Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 39

Chapter 12 : Qingqing’s New Identity

This is not Qingqing’s first time to visit Fu Sijin’s company.

So after the first time the employees saw the soft and cute dumpling, everyone calmed down.

Although occasionally a cute little dumpling wanders past in front of them, they still can’t help being attracted by the cute little thing, but most of the time everyone should still does what they should do.

After all, although cute things are cute, work is also very important.

Of course, if there is a chance to feed the little cutie, no one will refuse.

It’s a pity that the president keeps an eye on his little cousin too closely and doesn’t give extra snacks.

That’s right, in order to give Qingqing a reasonable identity, externally, Fu Sijin announced that Qingqing was a child of a relative from his mother’s side, and she was still his elder in terms of seniority so the little guy could still call him little one (Xiaojin).

He reasoned that it’s just because that the children are on vacation and the family is too busy so they can only leave her to him to take care of.

If this reason is used by other people, it will sound a bit ridiculous. Maybe no one will even believe it and will be ridiculed or mocked by passersby.

Who can be so busy that even a president can’t help but take care of the child for them?

However, everyone in the company followed Fu Sijin’s since the founding of the business and saw his hard work. They have been with each other for more than three years, and some veterans have been with each other even longer than that.

Therefore, the old employees have more or less understood Fu Sijin’s family situation.

Both of his parents are top tycoons.

Not to mention, compared with the two huge groups of Fu’s and Gu’s, Fu Sijin, a promising young man who has just started a successful business, is really the “most idle” one in the family.

As for the president’s younger brother?

Forget it, he’s still a big bear child, so don’t let him out to harm the flowers of the motherland.

In summary, Qingqing’s identity has been reasonably explained, and she has settled down in Fu Sijin’s company.

She is very good, as long as you give her some toys or puts on a cartoon; she can play on her own for the whole day.

It seems that the child have long been accustomed to this kind of situation of playing alone.

This made Fu Sijin, who’s assigned to take care of Qingqing this time, breathe a sigh of relief. If his mother had been a noisy child just like when he was one, he might have had a headache now.

There are no meetings or client invitations today. Fu Sijin just needs to stay in the office and work.

Qingqing sat on the open space next to the office sofa, where Fu Sijin could see as soon as he looked up, and playing with building blocks (legos).

It’s summer and the weather is quite hot, but the air conditioner is on in the office making the floor cold.

Afraid of Qingqing getting cold, Fu Sijin deliberately went to the lounge took a blanket, spread it on the ground for her and piled the scattered building blocks on top of it.

When he’s busy, Fu Sijin would look up at Qingqing every once in a while.

Seeing that she was still playing seriously, and had even built a small house with the building blocks, he stopped caring and continued to be busy.

The two of them were busy with each of their things, maintaining a tacit silence, the scene vaguely revealing a sense of warmth.

The quiet and harmonious atmosphere that was supposed to last until Fu Sijin got off work was suddenly disturbed by an unexpected visitor.

“Mr. An, you can’t go in!”

Secretary Cheng couldn’t stop him, so the raging man broke into the office.

The closed door was rudely pushed open and slammed against the wall.

There was a loud bang, which made Qingqing’s small body jolt in surprised, and all the building blocks in her hand fell off.

Fu Sijin frowned and looked at the visitor with displeasure: “Doesn’t Mr. An know that one should knock before entering the door?”

“Sorry, I forgot to for a moment “An Yuan apologized insincerely.

“President, this…” Secretary Cheng stood behind An Yuan, with a difficult expression.

He failed to stop the trespasser, which in a sense was a dereliction of his duty.

“It’s okay, you go ahead.”

Fu Sijin and An Yuan have known each other for many years, and Fu Sijin have long known what kind of virtue he has, so he didn’t mean to blame Secretary Cheng.

“Yes President Fu”

Secretary Cheng turned and left, and closed the door on his way out.

When Secretary Cheng left, Fu Sijin folded his hands and leaned back in his chair with a relaxed posture. His tone cold and discreetly mocking: “Mr. An, what do you want to do with that murderous look?” ”

With a look that was close to saying that he was going to call the police.

“Did you know it a long time ago?” An Yuan asked angrily furiously.

“Know what?” Fu Sijin glanced at Qingqing who was sticking out her head curiously, and asked casually.

Being warned, Qinngqing quickly look downed and pretended to build with the building blocks, but her small ears still raised high in attention. (still focus on the conversation)

Qingqing doesn’t know why but she feels a sense of déjà vu at the scene.

It seems that at the same place a few days ago, a different person had asked a similar question to Fu Sijin.

“Know what your mother did!”

An Yuan said furiously: “Where did Xiaoran got sent by your mother? We’ve searched all the places in the past few days, but only found the surveillance video of your mother throwing a check at her. ”

“Who is Xiaoran?”

Fu Sijin’s expression was confused; he looked like he didn’t know anything, when An Yuan saw that expression he felt like his heart was suffocated and making his anger even worse.

