Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child

Raw Title: 总裁他妈是团宠

Total Chapters: 162

Author: 悲剧初始化

Translator: Oneone

Update: 2 years ago

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Gu Qingqing was born into a wealthy family, married into a wealthy family, and gave birth to a wealthy heir.

Her husband is respectful, her son is filial, and her brother is prosperous. Her life is a model of a top-class lady, and her life is boundless.

This is Gu Qingqing in the eyes of outsiders.

In fact, Gu Qingqing actually felt that her life was a failure, the relationship between husband and wife was cold, the relationship between mother and child is stiff, and the siblings always quarreled at first sight, and her life was not going very well.

The day before yesterday, she threw a check to her second son’s girlfriend. When she woke up the next day, she shrank into a three-year-old milky child.

Her husband, sons, and brother who heard the news rushed home, and they surrounded the pink dumpling on the sofa hugging the stuffed bear and were silent.

Gu Qingqing blinked her big watery eyes and said with a milky voice: “Uncle, who are you?”

President No. 1: “I am your husband.”

President No. 2: “I am your eldest son.”

President No. 3 :”I am your second son.”

President No.4: “I am your brother.”

“You are a liar! Mom and Dad have promised Qingqing to not have a second child!”

Should this be the focus of attention?

The point is my wife/mum/sister has become a three-years-old child!

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