Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 12: The Palace Banquet

Soon, the rest of the famous ladies were summoned into the hall.

  The seats in the hall are limited, and the maids moved to Jinzha. [1]1

   All the girls took their seats one by one. Those who are willing to show their faces naturally rushed to sit in the front row. In this way, you can get closer to Empress Qiao and others. This scramble, the action can not help but be done hastily.

  For example, Jin Can’er took a few quick steps and sat down in the front row, with a flash of self-satisfaction in her eyes.

   As everyone knows, in the eyes of Empress Qiao and others, it is already a complete gaffe.

  Lu Mingyu was taller than girls of the same age. She was dressed in red, with a striking face and a calm demeanor, which was particularly eye-catching. After all the girls sat down, she sat down next to her friend Shen Lan, just in the last row.

Shen Lan blinked at Lu Mingyu.

  Why are you sitting here?

   In all fairness, among so many famous noblewomen, Lu Mingyu’s family background and appearance are all the best. Qiao Wan and Zhao Yu relied on Queen Qiao to show their faces first.

   As long as Empress Qiao and others are not blind, they will not miss Lu Mingyu.

  Lu Mingyu raised her eyebrows and smiled lightly.

   Inside the Jiaofang Hall, everyone looked around, and it was inconvenient to open their mouths to speak. After Shen Lan winked, she lowered her eyes. Lu Mingyu’s eyes flickered slightly, and she looked at Su Zhaorong calmly.

   Upon seeing this, Lu Mingyu suddenly noticed something strange.

   At this time, Su Zhaorong’s status in the harem was low, and she kept swallowing her voice, not even daring to show any resentment. But at this time, Su Zhaorong thought that no one was paying attention to her, and she was looking at Empress Qiao with resentful eyes…

   Did she not notice this scene in her previous life, or did she remember it wrong?

  Su Zhaorong seemed to be observant and looked over.

  And met Lu Mingyu’s eyes.

  Lu Mingyu’s eyes are as sharp as a sword.

  Su Zhaorong took a breath and subconsciously covered her chest with her right hand.

  This was where her last sword pierced.

  The strange feeling in Lu Mingyu’s heart became stronger. Thanks to her and Su Zhaorong’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship, they have been very familiar with each other for ten years. A look, an action, it feels wrong.

“Bengong is hosting a banquet today,” Empress Qiao’s voice sounded, interrupting Lu Mingyu and Su Zhaorong’s gaze: “I am really happy to see so many young, beautiful, and lovely girls.”

Lu Mingyu withdrew her gaze and responded together with the girls, “Xie Niangniang praised.”

Qiao Wan pursed her lips and smiled, her voice soft and sweet: “Today I can enter the palace to see the Empress, it is my luck for three lifetimes.”

Empress Qiao looked at her niece in a different way, and said with a smile: “You don’t have to be so cautious, it’s okay to speak casually.”

Before Qiao Wan could say anything, Jin Can’er hurriedly replied, “My lady is kind and benevolent, and I am deeply impressed by her kindness and love for us.”

Queen Qiao glanced over at Jin Can’er’s pretty face and said with a smile, “Ms. Can’er is lively and bright, and Ben Gong is very fond of her.”

Jin Can’er was overjoyed at the praise, and her pretty face was dyed red and flashed with excitement.

Zhao Yu was unwilling to be left behind and laughed softly: “It’s a pity that Empress Dowager has been slightly ill recently and was unable to come today. Otherwise, this Jiaofang Hall would be even more lively.”

Empress Qiao smiled slightly and then smiled as usual: “It’s okay. If you miss the Empress Dowager, please go to Shouning Palace in a few days to ask for peace.”

Everyone laughed together.

Concubine Qin took out the handkerchief to cover her mouth, the handkerchief covered most of her face, her smile was rather reluctant, and she was secretly annoyed.

Zhao Yu was superficial and stupid and had no scheming and no shrewdness. If she could decide, she would never want the Fourth Prince to marry Zhao Yu as his concubine. However, Empress Dowager Zhao had passed the word early, and their mother and son had no way of rejecting it.

Lu Mingyu smiled when she saw it.

Zhao Yu was still as stupid and mindless as in her previous life.

A mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were natural enemies. These days, the mother-in-law was born with a convenient status. A cunning and mean mother-in-law can rub her daughter-in-law into a life that was worse than death.

Empress Qiao, as the head of the Inner Palace, must set an example for all women in the world, and she was respectful and filial to Empress Dowager Zhao. How to do it in private, you can only laugh.

Zhao Yu relied on herself as Empress Dowager Zhao’s grandniece, so how could Empress Qiao not be annoyed when she opened her mouth to shout for Empress Dowager Zhao?

In her previous life, Zhao Yu married the fourth prince and became the Fourth Prince consort. With such a stupid daughter-in-law, Qin Fei, who was good at flattering with a smiling face, was really heartbroken.

Zhao Yu didn’t feel that her words were careless at all, and she looked complacent in the limelight.

Empress Qiao smiled genially and said, “Today, the gathering of the crowd is also a grand event. Sitting and talking like this is rather dull and boring. You each show your best talents, whether it is piano, chess, calligraphy, or painting.”

She glanced and smiled again: “Just follow the order, come one by one!”

All the girls cheered up and responded in unison.

The first one on the left is Jin Can’er.

Jin Can’er didn’t give in, she stood up first and said with a smile, “In this case, I’ll show my ugliness first and play a song for the Empress.”

The maid on the side of the Empress was ready and immediately brought a good guqin. Jin Can’er sat in front of the guqin, plucked the strings lightly with her slender fingers, and the sound of the guqin came out from her fingertips.

As soon as the piano sounded, it was no problem to speak quietly.

Shen Lan lowered her voice and said, “What will you do later?”

Lu Mingyu was good at riding, archery, swordsmanship, boxing, etc. It is not convenient to display in this palace. However, Lu Mingyu is mediocre when it comes to qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting.

Lu Mingyu’s eyes flickered slightly, and she smiled reassuringly at Shen Lan: “Don’t worry, I have a plan.”

Shen Lan was inconvenient to ask the truth, so she could only remind in a low voice: “It is better to pass the level smoothly than to be too outrageous.”

Lu Mingyu smiled and hummed.

Well, not too outrageous.

At most, it is to make everyone give up the idea of ​​making her a daughter-in-law.


Jin Caner’s melody won everyone’s appreciation. She sat back happily.

Then, Qiao Wan played the bamboo flute, the flute sound was melodious and cheerful. Queen Qiao’s eyes were filled with satisfaction and praise. Qiao Wan pursed her lips and smiled, sitting gracefully.

Then, Zhao Yu, Meng Yunluo, and others got together. Music or play or write poetry or paint. The girls tried their best, and the crowd was full of excitement.

   Queen Qiao looked at each critically one by one, the smile in her eyes getting stronger and stronger.

   Even the picky Princess Hui’an nodded slightly unconsciously.

  Shen Lan was the second to last. After getting up, she said humbly, “I’m not good at both qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting, so I won’t be ugly today, please forgive me.”

   Lu Mingyu felt a wave of heat in her heart.

  Shen Lan’s poetry and painting are unparalleled, and her piano skills are not weaker than Jin Can’er. At this time, it was obviously intentional, so it would not be so abrupt when she got up and refused.

  Unfortunately, today she has to live up to Shen Lan’s kindness.

  Lu Mingyu stood up in the eyes of everyone and said with a smile: “I can’t compare to you in piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting. However, I also have some strengths. I am ugly today, and will make Bo Niangniang smile.”

   After saying that, she walked to Su Zhaorong.

  Su Zhaorong: “…”


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