“Xiaoran is my sister who has been missing for many years, An Ran.”

An Ran, this name sounds familiar.

He seems to have heard of it from someone’s mouth?

After thinking for a moment, Fu Sijin suddenly remembered something.

“Fu Sishen’s greedy ex-girlfriend?”

This is his only impression of the girl with this name.

“ Xiaoran is my, An’s family, cherished daughter! If she wants anything how could she be greedy for that bit of your mother’s stinky money!”

Dissatisfied that his sister’s reputation was slandered, An Yuan stared at Fu Sijin angrily.

“Then I have to ask you to settle down.” Fu Sijin looked indifferent, “A great Miss of your An Family, but in the end she had been reduced to accepting my mother’s breakup fee. She really is amazing.”

It was such an irony.

The whole upper-class society has heard of the troubles of An Family, and even Fu Sijin couldn’t help but overhear a few gossips.

An family lost their young daughter in the past, in order to comfort the grief of the An parents they adopted the child of their relative as an adopted daughter.

As a result, when the original An daughter was finally found, afraid that the adopted daughter will be wronged, An parents were wary of the original Miss An forcing her to be in an awkward position.

The drama of this situation made the entire upper-class society amazed.

After being ridiculed so in person, An Yuan’s face was livid but he could not refute it.

He also recently returned from abroad, only to find out that so much has happened at home.

His sister was recovered, which was a great joy.

Unexpectedly, his parents’ minds were muddled and confused. Not only did they not take good care of his younger sister and make up for the debt they owed to her over the years. They also protected their deeply scheming adopted daughter with all their heart, which caused his younger sister to suffer a lot of grievances.

Now that An Ran is gone again, they only blamed each other at home and even blamed his younger sister for being ignorant, ignorant of not knowing what’s good or bad, apart from that An parents also have no intention of looking for her.

Thinking of that An Yuan felt his heart go cold at what his parents did. He even remembered that he had a big fight with his parents at home, slammed the door and finally left looking for his sister alone.

The more he thinks and talked about his sister’s past in the past few days, the more distressed he become and the more anger accumulate in his heart.

Coming to Fu Sijin to question him was like an outbreak of the anger and distress that he had suppressed for a long time. After venting it out, he felt completely lost and felt like his heart was empty.

To put it bluntly, he who has never done anything for Xiaoran is not a competent brother at all.

What is the difference between him and those back in his family?

Sitting down on the sofa, An Yuan hunched over, covered his face with his hands and fell into the pain of self-blame.

Seeing his friend like this, no matter how much anger Fu Sijin felt previously, it was now gone.

He sighed, his gaze swept across Qingqing subconsciously, but he was at a loss on how to comfort him.

What does An Yuan want Fu Sijin to say?

Say that his mother’s method is so superb, that not only An Yuan but also Fu Sishen, who knew An Ran better, could not find An Ran’s whereabouts.

Or should he say that the culprit is actually sitting in front of him playing with building blocks?

Still wearing diapers…

Noticing that Fu Sijin was looking at her, Qingqing looked back innocently.

Qingqing is very good, and definitely not eavesdropping.

She is only listening impartially and with integrity.

Fu Sijin: “…”

Why does he always sense that his IQ is being despised?

An Yuan is still in the middle of being depressed.

Qingqing fiddled with the building blocks and glanced at him curiously.

Looking at him, she suddenly clapped her little hands and got up, walked up to An Yuan and gently poked his hair.

“Uncle, are you crying?”

The childish little milk voice of the child has a bit of simple curiosity, without any ridicule, nor concern, just curiosity.

“No. ” An Yuan raised his head and replied in a hoarse voice.

He hadn’t noticed Qingqing’s existence until now, and couldn’t help asking, “Who is this kid?”

She actually looks 40% to 50% similar to Fu Sijin. Is it possible that she looks so similar because……

“A child of my relatives, they asked me to help take care of her for a while.”


“Uncle.” There was another call from the little girl’s milk voice in his ear. An Yuan didn’t want to pay attention to her, but he couldn’t bear Qingqing’s persistent harassment, “Uncle, uncle…”

“What the hell do you want?”

“Qingqing, come here, don’t disturb others.”

An Yuan and Fu Shijin spoke at the same time, but they could not shake Qingqing’s will.

She stretched out her little hand and put the tightly held thing in her palm on An Yuan’s hand.

“Here you are.”

“What is this? ”

An Yuan lowered his head and saw a little bear biscuit lying quietly in his palm.

This is the ration that Qingqing saved from her limited daily quota of snacks. Fu Sijin didn’t expect her to give it to An Yuan so generously.

She didn’t even give it when he asked for it just now.

Fu Shijin thought sourly from the side.

T/L’s Note: Base on the continuation of the novel, this chapter is originally Chapter 12. However, the last translation group posted half of each chapter as a new one, so I just decided to follow the numbering of the chapters.

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