Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 1

Chapter 1 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (1)

It is better to flourish in the ashes than to perish in contentment. With mutual growth and strife comes endless joy.

[Host, hello!]

[I am System 168, also known as the Blackened Big BOSS Reforming System. As the host, you are currently tasked with finding and providing attentive care to the blackened big boss, Shi Minzhi, in order to reform and guide him to be a better person and avoid harming innocent people. Please try your best to achieve this.]

Bai Tang rolled her eyes and remained unfazed, “Find someone else to bind to. I’m not going.”

Has her life of brewing wine and pouring tea, indulging in refined elegance, lost its charm?

Reforming a blackened big boss?

In her opinion, it was simply easier and quicker to just kill them.

System 168 would not allow it, however. It had finally found a strong-willed host and was not willing to let the opportunity slip away. It had a performance review to think of!

[Sorry, host, you do not have the right to refuse.]

System 168 directly brought Bai Tang’s soul into the task world.

With a flash of white light, Bai Tang’s soul entered the body of a human woman who was also named Bai Tang. She was a high school student and was about to take her college entrance examination in twenty days, having just turned eighteen years old.

However, an unexpected event occurred, as a global rain fell for a month and zombie outbreaks appeared. At this time, it was exactly three months after the initial outbreak. She was the only one left in her family.

System 168 encouraged, [Host, the world is overrun with zombies and is waiting for you to reform the blackened big boss, to make the world have fewer deaths.]

Bai Tang: ???

“Fewer deaths? This blackened big boss is…?”

She was very unhappy about being forcibly bound to this task. Alright then, this System 168 better be mentally prepared for what she was about to do.


Bai Tang gently uttered two words, and a chilling sword appeared in her hand. Its blade was extremely sharp, capable of cutting even a strand of hair.

Ah! Sword!
How can the host summon a sword?

System 168 hesitated, wondering how the host, Bai Tang, could summon a sword. It had checked and found that Bai Tang had nothing special about her except for a strong soul. And she didn’t have any hidden treasures. So where did the sword come from?

Bai Tang smiled maliciously, and asked, “Where is Shi Minzhi? I’m going to do the task. I’ll ‘reform’ him and make him harm fewer innocent people.”

System 168 was very pleased with Bai Tang’s attitude and immediately pulled up the route, [Host, Shi Minzhi is not far from you. There are a lot of zombies on this road, so hurry up. Remember, don’t get hurt by the zombies. If you become a zombie or lose sanity, I’ll have to abandon you.]

System 168 didn’t want any unexpected events to happen with Bai Tang, as it had no energy! It couldn’t exchange for another host, so it just had to cling to Bai Tang and try to survive.

Bai Tang laughed even happier. Since her soul entered this body, its strength had undergone a qualitative change. She crudely kicked open the iron door while holding her sword Canglan.

[Isn’t this strength too great?]
System 168 muttered, suddenly having a bad feeling. Bai Tang’s attitude looked like she was going to fight and seek revenge.

Bai Tang’s sharp eyes scanned the hallway. The noise she made while kicking open the door attracted the attention of two swaying zombies in the hallway. They turned towards her and their rotten, unpleasant bodies were revolting to look at. 

When they sensed the presence of a living human, the two zombies’ dull eyes lit up and they unsteadily made their way towards Bai Tang.

The hunter spotted its prey and couldn’t contain its excitement, and coincidentally, Bai Tang felt the same way.

Bai Tang’s soft tongue licked her slightly dry lips, and a glimmer of disdain flickered in her eyes.

Author’s Note:

  1. This text is logically serving the plot, and the settings are as such. Please refrain from delving too deep or questioning the details, as it is not intended for in-depth analysis.
  2. Feel free to point out any errors or provide additional information if necessary.
  3. If you find this text uncomfortable to read, kindly forgive us and let’s part ways amicably.
  4. This entire text is free, and the author’s work in writing it is not easy. Your support and recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  5. The book is initially released on the Yunqi Book Academy platform, which is QQ Reading.
  6. Reader group: 830511403, no restrictions, everyone is welcome to join.
  7. Regarding the character setup: The female lead, Bai Tang, has an unbeatable combat power. The male lead is Wen Su. They have a one-on-one relationship with no past lovers and no romantic interests before meeting each other. The story concludes with a happy ending.

TL/N: Her sword Canglan can be translated as Azure Ripple, but I decided to just use Canglan instead. Won’t it sound weird and mouthful to read about her going around calling Azure Ripple, Azure Ripple? What do you guys think?

Pronouncing Canglan?
The ‘a’ in Canglan— think of the words armor/argue/arbor NOT apple/air/arrow


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