Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3: Is it Yaoyao Ling? 3.1

Putting away his phone, Chen Luo couldn’t wait to go and save the Thunderbolt King.
Chen Luo said goodbye, “Uncle, I’m leaving now.”

Chen Jian’an did not stop him and watched as Chen Luo walked away quickly. The Chen Group had no relationship with Chen Luo anymore.

After leaving Chen Jian’an’s office, Chen Luo paused for a moment.

Chen Jian’an and his son were both lucky enough to survive after the apocalypse.

Chen Fei had also awakened a decent ability and with the help of the Chen Group’s employees, had built a force with considerable strength.

There’s no chance in this lifetime. They’ll die on the day of the apocalypse, mark my words.

Chen Luo had just left when Chen Fei entered Chen Jian’an’s office.
Chen Fei was tall, strong, and robust.

Chen Fei hurriedly said, “I found out that Chen Luo recently ordered a large amount of supplies.”

Chen Jian’an lit a cigarette and said impatiently, “He said he hoarded ten billion worth of pork.
Damn it, it messed up my plans.”

Chen Fei was a bit surprised and said, “But as far as I know, he only placed an order for ten thousand tons of pork, worth nearly two billion.”

Chen Jian’an sneered, “Chen Luo isn’t that foolish. It seems he has seen through my intention to swallow up his shares and is just using this as an excuse.”

“But I didn’t expect him to cut off his own arm. Who in their right mind would sell three billion worth of shares for one billion? I underestimated him,” Chen Jian’an said.

Seeing that there was no one around, Chen Fei approached Chen Jian’an and whispered, “Dad, should we do something to make him disappear? With his parents gone, if he dies, his inheritance will go to us as the first successors.”

Chen Jian’an waved his hand to reject the idea directly, saying, “Fei, back then, we had nothing and could take risks. But now, we’re worth nearly a hundred billion. It’s not worth taking risks for that one billion anymore. If someone catches us, we won’t be able to get away with it.”

Chen Fei muttered under his breath, “This bastard. Is It the end of the world that he’s hoarding so many supplies. It will bankrupt him.”

Chen Luo had entrusted two private detectives to search for the Thunderbolt king, as he didn’t want to personally offer a reward and attract unwanted attention from nosy, greedy, or fraudulent individuals.

After driving for almost an hour, Chen Luo arrived at the agreed-upon location. As soon as he got out of the car, a man and a woman approached him.

The man is a private detective named Wang Ming who appears very astute, while the woman is his assistant in her early twenties, with a somewhat fiery gaze fixed on Chen Luo.

Being young, wealthy, and incredibly handsome, it’s no wonder that he catches her attention.

Without exchanging pleasantries, Chen Luo gets straight to the point and asks, “Where is it?”

Wang Ming smiled and said, “Mr. Chen, please follow me.”

Wang Ming had signed a contract with Chen Luo and was not afraid that he would default on the payment.

Prior to accepting the job, Wang Ming had investigated Chen Luo and found out that he was a super-rich second-generation with shares worth billions in the Chen Group.

He wouldn’t default on a mere one million yuan.

The Thunderbolt king was now in a dog meat restaurant, and it seemed to be feeling sad. Its intelligence told it that it might be eaten by humans at any moment.

Perhaps it would happen tomorrow, or maybe even tonight.

The dog meat restaurant was nearby, why else would they agree to meet here?
One minute later, Chen Luo arrived at a dog meat restaurant called “Bai Er”.

Although it was still afternoon and the restaurant had not closed yet, it was evident that there were no customers.

Two large iron cages were placed at the entrance of the dog meat restaurant, each containing five local breed dogs. The customers would choose which one to kill before ordering.

The Thunderbolt King was among them.
Fortunately, luck was still on the Thunderbolt Master’s side. Despite being in the cage for 27 days, which was close to the end of the world, it had not yet met its unfortunate end of being eaten by humans.

Chen Luo’s attention was immediately drawn to the Thunderbolt King.

The Thunderbolt Master wasn’t particularly attractive and didn’t appear very powerful. Its dejected expression made it look helpless and pitiful.

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