Sir, I Like You Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – I will take care of you

Yi Zhenghua looked at Cheng Yun’s somewhat dazed appearance, the corners of his lips could not help but bring out a smile and rubbed Cheng Yun’s soft black hair again: “Go, get in the car.”

After being touched at the head for the second time, Cheng Yun was a little stunned. When he left, Li Hui explained to him, to be sensible, learn how to read Yi Zhenghua’s expression, and don’t do things that will make Yi Zhenghua displeased. He also tried not to speak as much as possible to avoid triggering Yi Zhenghua’s disfavor. He’s afraid that he would make more mistakes, but he didn’t expect to be touched twice by a man like this… this feeling is somewhat subtle.

Liang Yuan drove the car. While driving, he was observing the two people in the back seat in the rearview mirror. He was actually quite puzzled how his boss suddenly got married and was also in such a hurry that he didn’t even plan to do the wedding.

Liang Yuan’s gaze made Cheng Yun a little embarrassed and nervous. He was so nervous that he couldn’t help but shake his leg but he was afraid of leaving a bad impression on others, so he had to endure it. He adjusted his sitting posture, propped his chin with his hand, looked out the window, and let himself think about other things, pretending not to care about the gaze directed to him.

Cheng Yun was thinking about what to say during dinner. Then he heard the man next to him speak, but his voice was inaudible: “Liang Yuan, drive properly.”

Liang Yuan heard the boss’s words and knew that the boss was warning him. Only then did he put away his inquiring mind and concentrated on driving.

Cheng Yun peeked at Yi Zhenghua who was next to him, and his gaze met with him. He faked a smile, pretending as if nothing had happened, turned his head, and continued to look out the window. On the surface, he appears to be light and breezy, but his heart was already chaotic.

Did he just say that to release him from the inquiring stare of Liang Yuan?

Yi Zhenghua looks handsome when Cheng Yun looks at him.

That look…

Cheng Yun couldn’t help but start to think about it. He wanted to laugh when he thought that this man was already his, and then he thought about eating together, so he had to think about something to talk about so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed…

By the time Cheng Yun came out of his own imagination, they already arrived.

The chosen place to eat was a private club. Looking at the special antique style, the lanterns hung at the door were dangling by the wind. Two doormen stood at the door smiling and greeted the guests coming and going.

After dropping the two off at the place, Liang Yuan left. He went to find a place to eat, and then came to pick up the two after they had finished eating.

Cheng Yun watched Liang Yuan leave; his mood was a bit complicated. He had thought it was three people eating together, but now he was left with Yi Zhenghua. He can already imagine the embarrassing scene for a while.

The waiter apparently knew Yi Zhenghua, and after saying hello, he took the two of them directly to the private room where Yi Zhenghua often went.

After both of them were seated, the waiter smiled and asked, “Mr. Yi, should the dishes still be the same as before?”

Yi Zhenghua fixed his gaze on Cheng Yun, who was on the opposite side, “Wait, Cheng Yun, what do you want to eat? You can see the menu when you look up.”

The names of the dishes here were engraved on bamboo slips and hung on the wall as if they were decorative items.

Cheng Yun was a little nervous. Hearing Yi Zhenghua’s question, he smiled and said: “I’m… not picky about what I eat, I can eat anything.”

Yi Zhenghua saw Cheng Yun’s nervousness. Following Cheng Yun’s information given by his mother at that time, he ordered a few of Cheng Yun’s favorite dishes.

Cheng Yun was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Yi Zhenghua to know his preferences. He raised his head and looked at the person on the opposite side. He didn’t expect that their gazes will meet again, so he could only continue to smile. No matter what his inner thoughts were, he just keeps a smile on his face.

Cheng Yun was really not picky about eating, and he can eat anything.

After the waiter left, only the two of them were left in the private room.

Yi Zhenghua poured a cup of tea for Cheng Yun, and Cheng Yun thanked him in a small voice.

