Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife

Raw Title: 穿成影帝的作精小娇妻

Total Chapters: 165

Author: 时星草

Translator: stillnotlucia

Update: 3 years ago

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Li Yining crossed over to a book. She transmigrated to a body where her family has a mine and a movie star husband. But for the sake of the top-stream male protagonist, the cannon fodder suppressed the female lead. In the end, she was ruined and got out of the

entertainment circle, and her family went bankrupt.


Li Yining said: Was the money not easy to spend or was her movie star husband not handsome enough?


After a while, netizens suddenly discovered that the 18th-line female actress Li Yining, who always touched the porcelain movie star and flow niche, was no longer a demon. While they were worrying and panicking about their beloved idols, they found that Li Yining was on the hot search again—with the tag of #LivingGodOfWealth


Li Yining: **The new perfume smells very good. Repost this on Weibo and I will draw 100 people to get a limited edition perfume worth 5,000 yuan.


Black powder:? Don’t think we will be fooled!


Li Yining: In a good mood today, retweet this microblog and praise me. I will draw 1000 people, and each of them will receive 1000 yuan.


Black fans:? (It seems to be true…… Want to turn……

Li Yining: My husband has joined the group to film, and it will take half a year to go home. I am happy to draw a lottery and draw a hundred people to get a new mobile phone.


Movie Star:???? I will go home tonight!

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