Sir, I Like You

Raw Title: 先生,我喜欢你

Total Chapters: 31

Author: 酥心糖小甜饼

Translator: INPRESS

Update: 2 years ago

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Yi Zhenghua was over 30 years old and still did not intend to get married. He doesn’t even have someone he likes. Mother Yi was very anxious and found someone to read his son’s fortune, said: If he doesn’t get married at the age of 32, he will be alone.

And the marriage partner should preferably be of the same s*x.

Yi Zhenghua was forced to go on a blind date at the age of 32. Mother Yi investigated for a long time, and she felt that Cheng Yun was very suitable.

Therefore, Yi Zhenghua married a wife who was 14 years younger than himself, and Cheng Yun married a husband who was 14 years older than himself.

Yi Zhenghua was mature and restrained.

Cheng Yun was lively, cheerful, and sunny.

Yi Zhenghua thinks he can’t be a beast and harm the next generation of their country, so he raises Cheng Yun as his son.

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