Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Raw Title: 快穿之感化黑化大BOSS

Total Chapters: 1551 Chapters + 23 Extras

Author: 何时拟归舟

Translator: eness

Update: 2 weeks ago

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The only two things that deeply mattered to Bai Tang were fighting and refining her treasure sword, Canglan.

What? Ask her to reform a blackened big boss to become good? She’s not capable of doing such a delicate task.


[Host, why did you kill him!!!] [Host, why did you throw the big villain into the pile of zombies?] [Host, calm down, what do you want to do with the cage!!!]

The host doesn’t play by the rules and System 168 expresses its extreme weariness.

Wen Su, who came from the abyss full of bones, said, “If the heavens forsakes me, then let the hundred ghosts roam the world; if the world hates me, then let the blood flow into rivers; if my families and friends hate me, then I’ll disregard moral principles and turn my back on my own blood relatives.”

Bai Tang: Be good, I will provide you with food and clothing, a place to live and transportation. I will guide you to strive for a life that is both intellectually and emotionally rich, and one that is filled with diverse and meaningful experiences. Just be a good person! Then I will not point my sword at your heart, nor put you in an iron cage.

Wen Su: Oh? I want you.
I was originally in the abyss, but since you came in carrying poisonous light, I wasn’t burnt by its poison. Since then, unable to forget, I put away my body full of spikes and thorns.
A slow burn love story about a female black lotus boss VS a scheming big villain.
ARC 1 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (C1-C74)
ARC 2 The Empress Destroyed Your Country (C75-C131)
ARC 3 Dual Blades, Icy Brilliance in the Martial World (C132-C187)

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  1. Bored Degenerate has spoken 2 months ago

    It’s a good novel. I enjoyed it very much, definitely one of my favorites~ Thank you translator for making me discover this gem!


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