Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2: The Top Dog of the Thunder and Lightning ranking 2.1

“The shares worth three billion yuan were sold for only one billion yuan, isn’t this a huge loss?”

These shares were left to Chen Luo by his parents and originally accounted for 42% of the shares in the Chen’s Group. However, over the course of six years, the percentage has fallen from 42% to 17%.

These shares were originally worth over 7 billion yuan, but now they are only worth 3 billion yuan.

It is understandable that the group needs financing for its development, so the decrease in the share percentage is not surprising.

However, it is unacceptable that the value has not increased and instead, has plummeted.

Chen Luo’s uncle, Chen Jian’an, used the guise of investing to make massive losses.

While it may appear that he lost money, in reality, the money he lost was just transferred to another pocket of Chen Jian’an.

In the previous life when the apocalypse occurred, Chen Luo was only a 21-year-old young man with little life experience.

Although he realized what was happening at the time, he was unable to escape from Chen Jian’an’s control due to Chen Jian’an’s cunning nature.

After being reborn, Chen Luo found it difficult to sell the shares at a fair price because of an agreement that gave Chen Jian’an, the major shareholder, the right of first refusal to purchase his shares.

If Chen Jian’an did not want the shares, only then could Chen Luo sell them to someone else.

If Chen Luo were to express his intention to sell the shares, Chen Jian’an would definitely drag his feet and try his best to depress the price.

As a result, Chen Luo might not even get one billion yuan for the shares.

Moreover, it would waste a lot of time. Although there is still nearly a month before the apocalypse, Chen Luo cannot waste time on this matter. Without money, who would sell anything to you?

Since Chen Luo didn’t have time to negotiate with Chen Jian’an, he turned to a wealthy young man who was well-connected.

He sold the shares worth three billion yuan to the young man for only one billion yuan on the condition that he would receive the money the next day.

This move was risky and attracted unwanted attention. However, for the wealthy young man with a strong background, he would not lose money by agreeing to Chen Luo’s proposal.

At the very least, he could earn one billion yuan from the transaction.

When Chen Jian’an heard the news, he must have been furious. He called Chen Luo and said, “Come to the company, let’s talk face to face.”

Although Chen Luo did not want to see Chen Jian’an, he agreed. Otherwise, he would not be able to live in peace for the next month.

“Chen Luo, if you’re being threatened, just blink your eyes,” Chen Jian’an said in front of Chen Luo with a pained expression.

It truly pained him that if he had a few more years to manipulate the situation, he could have let Chen Luo leave with nothing, but now he had sold his shares.

It violated the agreement, but would it matter to some people?

Chen Luo maintained a respectful demeanor towards his elder, but his heart was filled with immense hatred.

Six years ago, his parents died in a car accident due to brake failure, and the mastermind behind it was none other than Chen Jian’an.

His own uncle, his own blood.
This was confirmed by Chen Jian’an’s son, Chen Fei, after the apocalypse.

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Uncle, no one has threatened me. I have a feeling that the price of pork will skyrocket again. Fifty yuan per kilogram is not a dream. With the ten billion yuan worth of pork that I will stockpile, it could rise to fifty billion yuan.”

“No, be even bolder. One hundred yuan per kilogram is not impossible.”

Chen Luo was not lying. After the apocalypse, it was impossible to buy food with money. Can you find someone to sell it to you for a hundred thousand yuan per kilogram?

Chen Jian’an listened to Chen Luo’s words, opened his mouth wide, and looked at Chen Luo. Wasn’t he saying pure nonsense?

How could he dare to dream like this?

You were not so foolish before.

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