Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 2

Chapter 2 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (2)

Were these the so-called zombies? Such sluggish speed? Did they learn from ants and turtles?

Bai Tang didn’t want to wait for them to slowly come up, so she rushed over directly, flipping through the air. In her hand, the sword Canglan spun around and directly cut off the heads of the two zombies, as easy as cutting watermelons.

Actually, the speed of these two zombies were not slow, but facing Bai Tang, a goddess of killing, they were no match against her.

Bai Tang landed behind the two zombies, and with a slight bend of her arm, the two zombies fell to the ground. The whole process was very clean and neat, and Bai Tang didn’t even turn back to look.

Bai Tang sighed softly, as she caressed Canglan’s sword edge. She couldn’t help but exclaim how dull and unexciting it was. Couldn’t there have been something more challenging?

Downstairs, there were piles of zombies, and Bai Tang entered as if stepping into an uninhabited land. She slashed her way through, effortlessly cutting down the horde. Canglan was incredibly sharp, turning the zombies into mere infants before its might.

After walking for about ten minutes, Bai Tang finally arrived at the final destination on the route provided by System 168. It was a sports stadium, and there weren’t many zombies there.

Shi Minzhi opened his cold, vicious eyes from the bloodstains and the tearing pain. The zombies had just finished gnawing on his body. Shi Minzhi’s gaze locked onto a wheelchair among a pile of broken arms and bodies. He used his hands to support his body and crawled over with difficulty.

There was no way around it, a congenital leg disability that even death couldn’t change

There was no way around it, his congenital leg disability hadn’t changed even after dying more than a dozen times. After he crawled some distance, he finally reached the wheelchair. Shi Minzhi grabbed the handles of the wheelchair and, with a little effort, used the force to successfully sit in the wheelchair.

“Shi Minzhi is inside, right? System 168.” Bai Tang’s eyes flickered with a cold light.

[Host, Shi Minzhi is inside. Have you figured out what to do? Shi Minzhi, as the blackened big boss, is highly sensitive and also malicious. He is currently controlling the zombies, causing them to prey on a significant number of innocent people.]

System 168 spoke a bunch without realizing that the current situation was a bit off.

Bai Tang chuckled coldly and lifted the sword in her hand as she entered the sports stadium.

In the huge stadium, Shi Minzhi sat there alone. He was sitting in a wheelchair, fixing his sleeves. His body was covered in blood and filth. This man’s face was extremely attractive, and even though it wasn’t very clean now, it still gave off a broken and disordered beauty. However, Bai Tang didn’t have the heart of appreciation at all. As System 168 said, Shi Minzhi’s hands were already stained with the blood of innocent people.


“You are Shi Minzhi?”

The clear voice rang in Shi Minzhi’s ears and System 168 held its heart in anxiety. What was the host trying to do with this kind of entrance? How could this work?

Who would just come in and loudly shout, ‘Are you Shi Minzhi?’ Wasn’t this just telling him directly that they came for him?

[Host, what you are doing is not right. From what I see, other systems’ chosen hosts always save him first, bring him along, and then treat him well. Stand up against opposition and always believe in him.]

System 168 summarized the experiences it had learned from other systems and carefully explained them to Bai Tang. Unfortunately, it seemed that its host was a bit clueless, and there was no guarantee that she could even help it to upgrade.

Shi Minzhi’s eyes are dark and gloomy. His long, well-defined fingers smoothed out the wrinkles on his sleeves. He glanced at the young woman at the entrance of the stadium. She had a high ponytail, slightly disheveled clothing, and her actions were a little strange. She was carrying a beautiful sword. 

A modern person carrying a sword?

Here comes another prey.

Shi Minzhi chuckled, and replied, “I am Shi Minzhi. What do you want from me?”

Just a little girl, easy to be dealt with.

After getting the confirmation, Bai Tang also smiled, “Shi Minzhi, I’ve heard you’ve blackened. You’re the blackened big boss. Do you have any last words?”



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