresh ingredients, anything could be made.

In the early days of the apocalypse, when the power was out, it was impossible to keep food fresh even if you had it.

Chen Luo didn’t acquire his ability to control the space until two years later.
By that time, there weren’t any food left for him to preserve.

How much could he fit on a small truck at a time? And most importantly, the cost-effectiveness was low.

Pork was the cheapest and the most consumed meat in China, so Chen Luo stocked up on it the most.

The wholesale price was 9.6 yuan per kilogram, and ten thousand tons was less than 200 million yuan.

If he had enough money, Chen Luo would have liked to stockpile 100,000 tons of it.

Chen Luo exclaimed, “It’s a good time we’re in now. If it were a couple of years ago when the prices were approaching fifty, it would have been difficult even with money to stockpile.”

Once all the supplies were gathered, Chen Luo would find a suitable opportunity to put them all into his space ability.

When they arrived at the cold storage, the general manager of the trading company who had taken Chen Luo’s large order greeted him with a smile.

Chen Luo said, “After unloading, I’ll transfer the payment to the bank.”

The general manager smiled even more happily and said, “No rush, no rush.”

Chen Luo just smiled and didn’t take it seriously. For this batch of goods, he had paid ten percent of the deposit and would pay for each batch of goods upon delivery, totaling seventy percent, with the remaining thirty percent to be paid a month later.

If possible, Chen Luo would have liked to take advantage of the situation, but he didn’t know them well enough, and the general manager didn’t have the financial ability to advance the payment.

Chen Luo called over the hired butchers, Old Zhang and Old Li, and said, “Old Zhang, Old Li, please keep an eye on things and don’t let them try to pass off decades-old frozen meat.”

Old Zhang, with his jiggling face full of fat, smiled and said, “Mr. Chen, rest assured. I’ve been slaughtering pigs for decades. I can tell just by looking at the pork when it was killed.”

Chen Luo joked, “I’ve been alive for over twenty years, so if there’s any electricity running through those circuits, I’ll know just by touching it with my hand.”

The group was momentarily stunned, but soon burst out laughing. “Mr. Chen, you’re hilarious,” they exclaimed.

After unloading the goods and completing the bank transfer with the trade company’s manager, Chen Luo said goodbye and just as he parted ways, his phone rang again.

A frantic voice came from the phone. “Chen Luo, you sold shares worth over 3 billion for just 1 billion? You didn’t even tell me about such a big matter. Do you not respect me as your elder?”

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