Sir, I Like You
Sir, I Like You Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Mom, I agree

Cheng Yun sat on the sofa, blinked, looked at the people in front of him, and was a little at a loss. He scratched his head uncomfortably, and asked in disbelief: “Dad, mom, what do you…say?”

Cheng Honghe heard his son’s question, he put aside his face, pressed his lips tightly, and did not speak, but his fists were clenched. Li Hui next to him looked at her husband and saw that he was not talking, and said with a wry smile: “Yun Yun, Mom and Dad… this is our last resort. Our company is going to be unable to survive. If not…”

Li Hui hadn’t finished speaking yet. The man next to her stood up abruptly, frowned, and had a fierce tone: “Stop it.”

After saying that, the man turned around and left.

Li Hui frowned at her husband’s back as he left. She opened her mouth but said nothing. In the end, she just sighed. The emotions in her eyes were a bit complicated.

“Mom, you can finish it with me.” Cheng Yun looked at Li Hui’s expression and knew that something had happened in the family. If it weren’t impossible, his mother would not say it in front of him. His parents raised him for eighteen years, if he could help, he would do his best.

Speaking of it, Li Hui was not Cheng Yun’s biological mother. His biological mother disappeared after giving birth to him. Cheng’s father married Li Hui two years later. Although Li Hui was a stepmother, she was very good to Cheng Yun, even better than her own son. So, Cheng Yun also treated Li Hui as his biological mother.

When Li Hui heard Cheng Yun’s question, she lowered her head and did not speak. After a while, she raised her head, still frowning, and said with a wry smile: “Yun Yun…Our company has recently encountered a problem. A project leader ran away with the money, and the company’s funds can’t be turned around now… Well, let me tell you what to do… you are about to start school, right? Did you finish your homework? Go and do your homework first. Are you hungry? Do you want to…”

Cheng Yun ignored Li Hui’s words directly. Although he didn’t understand, he knew his father. If there was a way, how could he come up with the idea of ​​letting his son get married to solve the difficulties?

“Who is the other party?” Cheng Yun pursed the corners of his lips, interrupted Li Hui’s words, and asked directly.

Cheng Yun’s face looked particularly small, but at the moment he put on a serious expression. Although it looked like it made people laugh, the seriousness in his eyes made people unable to laugh.

Li Hui’s words were interrupted, and the bitter smile at the corners of her mouth disappeared. After a while, she said, “Yi Zhenghua.”

Hearing this name, Cheng Yun was a little surprised. People in City A were familiar with this name. He was a legend in the business world. He went abroad to study at the age of 15 and continued his master’s and doctoral studies. After that, he continued to study abroad for further study. At the age of 23, his father passed away. He returned to China to take over the Yi Group and made drastic reforms. Within 5 years, the Yi Group’s performance had directly doubled, and this success had directly blocked the mouths of those who only speak cold words.

Yi Zhenghua was 32 years old this year. He was handsome and had a good family background. He was a famous diamond bachelor. There were countless men and women who want to marry him. How could he suddenly think of marrying him?

“Ah? How can it be?”

“It was Zhou Yunqiu who contacted us. She is Yi Zhenghua’s mother.”

After hearing this, Cheng Yun could not understand it even more.

There are rumors that Zhou Yunqiu was very good to Yi Zhenghua. Why does she suddenly want to give her son a marriage? And she looked very anxious. Could it be that some kind of luxury family feud again ……?

Cheng Yun lowered his head and pursed his lips, one hand squeezing the other: “Mom, I agree.”


“I agree to get married.” Cheng Yun raised his head, looked at Li Hui, and repeated it seriously.

Cheng Yun is 18 years old this year. His grades were not good enough. He had a lively and cheerful temperament and good looks. The Cheng family protects him very well. He agreed to this matter, one, it is to help his father, and two because he had experienced nothing and was fearless.

Li Hui opened her lips and was about to say something when Cheng Yun repeated his answer. She didn’t know what to say for a while, but just shouted: “Yun Yun…”

As soon as the name was shouted, she burst into tears.

Cheng Yun just smiled, stood up, and said to Li Hui, “Mom, I’m hungry and want to eat.”

Li Hui wiped her tears, raised her hand, and tied her hair up, “Okay, Mom will do it for you.”

… …

After Cheng Yun agreed, everything was carried out very quickly. The Yi family meant that the wedding could not be done first, and the certificate had to be obtained first, and the certificate would be legalized in law, and cohabitation would be a matter of course.

The Cheng family didn’t understand why the Yi family was so anxious about this matter and insisted on letting the two live together.

The first time Cheng Yun saw Yi Zhenghua was on the day he received the certificate.

That day, he squatted at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau with his schoolbag on his back, observing boredly from side to side. At first, the Yi family planned to send someone to pick him up, but when Cheng Honghe wanted to come here to do his business, he brought Cheng Yun over, naturally. Did not let the Yi family send someone to pick him up.

A business car stopped at the door, and he judged the approximate price of the car in his mind. He imagined the people in the car and incidentally imagined a big scene and guessed whether the people in it came to get the marriage certificate or a Divorce certificate…

Cheng Yun took grassroots to poke the floor while playing, while peeking at the car, wanting to see who was in the car. The first thing that caught his eye was a pair of shiny leather shoes, and then a pair of straight and long legs, a black suit on the man’s body, making the man look more composed. With sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes, thin lips, and with a cold glint in his eyes.

Cheng Yun stared at the man in front of him in a daze, watching him slowly walking towards him, standing still in front of him, and rubbing his hair tentatively: “Waiting impatiently, are you?”

Cheng Yun felt the temperature above his head. His face suddenly turned red, and he lowered his head and said in a low voice, “I didn’t… wait for a long time.”

Cheng Yun met Yi Zhenghua, and he softened in a second.

The man smiled slightly, took Cheng Yun’s hand, pulled Cheng Yun up, and said to the man behind him: “Assistant Liang, you can wait for us outside.”

The man who was called Assistant Liang handed the things in his hand to Yi Zhenghua, nodded, and then stood by the car and waited.

Yi Zhenghua took the things, turned around, and saw Cheng Yun looking at his assistant, and introduced: “This is my assistant, Liang Yuan.”

When Cheng Yun heard the man’s introduction, he was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that the man would introduce him. After a moment of daze, he smiled awkwardly, “Hello. I’m Cheng Yun.”

“Mr. Cheng, hello.” Liang Yuan smiled and spoke.

Cheng Yun listened to the two words – ‘Mr. Cheng’. This was the first time someone called him that. He smacked his lips and felt that these two words sounded unspeakable. Anyway, he felt very happy, and his happiness was directly expressed on his face because when entering the door, he was smiling.

Yi Zhenghua didn’t know why the person next to him suddenly became so happy. The smile on his face had never been broken, but he will not ask.

After receiving the certificate, Cheng Yun held the red book in his hand and looked at his name on it, only to realize that he was so far from being single. He looked at the man next to him and imagined that if the news were announced, how would the men and women in A city react…

“Let’s go have a meal together.” Yi Zhenghua put the marriage certificate away and said, looking at the child next to him who was still staring at the marriage certificate.

Cheng Yun shifted his gaze from the marriage certificate to the man’s face and nodded stupidly: “Okay.”

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