Yi Zhenghua suddenly found it interesting. After reading Cheng Yun’s information, he actually had a general understanding of him. According to the information, Cheng Yun had a good personality, lively and cheerful, was very good at socializing, and had many friends. So, why was this child so restrained in front of him, and speaks softly?

Yi Zhenghua felt that he should talk to Cheng Yun about some things, at least why the two of them were married, had to be clear.

Yi Zhenghua didn’t know that Cheng Yun had already made up several Extravagant dramatic scenes on this matter.

Yi Zhenghua took a sip of tea and touched the cup with his hand, thinking of the best way to talk.

Cheng Yun sat on the opposite side and kept observing Yi Zhenghua. He wanted to break the silence, but he didn’t know what to say. If he directly asked why Yi Zhenghua married him, it would seem impolite…

“Cheng Yun, we are already a couple.” Yi Zhenghua knew that this child was nervous when facing him, and after considering it, he thought it would be better to say it simply and straightforwardly. “So, you don’t need to be nervous, I won’t eat you.”

Yi Zhenghua made a joke, and Cheng Yun was really entertained.

The child laughed, and Yi Zhenghua also relaxed a lot. Although he and Cheng Yun got a marriage license, he had not dealt with teenagers for a long time. He was afraid of talking too much and scaring the child, so spoke with tentativeness. While watching Cheng Yun at the same time.

Cheng Yun felt that Yi Zhenghua was not as difficult to approach as what the outside world said and could joke with him. He felt that he could try to ask Yi Zhenghua why he married him.

Cheng Yun hadn’t known how to call Yi Zhenghua yet. Thinking of Liang Yuan calling him ‘Mr. Cheng’, then, is it for Cheng Yun okay to call him Mr. Yi?

“Yi…Mr. Yi…” Cheng Yun, at first, looked at the other person and found that Yi Zhenghua was also looking at him, so he slowly lowered his head and looked at the teacup. His voice was not particularly low when he said: “Why would you… marry me, ah…”

Cheng Yun finished speaking, looked up at Yi Zhenghua, and found that the other party was still looking at him. When Yi Zhenghua was not smiling, his face would make other people feel anxious, and Cheng Yun was nervous. “Well, if you don’t want to say it, it doesn’t matter…”

Yi Zhenghua was amused by Cheng Yun’s appearance, he poured tea for him, smiled, and said: “We are already married, you can just call me by my name.”

Cheng Yun sipped his tea, “Zhenghua?” He felt that he couldn’t take it anymore after he called Yi Zhenghua’s name out, and it was not as good as calling him ‘Mr. Yi’.

Yi Zhenghua was amused again. It was fun for the child to call his own name. He responded, “Well… As for why we got married, I was going to make it clear to you.”

Cheng Yun raised his head and chest, making himself sit more upright, while at the same time making himself look more serious, he did not expect the person on the opposite side to laugh first.

“My mother is very superstitious, so she found someone to tell my fortune…” In fact, Yi Zhenghua didn’t know how to say it. He was more helpless for his mother.

Cheng Yun was surprised fortune-telling?!

” The fortune-teller said that if I don’t get married at the age of 32, I will be alone for the rest of my life…” Yi Zhenghua smiled helplessly and continued: “My mother said that I can’t be alone, so she gave me a marriage. She said she had chosen you for a long time…”

Cheng Yun listened, his heart simply cannot stop pumping, like a wild horse without the reins. Fortune telling? This was the reason! How about the mansion feud that he made up in his head? The whole thing was fake?

“Actually, I should apologize to you. My mother had been urging me to get married. I was impulsive and agreed to my mother’s proposal… You are still young, and I am 32.” Thinking of the age difference between the two, Yi Zhenghua felt that he was really too impulsive: “How about we keep our marriage for a year, and when the year is up if we don’t want to continue, we can choose to divorce.”

“This year, I will take care of you.”

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