Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2: The Top Dog of the Thunder and Lightning ranking 2.2

After the shock, Chen Jian’an smiled.

Although Chen Luo was not exceptionally smart, he was not foolish enough to have such dreams. Chen Jian’an said with a serious tone, “Xiaoluo, how about selling it to me for 1.5 billion?”

Chen Luo shrugged and replied, “I’m sorry, Uncle. I’ve already sold it, and the contract has been signed. It’s impossible to buy it back from that young master.”

Chen Jianan frowned.

The young master who bought Chen Luo was from a powerful background and not easy to mess with.

There was no way he could buy it back at the original price.

He realized that he would have to spend a lot of money if he wanted to repurchase the shares from him.

Meanwhile, Chen Luo was busy and his phone rang again.

He showed an apologetic expression and walked to the window to answer the call.

When he saw the name on the screen, his heart skipped a beat.

The young woman’s voice came through the phone.

“Mr. Chen, we have found a lead on the black-haired, one-eared Chinese village dog that you asked us to look for.

We have sent you a photo. Please confirm if it is the one you lost.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Luo’s breathing immediately became rapid.

After the apocalypse, some bored people ranked the abilities of the different groups of ability users.

The top spot for the space ability group was none other than Chen Luo.

The top for the Fire element was the Flame Princess, who had earned the name “Blood-Red Rose.”

And the top for the Thunder and Lightning element was a dog known as the Thunderbolt King.

Humans can turn into zombies or evolve to gain abilities, and the same can happen with animals and plants.

If a non-zombified organism survives, there’s a chance it may develop powers.

However, animals generally have lower aptitudes than humans, but there are exceptions, like the Thunderbolt King, a dog who didn’t turn into a zombie.

This makes him a prime target for those seeking fresh dog meat, but no one succeeded in capturing him except for Chen Luo.

All others who tried were met with harsh consequences.

So it earned the title of Thunderbolt King.

  The second-ranked ability user in the lightning ranking, Mad Thunder, was very dissatisfied. What’s the point of including a dog in the ranking?

  Damn it, I’m worse than a dog.
  Later, it turned out that it really was worse than a dog.

The Thunderbolt King is a dog without an owner.

Chen Luo heard that someone had seen a black dog with a missing ear, who looked like the Thunderbolt King, in a dog meat restaurant in the city of Shanghai before the end of the world.

After being reborn, Chen Luo was immediately interested in finding the Thunderbolt King and entrusted someone to search for it.

He offered a reward of one million yuan, which was higher than the price offered by a certain principal for finding his lost dog.

Chen Luo immediately checked his phone and found that the other party had sent a photo.

In the photo, there was a black Chinese rural dog with a slightly bleak complexion and a hint of sadness in its eyes.

Chen Luo’s pupils contracted. As someone who had attacked the Thunderbolt King many times before finally succeeding and had also been its executioner, Chen Luo was more than familiar with the dog.

Unfortunately, Chen Luo had an intense craving for dog meat.

After eating it, he regretted his decision as the meat lacked flavor due to the absence of seasonings and his limited culinary skills. He could only boil it in plain water and add a pinch of salt.

Despite the lack of seasoning, the taste of the meat was unbelievably delicious.

The black dog in the photo appeared to be the Thunderbolt King, with its missing left ear serving as irrefutable evidence.

Chen Luo couldn’t help but laugh. “Thunderbolt King, Thunderbolt King, I won’t be short of food in this lifetime.

Why don’t we keep each other company? I promise to take good care of you and provide you with delicious food and drink.”

“Just wait, I’ll come to rescue you.
I hope you will recognize me as your new owner,” he said.

  1. Moonie12 has spoken 1 year ago

    Nah imagine being the dog and finding out your owner ate you in the last life 💀

    • Rashely Victoriano has spoken 10 months ago

      I was thinking the same exact thing that’s messed up he even said he didn’t taste as good as he expected 🥹


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