Your Pheromones Are Sweet

Raw Title: 你的信息素是甜的

Total Chapters: 9

Author: 十碗糖

Translator: INPRESS

Update: 2 years ago

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Gu Dian and Qiu Suo grew up together, and the two families were friends.

Genetic testing at birth showed that Gu Dian was a superior Alpha and Qiu Suo was a Superior Omega. The compatibility rate between the two was 99%. On the day when the test report was received, the elders of the Gu family and the Qiu family clapped their hands and exclaimed with joy, “This destiny had come as God wishes.”

Ever since Qiu Suo grew up, he had felt that he needed to be like Gui Dian everywhere. If Gu Dian is an Alpha, he should also be an Alpha, and if Gu Dian is an Omega, he should also be an Omega.

Gu Dian was running fast on his way to becoming a Superior Alpha, and Qiu Suo did not show any weakness, and wanted to join him, for them to become Two Superior Alphas.

However, one day, Qiu Suo’s bedroom was filled with the scent of milk chocolate. Gu Dian embraced Qiu Suo and pretended to calmly stuff a Liquor heart chocolate into his mouth.

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